Dear God: Heal me from the inside out…

Heavenly father please aid me Lord because I am fighting a losing battle inside of myself. My mind is unraveling and I am at the breaking point. I feel like I am dying from the inside out, my heart hurts, my chest aches, my head is in chaos, my body feels like it is going to stop any moment.

I don’t want to feel like this. I don’t want to feel weary, and I don’t want to feel this kind of emptiness. You said all those who are weary should come to you. Lord, I am weary, I am weary, I am so weary Lord. I am coming before you Lord and kneeling at your feet, I come before you Lord with my existence bared for you to see.

I come to you with the scars of my physical body and of my soul. I come to you with my fears, failures, sadness, sorrow, pain, anxiety, and my broken self. I come to you Lord will all that is within me. O come to you Lord because these tears won’t stop. This agony is beyond unbearable Lord.

I am standing at the edge of reason, unable to keep myself from falling off and sinking deeper into the abyss. Lord, I don’t want to fall, I don’t want to sink deeper into that darkness. I want Lord to feel and see the light. I want to feel the warmth of your love and mercy upon my soul. I want to feel life a human being and not an empty shell.

I want to stop feeling like my existence in an option. I want to feel like I belong in this world. I want to feel like I have a place that belongs to me. I want to stop feeling like the world in crumbling around me and that I am going to shatter any moment. Lord, I want to stop feeling like my heart will stop beating any moment. I want to stop being in so much pain. Lord, I am hurting so much. I am hurting so unbearably much, so much Lord that I just want it to stop. I am in so much pain and I cannot begin to describe how painful it is Lord. I feel like every step I take, every day I get up, takes all of my energy. All of my strength to keep going. Sometimes Lord, I just don’t want to get up, I just want to lie in bed, close my eyes and let everything fade away as I fall asleep.

I am at my breaking point Lord. I am trying, but I just don’t feel better inside. I am aching desperately for you Lord. Please, please help me Lord! Please, help me to clear my mind of these thoughts. Please help me to feel alive again. Let that energy run through my body, my mind, my soul and let me feel like a human being again.

Lord, the days of happiness seem to have disappeared and everyday I only feel glimpses of happiness before the sorrow takes over. I want to stop feeling chained to this life, to this body, to this existence. I want to feel liberated, soar free, and unbound to this emptiness. Lord, I want to feel, I want to breathe the air in and feel alive. I feel like a zombie Lord, awake but not really knowing anything.

Lord, I want to stress less, think less, criticize less, I just want to find my happiness. I don’t want to fret over the little things, and weep over things that don’t even matter. I want to smile, and feel happiness. I want to laugh with all of my heart. Lord, I don’t want to keep waking up everyday feeling like here we go again, another day to struggle through.

I don’t want to keep struggling to make it through each day. I don’t want to keep standing at the edge unable to keep myself from falling. Lord, I want to leave the weariness, sadness, and pain behind, and find a better life. Lord, I am only twenty years old. I have so much life to live, so many dreams to run after. Lord, I have a life to live, but I feel like living evades me. I am just going through the motions, and unable to feel anything remotely humanlike.

Please, Lord, please don’t leave me to handle this alone. I cannot handle this alone. I will end up doing something horrible to myself if I have to keep trying to make it through all of this pain by myself. All of this sadness Lord is killing me, it is killing me from the inside out. Getting up everyday is a struggle for me Lord. I am so close to giving up, I don’t want to give up, But, I just don’t know how to get through this alone.

I am always alone Lord and I don’t want to be alone anymore. I don’t want to feel this loneliness anymore. I want to be able to lean on someone. I want to be able to cry with someone. I want to be able to share my pain with someone. I want someone to see that I am struggling and that everything isn’t okay.

Lord, please acknowledge me. I am desperate for your guidance. I am desperate to be at your side and feel your warmth. Lord, please heal me from the inside out. Please heal this body of mine. Let me find the answer to healing myself. Let me, see how to live again to be feel again, to be human again. Lord, everything is not okay with me. Let someone see that there is more to me than meets the eye.

Everyday, I get closer to falling over the edge into that dark abyss. Lord, give me a hand to help me up, Give me a friend to trust this vulnerability with. Lord, give me something to believe in. I want you Lord, I am seeking you, I am asking for your mercy upon my life. Watch over me and be my guardian angel. Be my healer, my shield, my warmth, my blessing, my father, my friend, my confidante, my strength, my wisdom, my shoulder, my everything.

Lord you said ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the doors will be opened to you. I am asking for you to come into my life with a force, a presence, a sign. Lord, I know you have done so much for me, you have given me hope Lord that life has a greater promise than what I see right now. But, now I need you even more, I need you to be a shield unto me Lord. Be my shield against this sorrow, sadness, pain. Lord be my strength as I am weak. I am so weak Lord. In mind, in body, in spirit, in heart, in soul I am so weak Lord. Everyday, I grow weaker and soon I feel like I won’t even be able to get up. I need you Lord, and I am asking with my soul laid bare, my heart for you to see, on my knees for you to heal me. Help me to heal myself Lord. Be my doctor, be my healer, be my medicine. Come into my body and touch every inch and corner of me with your warmth and heal me physically, mentally, emotionally, and everything in between.

