Dear God: Help me become a person worthy of you…

Dear God:

I’m sitting here Lord crying out for you to hear my heart and respond to me Lord. I don’t know what is wrong with me Lord, but your the only one that can help me. I’m suffering so much inside, there is so much pain inside of me Lord and I don’t know how to let go of it Lord. I don’t know how I developed so much sadness inside of my soul but Lord please help me, please help me Lord because I can not do this on my own strength.

I know that the only one that can help save myself is you Lord, and I am so scared to show you the darkness inside of me Lord but I need your salvation. I need your mercy, love, and grace Lord to make it through this moment in my life.

Show me the way Lord, or help me find it inside of myself Lord, because I cannot keep doing this Lord. I cannot keep being that silhouette of a person. I want to feel that peace of walking alongside you. My chest feels like it is going to explode with all the emotions running inside of me Lord. Please stay by my side Lord and show me the light. Show me the path I am supposed to walk on.

Do you see my tears Lord? I feel selfish crying before you but Lord your the only one that can see my tears and love me still. Your the only one that can see my sadness and not judge me for it. Your the only one that sees the depths of my heart and still acknowledges me for it. Lord please, please I beg of you to help me help myself Lord. I don’t want to be like this anymore.

I don’t want to be miserable in my own skin. I don’t want to keep crying over these same things. I want to be strong, I want to be wise, and I want to love myself for who I am and not who people think I am. Lord, please help me get past this pain. It hurts so much inside, it hurts so much inside that I feel like I cannot breathe, I feel like I am dying inside of my body. Everyday, I little part of me is crumbling from this world,

Lord, I am so tired. I am so unbearably tired of everything and everyone. I am so tired that all I want to is close my eyes and let sleep take over me. All I want to feel is peace but I am filled with sorrow. I don’t know what is the definite reason for my sorrow but I feel so disatisfied with everything. I feel like my soul is incomplete, and that something is missing in my life. Lord, your that something, your that something that I desperately need to be my shield.

Lord, hold me in the palm of your hands and shield me from the darkness that tries to take over me. Lord, please hold onto me forever and let me walk alongside you until we meet in heaven.

My heart is heavy, with unsaid sorrows. But you know them all, see them all, and feel what I feel. As my Father in Heaven please have mercy upon my soul and guide me through this lifetime. Give me strength Lord, for I am weak. You said to call on you at our most desperate times and you will answer us. I am calling your Lord with all my heart at my point of desperation.

I want to just give up and let it all go. Let go of my dreams, my goals, my thoughts. I just want it to stop. I want it all to stop, the fear, the sadness, the pain. I want it to stop Lord and I don’t know how to stop it by myself. Lord I am weary from this all and I need to you to hold me in your arms and heal me. I am so desperate for you Lord.

I think that I am holding on to all this baggage because I don’t know how to lay my burdens before you and just let you take over and heal me.

I am asking you know Lord to take me in your arms and heal me from the inside to the outside. From the top of my head, to the bottom of my soul heal all of me Lord. Cover me in your beauty and surround me with your spirit. Lord take me in your arms and give me your warmth. The warmth I desperately need is your warmth. Lord I am calling out to you because I can no longer rely on my own strength. I need you to be my shield, my guardian, my protector. Please Lord, I need you.

I am sorry that I keep trying to do everything on my own. I know that I cannot do anything without you Lord. I do not want to do anything without you Lord, and I am sorry for taking so long to fully come to you. My heart is laid before you Lord, take it and place it in your palms Lord.

Pray for me. love me. take me as your child and hold me. I am tired Lord, the kind of tired that will not leave me without your help Lord. Fill me up, and let me overflow with your love. Thank you Lord, for loving one such as me.

I lay myself bare before you Lord, and I ask you to take all of me, the good and the bad and the in between and heal me Lord. My heart needs you inside of it, mend me Lord and make me a reflection of you.

Lord, bring people into my life that will see my need, and will help me get to where I need to go. Lord, for all those people out there who are like me. Who are hurt, in pain and who need you to stand in the gap for them. Take them Lord and help them get through it as you will help me get through it.

Let me be the person that I can call you my Father and be worthy of it. Thank you Lord for loving me and I ask you Lord to forgive me for my sins and for staying by my side. Lord show me my path, and help me walk along it. Clear my mind of foolish thoughts, and give me the courage to seek what I need and want. Bring people into my life who will love me for me, and take me as I am.

