Music is Love

Instead of paying attention in my Econ class, I am plugged into the instant stream of music on my Ipod. I don’t know how to explain it but music is my love. How is it that one song, one lyric, one line, that beat, instrumental, or whatever it is that makes that song touch your heart, life, and soul.

Music is a powerful tool. It can heal your soul, it can understand you the way no one else can. It can inspire you, give you meaning, purpose. It is an entity onto itself. I tend to favor music that has a lot of instrumentals in it, lyrics that mean something more than I got it on with some chick at some club, and an unusual title. I am more into alternative or indie music. But I like all kinds of artists, and foreign music.

I primarily like Korean, Spanish, and Japanese music if I am not listening to American music. I like songs where no matter how many times I listen to them I will never get tired of that song, the memories it brings, and the thoughts I think. Here are some of the songs that have inspired me, given me peace, understood my soul, and made me fall in love with music, I have chosen ones that I am constantly enamored with these days. What are some of yours?

To me a song is much more than a good beat, it is the effect it has on you that makes all the difference.

I love Coldplay, every song, every lyrics, everything about them touches me. They are my number one band, and my dream it to go to one of their concerts with backstage passes, and let them know how much their music has touched my life.

Favorite: Coldplay; The Scientist

Stray’s Don’t Sleep: For Blue, Blue Skies

Sia: Breathe Me

Vast: One More Day

Kelly Clarkson: Sober

Acceptance: Diffferent

Adam Merrin: Still Alright

Athlete: Wires

Barefoot: Rain

Sigur Ros: Hoppipolla

Laura Izibor: MMM…

Be A Light In The Dark

The Hope Notes Project

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