Lord, I am seeking you with all that is within me. I know that I am selfish, but Lord I do not know how to do this alone. I do not have the strength or the wisdom to heal myself. Lord, I am seeking you to be a mediator and a guide unto me. Bring people into my life that will help me get through these trying times. Bring people into my life that will see that I need their help. I need their strength and I need their love. Lord, give me people that can see my vulnerability and acknowledge that I need help, I am only one person Lord, and I cannot do this on my own. Lord, help me to seek that help, to find those that will look beyond my surface and give me room to breathe. Room to existb as a human being with all my imperfections and faults.

Lord I am desperately seeking an end to my emptiness. Lord take away the darkness, the black hole inside of me, let it close and let me find freedom to soar high and free. Lord I am seeking this with everything that is within me, please help me find the answers to making me better, stronger, and human. I do not want to be an empty shell anymore. I don’t want to be blank anymore. Lord, I want to be whole, I want to be alive, and I want to live a good life.

Lord show me the doors to knock on, and let them be open to me. Lord let the doors lead me to places that will give me answers, hope, and the belief that it will get better. I;m so scared to knock on those doors Lord, but give me the courage to seek and find those answers. Lord, help me to let go of my fears so that I can find that meaning that peace inside of my soul.

Lord my tears are overflowing and I don’t know how to stop them from brimming over the edge. Lord, I have lost myself and I am seeking your help to find me, to become a better person. To come to terms with who I am and who I am not. To seek happiness and be content with my life in the present and future.

Lord, these words are not enough to describe to extent of my troubles, my agony, my emptiness. You see all of me Lord, you see everything and Lord please stand in the gap for me. Lord, please be my guardian and help me find the light in this darkness. Lord, I don’t know how much more I can take alone. I am tired Lord, I am so tired. My existence has become nothingness. Lord please take me in your arms and hold me. Lord, please give me your warmth and see me through to better days.

Lord, open my eyes to what I am missing, let me see the path I should walk on. Let me see the road I need to travel on. Let me see what it is I need to do. Let me be led by you Lord and give me a sign I can see, hear, know that will guide me. Lord, I need you to hold me in your arms and be my comfort. There is no one to hold me in my sadness, to acknowledge me. I have realized that the closeness I seek with people is the closeness I need with you.

I am alone in this world Lord, with what I am going through. Only you know, because your the only one I can share this with. I don’t want to burden the people I love with this. I do not have someone I trust to see what I am facing. Lord, help me because without you I do not know how much longer I can hold out from giving up. I am weak Lord, and I am tired, my thoughts are chaos, My mind won’t stop and I cannot take it, I cannot take it Lord. Please, be my shield, my strength, my gaurdian, my medicine.

See me Lord, see my desperation, see my agony and help me Lord. You are the only one that can help me Lord, for I cannot even help myself. There is so much inside of me Lord, so much pain that it feels like a weight upon me. My body is not strong enough to carry it Lord. I am fading away Lord, Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please Lord save me. My tears are falling and I have no one to catch them. Lord please help me, heal me, love me.

I cannot keep going through each day pretending everything is wonderful, when inside I am crumbling and breaking.

~ by tsunamiblues on March 13, 2008.

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  1. Hi, I know what it feels like…just want to say …it passes…this feeling will not be forever, sometime soon something wonderful will happen…yes it will…and then this will be just something which made u a stronger person….trust your god….i trust him too…he’ll carry us through.

    • I know this is going on three years old but I googled my own thoughts and came up with yours. I am 39 and I can so relate to you. You are not alone. I suffer with you. I will pray for you and I would like to know how it all turned out. I KNOW there are blessings that await after the fierce hit of the darkness and that there is a reason for why things occur the way they do. I know that there had been dark times in my life before that had made me stronger and groomed me for what was yet to come, which was the success in a career that (I had no idea i was ever going to get into, that I love so much), in which I help others who suffer and I heal them and teach them coping skills instead of them relying soley on medication to survive a painful past. I can relate, cause I had been there, I am loved my those I help and in that love, the help I can give is how I heal. Helping others, heals myself and that is what I was meant to do. Please know that you are loved. I don’t know you but I feel your pain and from afar, you have my love and my prayers. Feel better have faith when things seem grim. Keep praying, please don’t give up.

      • I’m not the same woman I was back then. I’m doing a lot better, and am slowly but surely becoming my own person. I still have my dark moments but I am strong enough to take myself into the light when I slip into the shadows. This journey hasn’t been easy, but now I can go towards my life with strength, courage, and peace. I didn’t give up then and I am so glad, because I am moving towards my happiness and learning to love myself as I am with all my flaws and beauty. I think it call comes down to loving yourself the way you want others to love you. It’s about having faith in yourself and in God.