~ by tsunamiblues on March 8, 2008.

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  1. Your prayer describes the state of my heart. I feel empty and lonely. I am walking with no definite direction. I need help. I need God’s help. I pray every day for His guidance but He doesnt respond. I sometimes wonder whether there is another human being who needs God’s guidance and grace as much as I do. But now I know am not alone. Lets pray for each other. My hope is that God has seen our misery, heard our cry and is determined to help us sooner than later.

    • I was söo touched by reading ur post i even cry. I was only thnkng dat i was da only one goin through hard tmes nw i realised that w r too many out thre lets just have faith en nvre think negative of ourself one day thngs wl be oryt

  2. Dear Peter:

    I think sometimes it is not as if He doesn’t respond to us, but maybe it is more that we do not recognize the response he lays before us. Everyday, since I wrote this I read it, and feel strength that I do not want to be that person.

    I pray that God reveal himself to you whether through dreams, signs, or just from the inside of your soul. Let his presence be a shield unto you and give you the courage to fight the loneliness and seek solace from the misery that you feel.

    I know your heart, because it is like mine. Some days are better, some are worse. I still wake up thinking I don’t want to deal with what the day will bring. When your at your most desperate remember my prayer, and remember that the change you seek in your life starts with you.
    God be your shield!!

  3. Dear God
    I need so much No matter how hard i try i can’t get it right lord, im calling out to you lord I am tired of the devil trying to take over my body lord, Can you please hear my care of yourmercury and forgiveness

  4. God be with you All..

  5. Hi,

    I have read what you all have writen and I can tell you that I understand. There are times when I too feel so overwhelmed by the pain, I feel so lost and broken, but today I am leaving you a reply here, hoping to encourage you and perhaps provide a few answers or some direction.

    I don’t know if you have even heard of these books, if you don’t alrady have them, I would recommend that you get them, if you can, I truly believe that they will help you a lot: 1) The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren; 2) Destined to Reign by Joseph Prince 3) Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer; 4) Bait of Satan by John Bevere.

    What we think will determine how we feel, Proverbs 23:7 says, ‘For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.’
    Be mindful of what you are thinking about! What you think will manifest in your life, there is no way you can keep thinking negative thoughts and feel good.

    Please understand one thing, the battle that we fight is not a battle against flesh and bone, it is against spiritual wickedness, you can’t see what you are fighting but God does give you armour to be able to fight, it’s called the Armour of God, you can find this in Ephesians 6:10-24 you need to put this one daily to be able to withstand the evil attack on your life, the enemy never tires of attaching you, understand that his objective is to ‘steal, kill and destroy’ (see John 10:10). What exactly does he want to ‘steal, kill and destroy’? It’s your joy! He has no right to this, you can rebuke him and he MUST obey you, God has given you authority over him! Luke 10:19

    No matter what we do, we will NEVER be able to do enough to be worthy of God’s love, our works will never redeem us – Jesus is the answer, He made a way for us when he died on the cross. John 14:6 says ‘I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.’

    If you want to know what God thinks of you, please read Psalm 139.

    Sometimes the problem is that we are carring around so much guilt, condemnation and unforgiveness – FORGIVE YOURSELF!!! I know this is easier said than done but Psalm 103:12 says that God has removed our sin as far as the East is from the West. Also look at 1 John 9.

    If you were to take a brand new, crisp $100 bill and scrunch it up in your hand and then straighten it out again, would the note have lost any value? If you were then to put some dirt on it, would it have lost any value? No, it would still be worth $100. So too, no matter what you have done – you have and will NEVER loose your value in Christ! God loves you, he is incapable of doing anything else because GOD IS LOVE!!!

    This is a line from a song from one of my favourite bands (Delirious?), it says… ‘God didn’t screw up when he made you, He’s a father who loves to parade you.’

    The other thing you can do is plead the Precious Blood of Jesus to cover you. It is VERY powerful and offers you protection again the attacks of the enemy.

    If you have access to the internet, I would like to encourage you to go to You Tube and search for the following:
    1) Love letter from God –

    Final suggestions: 1) If you aren’t already in a good Bible based church, I would highly suggest you join one, 2) read the Bible – how can you fight the enemy when you don’t know the word of God, 3) if you can access resources – books, broadcasts, podcasts (if you have an iPod, iTunes has a section where you can download religious podcasts).

