About Me:My Quirks And ETC…

1) I only like to drive at certain times of the day, ie no traffic. When I do go out and have to drive I plan my route down to the turns I will have to make cause I hate left turns, and busy roads.

2) I love to dance:)….I will dance around my room to wake me up, feel better after a bad day, and just because dancing is soooo much fun.

3) I absolutely love the way the Korean language sounds. I find it to be both a gentle and passionate language.

4) I do not like to sleep without a small light on. I need to be able to see what is around me so no one sneaks up on me.

5) My parents gave me my name because they thought I was going to be a boy, and when I popped into the world as a girl they gave me my dad’s first name and my mom’s middle name.

6) I hate when people say they are going to do something ie call, go out….etc and they don’t do it. That shit pisses me off like no other.

7) I love Arizona Green Tea and Albertson’s Zesty Wings:)

8.) I am really really really bugaphobic, it doesn’t matter if it is ants or butterflies I HATE THEM ALL…the worst ones are the ones that fly.

9) I am shy…..you are like yeah right, but sometimes I can be really shy and nervous until I feel comfortable with my environment then I am just me.

10) I love love love love TALL GUYS ie 6ft and above. Ideal bf type is 6’4…where have you all gone I only see short ones

11) I don’t like bodies of water that are not in a bathtub or a swimming pool. The ocean is a scary place.

12) I have this paralyzing fear of anyone around me dying. I don’t even like to talk about it.

13) I wish I was more adventurous and risk-taking.

14) It take a long time for people to really get to know me because I don’t trust easily.

15) I’ve always wanted to be a contestant on a game show like Jeapardy or How To Be A Millionaire.

16) When I go to the movies, I like to sit in the top row in the center seat, so I count how my seats are in the row to make sure it is the center seat.

17) It’s the little things that make a difference to me. When people notice those seemingly insignificant things about me and remember them it makes me happy.

18) I was a die-hard Backstreet Boys fan, if someone said anything bad about them I would cry and kick their ass.

19) I’m not as tough/strong as I seem…

20) One of my pet peeves is when people are “you’re so mean!” I want to be like I’ll show you mean, you stupid cows….lol

21) My second greatest fear is failure, I hate to fail at anything. It makes me really critical of myself.

22) My family and my true friends make each day brighter. I hope they know how glad I am to know them!!!

23) I might act like a cynic when it comes to love, but I still wish for a happily ever after:)

24) I wish my dad had been a father to me, and sometimes I think about how life would have been if he’d stuck around and been there.

25) I might seem like I have it all together, but I don’t. I am feeling a little lost about my purpose in life. I’m not sure if being a lawyer is what I am supposed to do, that is why I want to take some more risks and experience some more things before I make my decision.

26) I think sleep is the most relaxing activity on the planet.

27) I have only really liked 3 guys  in my life.

28) I have this fear of getting stuck in an elevator and not being able to reach anyone to get me out. So I always have my phone with me just in case the one inside stops working and I get stuck.

29) I get anxious when I really want something. I think and dream about it till it does/doesn’t happen.

30) I’m at a point in my life where all my plans are out the window and I am slowly realizing that it is okay not to always have a plan.

31) I am OCD about locked doors. If I am in my house and I think about the possiblilty of my car door being unlocked then I will go and check it. Even though I know I locked it. I check that my front door is locked 3 times before I can sleep.

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One Response to “About Me:My Quirks And ETC…”

  1. i can’t believe you’re a lawyer.. it’s the strangest coincidence. so am i.

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