        Always keep fighting against the darkness, and everyone out there like me, remember the darkness is only a moment, but the light shines on forever.

  2. Dear Tsunamiblues,
    Please know tha God loves you very much. You are not alone. Even though we don’t know each other, I am praying for you and I know you will be able to overcome these feelings. I know how you feel, because I was in your same situation several years ago, I prayed and cried to God begging him, as you are doing now, to hold me tight in His arms and to not let go, because I couldn’t make it on my own. You should know that it worked and I feel His love in my heart giving me strength to deal with every day’s problems. Feel in your heart how much He loves you, how precious and special you are to Him and know that you are not alone, because you have Him, your loving father, taking care of you. You also have all of us, his loving children, praying and thinking of you. God bless you!!!

  3. Why do you always want God to show you the way? You have eyes – use them. You have ears – open them. Don’t spend your life on your knees grovelling and expecting mercy. Trust your own strength and intelligence. Be proud of yourself because of your humanity, not because God is watching you. Has it occurred to you that maybe you feel this way because you worry too much about what the man upstairs thinks of you? Blind trust leads into darkness, I’d say. Be a person- an independent, fierce, strong person, not a child hiding behind it’s father’s coat waiting for him to fill you or take away your fear, because he won’t. If He wants anything, he wants proud, fierce, daring people, not people constrained by rules. Unless, that is, he is a god of fear, a dictator, in which case you should look elsewhere for salvation. toodle-pip!

    • I understand how you feel also. I do relize that God is the truth and the devil is a liar. Don’t give up because God is obviously using you to inspire others. Nobody can compare what God has in store for you. God Bless

  4. Hey, I just read the whole article now I am in tears. I know how you feel and alot of what you was saying I can relate to, but one thing is that we have to be strong and continuesly pray for one another because God knows each one of our situation before we even ask pray to him.Some poeople to find joy upon this earth and others have to wait to God’s Kingdom come but either way it goes as long as you keep faith in God and Jesus Christ a brighter day you will enventually see.You will be in my prayers and soon you will be writing a testomony telling us how God healed you from the inside out. GOD BLESS YOU!

  5. I need the help you cry for. I cry for this help with all my heart. You are not alone it in a wierd way I find comfort to know I am also not alone in this battle. I cannot say what I am going through is the same as you, but I can say that I feel you and seek comforting and have not a place to turn other than God. I know he will deliver, I have faith. I just pray for mercy as I cannot cope without. God sent me here in my tears, and I found you to tell you to be strong. I don’t know what else I can do but pray. God will be there. He loves you and loves me. He delivers and will lead us home! Please help God!!! Please help!

  6. I understand, as I am going through similar trials. I recently lost my job – almost 4 months ago. The money is running out, and I have not been able to get another job! I pray and pray, cry and cry, and sometimes I scream for mercy. Please Lord, help me to find peace. Please give me the confidence, power and strength that you promised. Please lead me to a successful new beginning so that I can feel secure again and be able to help my son and be able to keep our home. Please take the fear, anxiety and feelings of unworthiness away! Help me to be stronger in my faith, Lord.

  7. Wow. I am at this point in my life now. I’m not entirely certain your religious background. But when I’m feeling this empty, I read the Gospels and I fast and pray. I usually do a juice fast if I can’t do the whole shebang. In fact, I did this last weekend — locked myself in my room and spent time learning from Christ. The empowerment of Christ is to Love Your Brother as yourself. This is the E = MC squared of the Bible. To actually know what it means to put the suffering of others — heck, even the whimsical obsessive and completely irrational needs of others — ahead of your own is the closest thing to Godliness on this earth. It diminishes whatever physical or emotional pain you might be experiencing at the time, and empowers you with the faith that caused Christ to shed his blood for sinners. You might have recurring bouts of loneliness and depression and physical pain, but somewhere in there, God can be glorified. Rebuke your heart and your body, and tell Christ that no matter what, you will use your suffering to glorify Him. Look for ways to do that. Confess your sins, remove anything in your life that might be holding you back — movies, music, books, attitudes, etc — and read your Bible. Read the Gospels. Learn your Messiah, and let Him bless you.

  8. I thank you for writing so clearly about your feelings. I have had them too. I never thought I woud be aperson who strugges with these feeings but I had some terribe things happen and I often fee weary and all the rest. I cried out to God, I read th Bible, I relentlessy sought prayer and reached out. It was hard and terrifying but also God brought me love, mercy, provision, heaing, miricles, and I feel as if I am at the tailend ofa hurricane. I have learned to praise Jesus and sing praises, thinka nd praise Jesus, Father and Holy Spirit and the darkness does ift, I pray prayers and remind satan that when I resist him, he must obey the word and flee.
    You are going to get through this because does not leave of forsake you. He is there and He loves you. I also ifted as much up to the Lord as I could. I gave itover to Him over and over. Reach out and ask others to pray for you. I know God is real He is there and He is truthful and the One True God. I prayed the pslams a lot.

