April 5, 2008: I want….

Before you figure out how to go after what you want, you first need to figure out what you really want in your lifetime. I might not be sure of everything I want, but I know some of it, and I will discovery more or change the ones I already had. I might not know the hows, but that will happen in time. What you want doesn’t/shouldn’t have any limitations!!

April 2008-May 2008

1) I want to get at least 3 A’s this semester

2) I want to exercise at least 4 times a week

3) I want to always keep my side of the dorm room organized

4) I want to get at least one scholarship for senior year

5)** I want to follow my Plan of Action

5) I want to exert self-discipline

6) I want to conquer my sleeping craziness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7) I want to watch how much I spend and save more

Summer Wise: I want to

******Lose 5 pounds by the end of the summer********

1) Do an amazing job at my internship. I want to make a lasting impression on the staff and my fellow interns that is of a young woman who works hard, has a positive attitude, is timely, and seek to understand the intricacies of the daily work

2) Exercise every single day of the week from 30-60 minutes.

3) Watch what I am eating on a daily basis, and choose to eat healty

4) Start learning the basic of the Korean language

5) Look into teaching in english and traveling abroad

6) Seek out information about the law school process

7) Send postcards and letters to people I care about to show my love :)

8) **Choose to have a positive attitude everyday despite what might be going on that day

9)** Read my bible everyday

School Wise: I want to

1) Graduate with at least a 3.6 GPA

2) Seek and gain more scholarships for the 2008-2009 school year

3) Go to New York with Amanda for Spring Break

4) Be a fantastic VP of PWBA

5) Get straight A’s both semesters of Senior year

6) Immerse myself more into the various aspects of the financial world

7)*** I want to stress=minimized

Personality Wise: I want to

1) Love myself completely from the inside out, if there is something I don’t love either change it or accept it as who I am

2) Find my inner peace, where I feel content with who I am, where I am going, and everything in between

3) Smile more often, laugh freely, and be alright with just me, myself, and I ^___^

4) Stop dwelling on the negatives and embrace the positives.

5) Count my blessings on a daily basis ie be thankful I woke up that morning, and greet the day with a smile

6) Relax more, whether it is treating myself to something wonderful or chilling to music. I want to be in that relaxed state of mind.

7) Not let fear keep me from doing the things I want to do; whether it is school, life, or risk related. I want to do what I want to do, and what is best for me

8) Stop being critical of myself to the point of stressing out, and to go with the flow more instead of over analyzing everything I do.

9)** Seek and find my balance of what I need and what I want. Self-disciplined way of life. Not too much, not too little of my wants or needs.

10)** Put myself first, and make sure I take care of me before I take care of anyone else ie stop caring about what others might be/are thinking about you. That is their business!!!

Life Wise: I want to

1) Find that relationship with my God and that clarity of my faith

2) Travel to Italy, England, and South Korea for sure. Maybe Greece, Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, and Jamaica

3) Find a specific field as a lawyer than I love and feel passionate about

4) Meet someone who complements me, inspires me to be/do better, and makes me laugh and smile always

5) Go to a Top 10 law school, and have at least half of the tuition and other costs taken care of my scholarships, the school, and private sponsors

6) **Eat healthier, exercise more, take care of my mind and body, and lose 10-20 pounds by May 2009

7) Do the things that make me happy, hang out with people who truly care about me

8) Always be there for my family and true friends, keep in touch with the people I value

Romantic Relationship Wise: I want to

1) Not be in a relationship till I graduate from college ie not before May 2009. If the person is worth it, then they can wait till I am ready

2) Stop wondering, debating, and analyzing what the guys around me do. Have faith that in time the person for me will be reavealed

3) Find a man that makes me laugh, smile, and feel comfortable and at ease around him. Someone who is well educated, going somewhere with his life and reaching his potential. Someone who can hold a conversation about anything and everything, who likes to act silly sometimes :). Someone, who takes me as I am and loves me for me. Someone I can bring home to meet my family, and know he’ll work hard to gain my mom’s love. Someone who is kind, faithful, trustworthy, sincere, generous, humble, God-loving and fearing, over six foot, goofy, dorky, likes to watch Asian dramas. A man who complements me, and sincerely loves me with all his heart. A person I can be at my worst with and still know he’ll stand right next to me. A person who loves life and has goals and dreams. Someone who is intelligent, socially competent, doesn’t drink, smoke, or do drugs. Someone who is like my beautiful blue sky ie a person I see as wonderful and respect. He needs to respect me, my family, and my values. Someone who is not egotistical, but confident. I want someone I can build a future with, a life with, grow old with and see our grandkids running around. Someone I can lay next to and feel as if the world is at its most peaceful. I want a man I can pray and dream with. Have a home and a loving relationship with. Someone who doesn’t leave or give up when things are hard, but knows the WE are worth staying for and I am worth fighting for.

4) Go about my own life and just have faith that one day I will meet MY MAN

Relationship with God: I want to

1) Spend time with Him daily; whether reading my bible, praying, going to church, listening to Christian music

2) Walk alongside God, and know no matter what life deals me God knows and He will be my Champion, Shield, Guardian, Protector, and my Father

3 Responses to “April 5, 2008: I want….”

  1. Hi there, I came across your blog from searching taiwanese dramas, and wow, I’ve found someone so similar to myself! keep up the good work, God is amazing!

  2. Thank you:)

  3. haha i typed in cinderella inspiration quotes and stumbled across your blog. i love it. its awesome..

    keep allowing God to work in and through you.


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