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The Lighthouse: Be A Light In Dark

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I Am Moving… Come With Me!!!

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I want you all to come join me at my new home

Why am I moving? I’m in a new chapter of my life, and I want to start it in a new home. You’ve seen the links to my new site on my 30 Days Of Truth posts, so hopefully you’ve checked it out and found it to be quite cozy. I want all of my readers over the past 4 years to come along in this new chapter of my life.

I’m not the same young woman I was when I started this blog, and that is a VERY good thing. I am happy. I am free. I am at peace with myself. At 23 years old I have finally learned to love myself. My flaws and my beauty. I have found my calling, and maybe some of you knew all along what I was meant to do. I am meant to inspire, comfort, uplift, encourage, and support people. That is what I do and will continue to do at Be A Light In The Dark.

Be A Light In The Dark started as a creative writing blog and has become more than that. It is the stepping stone to all the things I want to do to inspire people, to give them hope. Be A Light In The Dark is a website with the intention of giving daily doses of inspiration, hope, motivation, and comfort. Through quotes written by me or people I find inspiring, music, essays, etc. It is like a remodeled version of this site. A happier home for you and I.

To my longtime readers, I love you! Thank you for helping me grow. Thank you for sharing these chapters with me. Thank you for caring. Please know that I wish you every happiness, every single bit of love and joy life can offer. Be happy. Be healthy. Choose life. Choose to wake up each morning and try. I really need you to do that. That is how I am living. Life is so much better when you choose to smile, to laugh, to take chances, to be the person you were always capable of being. Choose that every second of every day. Work hard for it, and it will happen. BE HAPPY!!!!!!!!!

It’s not that I have changed, it is that I have bloomed into my true self. A happy, healthy, 23 year old with dreams and goals to inspire and give people hope. That is my calling, my purpose, the reason I am here.

My dream is to spread that message of hope, and you are all a part of that. So let’s move house together!!!!

Please be happy for me, and come with me to my new home!!!

I will still check this site for new comments, and you can still email me at tsunamiblues [at] gmail [dot] com but you’ll get a quicker response at my new home. You can email me at bealightinthedark [at] gmail [dot] com.

I really want and need your support!!!!

Always be and stay blessed!!!


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