  9. just remember to pray and that just being here is a gift. Put on the armor of the lord, keep your faith, and give it all to him.

    Just give everything to God, he will take care of it. Focus on how to better serve him, go to church, have others pray for you, and be thankful when he heals.

    Do not have faith in this world, he has overcome it, and so can you.

  10. I know how it feels because I once experienced it too.Lift and entrust everything to God.Come to Him as “you” are,as a li’l child.Don’t ever think you’re alone because you have a strong GOD and friends around you.If you learn to surrender everything to God,you will feel an overflowing love within you.It is inexpiable,but I assure you,it will turn you into wonders.It’s normal to feel empty.that emptiness you feel is the intended space for God’s life.There is always a vacuum in our hearts that only God’s love can fill and this emptiness will remain as it is unless we surrender our love to Him. Just have faith, God is Good!

  11. thank you so much. i typed “how can i heal the black hole inside me” and came upon your post. it helped me so much, as did many of the replies.
    you ahve much company and many who love you as fellow children of the Lord. we are thinking of you.

  12. Hello. I can relate to you also. I have obstructive sleep apnea and very bad anxiety. I have prayed and prayed to be healed but so far I have not. I feel terrible when I get up in the morning. So very tired not being able to sleep well. I am also very lonely because my wife left me almost five years ago and I have brooded over her and prayed that she would come back to me. That hasn’t happened either. Sometimes I wander where is God and I pray to God I know I haven’t been a model Christian but I try hard to be a good man. I need love and affection. I am so lonely. Why do I keep praying. Because I am 60 years old and have seen many miracles. I would not be alive today had God not spoken to me in an audible voice at least twice and saved my life. Once in Vietnam and once back in the states. I have also seen him heal my mother and others. So there is no doubt in my mind that God is alive and can heal. I don’t know why he hesitates to heal me but I do know he is able and I must continue to have hope that he will. In the mean time I am doing all I can to help myself. I am working out and have changed my eating habits to lose weight. The Doctors say that if I lose weight my sleep apnea and blood pressure will just go away. Maybe that is what God wants for me to lose this weight and be healthy, because he knows if he healed me right away I probably would go back to my old eating habits and not lose the weight. I weigh almost three hundred pounds. I have lost about 7 pounds sense I have started my new life style. May God bless all of you here. I pray that everyone will be healed.

  13. just wanted to know how you were i feel the same exact way and am to tired to fight for my life anymore. i want to die i would never kill myself but do not want to go on another minute. God Help Us All.

    • Even in the darkest moments of life you and I, and all of the others who feel lost and in pain need to hold on. I keep fighting even if I crawl somedays. So don’t give up.

  14. I typed in, “God, please help me it all feels hopeless..” and came across your prayer. I don’t know how you are doing now or if you even still look at this. I am trying so hard. I keep making mistakes. I can’t seem to get it together. Maybe if I just try harder. Have more self control. Pray more. Be a better person. Maybe things would be better. Maybe my head wouldn’t hurt. I feel bad because my kids need better. They should have more. But I have been selfish. I have not been as responsible with money as I should be. I just want it to all be better. I know people have it worse than me. But I just can’t get out of this. I feel alone. I feel like it is all just too much. I feel like I am not good enough or I don’t do enough. WHY! WHy can’t I just get it together Lord??? I’m sorry for not being responsible and making poor decisions with money. I am so tired. Please give me strength to keep going. To do better. To be better. Please help me God. I am so tired. My head hurts so bad. Everything around me is falling apart. Give me the wisdom to keep it together.

    • @Hez….I still look at that prayer from time to time to remind myself how far I have come from that breaking point. You know you have a problem and you have taken the first step by admitting it. But nothing will change if you don’t change. When you think of your kids and how much they need you then you won’t repeat the mistakes of the past. If you cannot do it alone find someone, a friend, a counselor, to help you pick yourself back up. Your God will not leave you to fall if you are ready to rise.

  15. Oh man, this made me tear up.

    I don’t know what you’re struggling with, if it’s physical or mental, but I know how you feel – and so do many others. Just know that you are not alone.

    This a truly beautiful sincere poem from your heart and soul. God is listening to you and he is cradling you in the palm of his hand right now even if it doesn’t feel like it. You are breathing and alive right now.

    Don’t you worry. He is here for you.


    • Dear Team:
      It might seem like everything you know is crumbling around you but you have to stay strong for yourself and your family. Sit down and think about how you can achieve you happiness without stepping over others.

      We only have one life and we have to live it with integrity and happiness.

  17. Sincerely greetings from Slovakia.
    First of all thank you so much for your prayer. It is like I am facing a mirror. I feel exactly the same.
    I am fighting against skin problems (and some other health problems that come among them). I know this does not sound like a big issue, but imagine your face (back and arms as well) looks terrible and after days, months and years of hard trying it just won’t be better. I have tried thousand of cures, medicines, alternative methods, diets, pills, psychologist, psychiatrist with no or little help. It changed my whole life. I used to smile, be happy, make jokes, sport, have lots of friends, but know I am just sad, empty, and avoiding people. I really do believe in God, and I am always searching for him, but I can’t find the answer for my problem, nor the healing medicine. So I suffer and sometimes I fell like I am giving up, even though I asked Lord for help, even though I try to think positive.
    Anyway, I also believe that everything is happening for a reason. Each obstacle in our life is just another way for our growth.
    For you the partial reason of your misery seems to be in writing this prayer. I know this might sound a bit weird, but your misery is helping as all. Call it the power of word, or whatever you like, but simply reading this makes us realize that non of us is alone. Talking about our problems is a part of the solution – Not only brings us closer to each other as human beings but it also makes us realize the presence of Lord, the power of empathy and love. “For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.”
    I would like to share this poem with you. I wrote it some days ago. This poem saved my life. I hope it will help others as well.

    “It is enough for you to have my grace: It is in weakness that my power is fully felt.”

    (Please excuse my grammar – am still working on it:)

    Please forgive me…

    Where are you to wipe my tears,
    carry my burden, to take away my fears,
    guide me from darkness into light,
    than I’ll be happy, than I might…

    Please forgive me that I am too weak,
    living in darkness, living like freak,
    not worth your love, nor your fate,
    please hurry, before it is too late.

    Than it’ll all vanish, than I’ll be gone,
    returning home as a loving son,
    hands stretching towards heaven’s glance,
    than I’ll be happy, than I’ll dance.

    Sadly, I died so many times,
    some perished, some captured in lines,
    but not the fear, nor my pain,
    ended my desperate life in vain.

    Captured, bound to the world of flesh,
    not with the iron of another’s chains,
    living in chaos, living in a mess,
    killing me slowly with acid rains.

    It is time, I hear the thousand bells,
    there’s nothing more, nothing else,
    my life is done, my path is clear,
    he shall come to wipe the last tear.

    Lord, forgive me that I was weak.
    my body betrayed me, it let me down,
    it made me live outside in empty town,
    couldn’t carry my spirit, my inner me,
    I release my body and set my spirit free.

    Please forgive me, I didn’t know how,
    always searching for your power, your love,
    I felt so empty, left alone,
    spirit dying, heart turned to stone.

    If I just knew the answer, if I knew why,
    I wouldn’t be facing the question to die.
    Oh Lord tell me your reason, tell me truth,
    how to break the circle, how to get through.

    And again, Lord you saved my mind,
    I was foolish, completely blind,
    cheated, betrayed by my eyes,
    kept, lost in my very own lies.

    Your power is unbreakable, it can’t be hold,
    nor is it human, nor from this world,
    your power is in our weakness, in our fate,
    nor is it in anger, nor in hate,
    you sacrificed yourself for our sins,
    now I understand, now I see what it means.

    Thank you Lord for making me weak.

    • Dear Michal, I don’t know your exact situation, but I pray that the Lord provides you the healing medicine you have. That He gives you the courage, strength, and perseverance to move on, to live, and to have faith in yourself, your family, and all those that love you in this world.

      Your poem was beautiful, and I know the Lord hears it just as I see it with my own eyes. I wrote this entry when I was in a very dark place in my life, but the Lord gave me strength and carried me when I was unable to walk. Life isn’t easy and it will leave us breathless at times with the questions with no answers but we must keep our heads up and believe that there is meaning to everything, our lives, suffering, and sacrifice.

      I pray for you, that you find peace in your life.

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  19. I am suffering from depression

  20. Hi!
    Wow, i am truly amazed after reading this. I felt like this was exactly my thoughts and my feelings that i have been struggling with to put into words. I am fasting today and i have been struggling with feeling like i can hear God. I was in tears and in the midst of my frustration and I googled God Help Me Heal My Heart. When i came across this I realized God was giving me another sign that He will not leave me nor forsake me, that many people are going through this and are feeling the exact same way I do, but God is faithful and is the Only One worthy of trust. He will see us through every step of the way even when we don’t see Him, feel Him or hear Him. I recently lost my job, i have no money after this month and I am desperately crying out to God to provide and to teach me to trust Him… it’s a scary thing when you have to believe without evidence. Also around the same time I just ended a four relationship with the person I wanted to marry because I feel God was asking me to do this and wants me to be alone and depend on Him for now… I have this horrible sense inside of me that everything stable in my life and everything i love and hold dear has been ripped out of my life and I feel so incredibly alone… tears dont stop flowing and I seem to find no relief. I slowly see myself sleeping more and more and not getting out of bed, not leaving my house, not leaving my room…. It is a battle only God can win for me as I am too weak to overcome this. If you are reading this… pray for me… i’m living in dark days and even darker nights and I’m desperate to come out of this and find the unconditional love, forgiveness and joy that only God will provide. The journey through this process is so difficult. My heart physically hurts because I feel the emotional pain is affecting me sooooooooo much. Pray for me!!!

    • I will be praying for you. Know that God is faithful and will always be beside you. But you have to do your part as well, don’t give into the darkness and continue to seek and walk in His light.

  21. Wow!

    Isn’t it something that so many of us feel this way but then again, we keep on moving through life as if we were ordered to keep marching with stone hearts, and facades to cover our real feelings?

    You could be a person I work with, my next door neighbour, or the one sitting next to me in church, you could even be my younger sister !!! But I woudn’t know, until I hear your cries, read your plea to God, that you suffer like me! And in your lonliness, … you wouldn’t know that your scincere plea could make me break down and cry, open my eyes to see in you what I see in me and want to reach out and help.

    But it’s your courage to bare it all and lay it at His feet that has brought this oness amongst us. We forget that we are One in Him. It seems God allows these trying times in our lives for a good reason. It’s in our weakest moments we’re humbled enough to seek him with all sincerity and instead of judging others for their particular weaknesses, we identify with them and know that our prayers are answered in their prayers, and theirs in ours. And “Love thy neighbour as thyself” happens naturally.

    I hope you’ve thanked God for the courage to bare your heart out like that. It’s a blessing to have the courage to open and touch what pains us instead of finding ways to hide it by numbing ourselves. May God continue to bless you with more wisdom and strength.

  22. WOW! Really wow!! I really admire you the way you write about how you feel.. I’m only twenty years old now and I can really relate in this prayer of yours. Every time I feel depress, sad, I wanted to write down every little thing I feel but then at the end of it, I left with nothing but to cry it all out and simply pray.. Well, this is really what they call – life. Anyway, thank you so much for sharing and for being a friend here in wordpress – I’m just new here too. Thanks again! Stay blessed.. Take care always!

    Kind regards.

  23. There is a song I remember from church.. “He’ll wipe the tears from your eyes, He’ll make a way out of no way, He’s the answer Hallejujah there’s nothing God can’t do.” Having faith in a higher power is like knowing your big brother will beat up the school bully.. so give your pain to your big brother and let Him do His thing

  24. Thank you for your published prayer. I have felt deprssed for the past month. And after reading this prayer And prayed along with you I have for a healing and a lifting in my spirit. God has used you to touch me and I extend my prayer to you and ask that God heals you too.

  25. Wow, i am going through the same thing, I have been sexual abused when i was small and i tell ya it plagues me so much, but i am trusting God to help me with this and he will, so i can be a great testominal for him to help others, i am so insecure and jealous that is drive ya nuts, i dont want my life to end but if feels like my soul died, and only thing i can say is have lots and lots of support and Keep GOD #1 and he will come through for u. praying for u all

  26. Thank you for sharing. It is nice to find a community filled with people yearning for God’s love and healing. I am going through deep sadness and lonlieness, wondering when I will hear God’s voice. But it’s also good to remind myself that I am not the only one going through tough times. It’s part of life. We have to overcome. We have to be intrepid.

  27. God, this is my first time writing a letter to you online. God I have been lost for so many years. I have asked for so many favors and forgiveness in those past years. God I have been sick lately because of my wrong doing. Not just physically but, mentally, and spiritually. In those past years, I have not realized how life is so important. My selfishness and greed has turned me away from you. Once again I ask for forgiveness, I pray that you will use me to lead others toward you. I pray that you will give me a vision in life, that you will give and show me the purpose of me being in this world. God I pray that you will heal my eyes, so I can see your gift that you have given me. I pray that you will give me ears, so I can hear what you want me to do. I pray that you will give me a clean heart, so you can step in and use me by loving others. I pray that you would let me live. Lord I am so scared to die. I have so much more to do with my life. Please give me a chance to prove myself and you that my life has not come to a waste. God, I also pray for my mom who is currently sick, than you will save her from the evil one that is making her sick. I pray that you will give her the strength. God I pray that you would not let this sinful world get to me. I want to change Lord, I want to live in your name. Please make me an health Christian and your follower. Once again God please forgive my sins for I have turned against you and pushed you away. I believe that your my Lord and Savior. You are God of miracles and you have shown me so much with your love and never-ending faith. I love you GOD and thank you for the many blessings you have given me. Please guide me and show me the way to the truth and the life.

  28. GOD, I trust and have faith in you. You are my healer, my doctor, and my medicine. Only you can take my troublesome away. You have known me since the day I came out of my moms womb. Only you know I will leave this world behind. But God please save and let me learn the true meaning of Love, and accepting you as my LORD AND SAVIOR. Please tell me and show me the meaning of a True Christian of Faith and Taking up the cross. God I want you to control my life as you have done before. Please use me to glorify your name to you and others. I love you Lord

  29. Dear God, This is my second day praying to you on this site. God thank you for the many blessings you have shown and given to me. I still pray for forgiveness and that you will will remember me and accept me as your son. Although I am not doing anything right now I pray that you will give me a vision and a purpose to helping others to get closer to you. I pray for my families health and my health. That you will give me a guidance to a successful life. God please open up my heart to love others and learn to forgive others. God I pray that you will show me what is next for my life. God I need you more than anything else right now and I am lost of what I should be doing, please control me and show me the way. I don’t expect anything but for you to be there for me like you always have. God I love you more than anything in this world. Please help me get closer to you.

    • God forgives you, now forgive yourself and let go. He’s there beside you, in front of you, behind you. He is all around you. Believe it, trust him, and know that you are not in this alone. He will send people and opportunities your way just be open to them. They might appear in forms or people you never imagined but you’ll know it’s him looking out for you. It is well!

  30. Dear God, Thank you so much for another day of letting me breathe in your name. Lord I am so lost and clueless of what I am suppose to do in everything. I trust and have faith in you that you will tell me what to do. God please heal my family and guide them to a better health and faith in you. God please help me get to know you better. You have given me so many blessings and I am very thankful that you have. God also heal me Lord, I feel so sick, not just physically but spiritually. I just don’t know what to do. God please give me a new heart so I can love others like the way you have loved me. God please give ma new body where it is only meant for you and your holy temple. God please forgive my sins for I have sinned in your eyes. I repent my sin and my wrong doings. I believe your here and always will be. God please open up my eyes and ears. Please open up my heart,lungs, and throat so this time I can make it right. God I pray for mercy and for you to guide me and control me. Thank you God I know you will answer my prayers forever with your everlasting love. I just don’t want to hurt you anymore or hurt myself anymore. I also ask for me to part of this community by doing your work as your follower. Thank you GOD!!!!<3

  31. Dear GOD, Please forgive my sins Lord. I am so scared of my life. Lord give me peace and please calm me down Lord. I need your Lord more than anything in this world. I know everything is in your will but, Lord please let me live and control me. I don’t want to be hurt anymore. I want to live in your name. God I love you and I am sorry it took me so long to realize this. God you have known me since I was in my mothers stomach. You have also raised me when I was a kid. Just like any other kids they disobey and like to do their own thing. Now that I am older I realize lot of things and was hard to turn back knowing the consequences. God please heal me from inside out. Please heal my heart so you can come and teach me how to love one another. Please come into my lungs so I can breathe in your name and learn to call out your name when I need you. Please come into my throat so I can sing your name. Please heal other part of my bodies that I might be having sickness from. Please heal me and in Jesus name please take this evil one in me. You said ask and it will be given unto you. You said knock if you are hungry or thirsty and it will be given unto you . I am asking for forgiveness and mercy Lord. I want you in my life Lord and I want to live loving you with a faith that I never had before. God I love you and nothing I can do will be enough from what you did for me but, all I can offer is this broken heart of mine. God please transform me and mold me. I need you LORD and save me!!!<3

    • I prayed for you, and I’d like to say read Jeremiah 29.11, Psalm 90 and 139. Find peace and comfort in those words.

  32. At 38, with many mistakes and wrong decisions plus still paying for the sonsequences of sins of parents and then mine, I can relate to this profund crying out to God expression. We can not give up, regardless, we have to fight the good fight and ask Jesus for a Simon or his help directly, but we must not give in or give up…Thanks to God for all his mercies and Blessings and especially for His love for us and you. Thanks and Merr Christmas to all.


  33. I can feel your pain, its as if you were me when you wrote this. I cried from the beginningn to the end of your prayer..all I can say is that I pray for you and hope the very best for you. I feel for you and love you even though I don’t even know you. I was praying before reading this and God put a pain in my heart and after praying in toungues I was cryiing out and I said “Strengthen my brothers and sisters in Christ”. I think God is now confirming it in my spirit, after reading your post,of how important it is to daily pray not only for the lost but for all those who are part of the body of Christ(FOR EACHOTHER). I am reminded now how we are going through this because we are taking up the cross and denying ourselves, feeling what Jesus felt at the Garden of Gethesmane when He felt so much pain that he poured out all his blood, sweat and tears for us. He felt alone and He felt the turning of God’s face because He loved us so much He bore all our sin and pain. He is the one who has felt the pain of the WHOLE WORLD and we are feeling just a piece of what He went through for our sake because He loves us. I know that God is allowing us to go through this only to bring us closer to Him and to have compassion for others. God will strengthen you and bring you to His arms, you are His beloved, His bride, His Israel, His Preciouse One. Remember what Jesus said in the beautitudes; Blessed are the poor in spirit,
    for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

    Blessed are they who mourn,
    for they shall be comforted.

    Blessed are the meek,
    for they shall possess the earth.

    Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for justice,
    for they shall be satisfied.

    Blessed are the merciful,
    for they shall obtain mercy.

    Blessed are the pure of heart,
    for they shall see God.

    Blessed are the peacemakers,
    for they shall be called sons of God.

    Blessed are they who suffer persecution for justice sake,
    for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

    Matthew 5: 3-12

  34. God i need a healing my bowels no longer function on there own. Please god i have severe fibromyalgia and arthritis. Please grow back my teeth and take away all the weird senstivties i have. Let me poop like a normal person. God i cant even wear my clothing or shoes. Please God i have been nasty to people im sorry. Tried to commit sucide last year. God please heal me tonight from the inside out so i can serve thee. I love you

  35. I can relate to everything that is written in this sopecial note to God. Reading this has help me understand what it is i should pray for. I am so broken inside that i can not open my self to God just yet i am in search of a new heart and i am extremly grateful that i was leand to this page. I will read this evry time i will i am losing my will to fight . May God bless you and all of gods pretty creatations.


    • You don’t need to come to God with a new heart. He will take your broken one and heal it in a way no one and nothing else could.

  36. All I could do was say my God my God..Please bless! 20,is when it hit me to my 30. This is proof that God is on the scene, because I came feeling so down, the words had been written…and immediately I stand to say I am a child of God and I bind any demonic spirit if depression, fear,deterioration of the mind,to burn in the pitts of hell. Our Father has been with us from the time we hit the page. I touch and agree my brothers and sisters, that living is prominent and not existing, that we all continue to let God use us to encourage each other, or any other broken spirit! In Jesus Name, Amen

  37. THe fact that you have acknowledged your issue God has already healed it. Now its time for you to walk there in it!

  38. I know what your going though, i feel the same way in life. My life is just full with sadness and sorrow. I need the lord to guide me in the right direction.Negitive thoughts go though my head lord, help me thought life and hard situations.O lord come into my body make me whole agian.Ipray for better days. o lord im asking for your help in life i need to know that im not alone and that you are with me in life when i feel like giving up lord i need you to make me strong.take control you are source of my life. You are my healer . I believe it in the name of jesus,Amen

  39. I also google help me God and it directed me here weird. But read the poem passage and it is great it really also describes me. What I got out of it is that I going to and need to start looking for God’s word to find help if nothing else is working.


  40. My sister, when I read your note I cried tears for you and I,some are tears of joy and rejoicing because I know in my heart, that whatever situation come in our lives god’s got it. But the rest of my years are because of the standing period. When he says when u don’t know what too do, don’t know where too turn, don’t have no answers, just stand. See my sister,sometimes that standing period brings on so many tears and heartaches and as I write and cry up to my heavenly father to fulfill the loneliness in me. Cause I don’t have to speak cause my god already knows. But i cry and take great comfort in knowing he’s catching every tear drop I, we,us cry and putting them in bottle. He promised us he will give us double for our troubles. Through it all I love Jesus so much, and I’ve learned to praise in even in the bad. Pray for me sister in Christ and I will lift you up in my prayers.

  41. You are not alone my dear. God is our father, and he is always with us every time. And when i read your whole article , I said that “Thanks God , I have one more sister/brother believes in you and needs your help” God is true and pray every day. He will come to us .

  42. WOW! I am a christian and reading all these prayers really touch my heart, I have been fighting Lord for over 4yrs almost for my disability and has been denied 4 times and with no job and no income it’s hard, you hear people say keep the faith sometimes that’s hard but I know God has a plan for me and Lord please help me stay strong in faith until You move in my life. Amen and Father touch and answer all my brother’s and sister’s on here seeking you and keep them strong through everything they are going through.

  43. Good day! This post couldn’t be written any better! Reading this post reminds me of my old room mate! He always kept chatting about this. I will forward this write-up to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing!

  44. I found this site because I’ve been so empty and disconnected I couldn’t express what I felt.. Thank you for helping me I pray we both find peace Amen

  45. With fears following down my eyes, I just finished this prayer and I believe God helped me.

  46. My life is just like the girl in the preavious statement. Life sucking

  47. I started having hives last Thursday and took prednisone for 5 days. (This past Tuesday). My hives have cleared, but having stomach pains and dizziness. Please heal me Lord Jesus.

  48. Wow. Your words really hit home to how I feel. I have many regrets in my life and can’t seem to get past those. Thinking about these regrets takes me down since I constantly beat myself up when depressed. I feel like I have hit rock bottom. and am concerned about the future. I pray to the Lord for his help and forgiveness and to help me keep moving forward. My family is great and they are trying to help me through this depression. It is now up to my faith in God to help me through this time. A lot of people are counting on me to do this right. Lord, please give me the strength to keep moving forward.

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