    My recommendations would be to get resources and podcasts of the following people:

    Joseph Prince, Joyce Meyer, Creflo Dollar, Kerry Shook, John Bevere, Lisa Bevere, Brian Houston, Hillsong Church, John Hagee, Joel Osteen, J.John, Chistine Caine, Ray Bevan, Mel Fletcher, TD Jakes, Louie Giglio, Marilyn Hickey… To name but a few, there are so many awesome teachers and resources, but these will point you in the right direction.

    I hope you are encouraged!

    God Bless,

    • Elle, I wanted to comment on your postings. When I was reading, it was as if I had written it. Same mind set. I had to take a second look at the passage when I saw it was signed by Elle. I am weirder out by how much I see myself in your posting! Elle2

    • Thank you for your words of encouragement!!

  6. THANK YOU for taking the time to write those verses and suggestions to me. I am grateful for them, and will use your suggestions. I know that the Lord is my shield and my protector, I think I just need to always remember that and make myself as close to him as possible.

  7. Dear God,
    Please help me. I don’t know how to handle this anymore. I dont know what to do. Help! I dont want to do something stupid, but all these problems are driving me that direction. Today is my birthday and it doesn’t feel like it. Lord, please hear my prayers. Please let everything get better for me, soon. I dont know how much longer I can hold on. I LOVE YOU. AMEN.

  8. Rosie, hunny, I don’t know what you are going through, but if you haven’t already read the response I left above please have a look at it. I would also recommend that you have a look at this link, it may help answer some of your questions.

    As for the ‘doing something stupid’ part, just keep on reaching out for help and if you can’t reach out to people, reach out to God. Heaven might be silent in answering your prayer but God is not deaf, he has heard your cries. Just keep on reaching out to Him, YOU WILL get through this! In the Bible it says that ‘it came to pass’, nowhere does it say that ‘it came to stay…’, so too, what you are going through will come to pass.

    Love & blessings,

  9. God is beautiful.
    and so are you.

  10. I understand how you feel, I have prayed for 3 years, I have noone in my life, and sadly god hasn’t helped, I’m at the point of starting to lose my mind, he helps so many others find love/spouses etc…and I’m forgotten I have reached my breaking point, I tried so hard to hold on and belive but everyone has their breaking point, I will do what I have to to find love on my own if that dosn’t please god well so be it, he knows I have needs and he ignors my prayers to have them met.

  11. I am trying hard to control my sobs so that I will not wake anyone…This prayer should be coming from the depths of my soul….You said every word that I am feeling

  12. It is a good day, if I don’t cry. I pray to God, with respect and love and so very much want to hear from Him. Just once let me know He is there. Everyday I say a prayer, read a verse and just talk to God. I want God to talk “with” me. Fill my heart with love again. Lynn

  13. whatever you prayed, the same I did and do. I desperately need HIS help as he is the only one who can understand me.I don’t know what I should do,only HE can help me in letting me out of my sorrows. I need someone who can understand me as I am unable to understand myself.And that someone is “GOD” my everything.I felt very much relieved when i read your prayer and I want to give you “THANKS” for praying for persons like me. Please do reply me.I need GOD’s help badly. Aarambhika

  14. Hello Aorambika. God is there to give you the tools to get past those sorrows. But you have to be the one to pick them up and use them.

    It is hard to pick up those tools, but you have to open your eyes and your mind to the goodness in your life. There must be at least one thing in your life that gives you some kind of happiness and peace. Use that to motivate you to find more happy moments.

    Surround yourself with people who will love you and nurture you to become an even more wonderful person.

    Don’t ever give up. Sometimes we fall so that we know how to rise and what it is like to have fallen. You must believe in yourself and that God is and always will be with you.

  15. HI
    Thanks for the reply.I need it.I want to share a problem of mine with you so that can able to cope up with. I am a student and for me,the most important thing is studying.I had interest in studies till 12th standard.But now what has happened to me I don’t know. Now-a-days it is very important for me. But i have lost all my interest in it. May be GOD is angry with me. I don’t know. It is said “whatever happens it is for our good” as it is the GOD’s decision for us.I fully agree this. But now I am losing my hope .I know HE is my dad and HE will always do good to me.Please tell me what to do. Aarambhika

  16. I am a bit confused about what the problem is but let me say this I also lost interest in school this year…and I learned a hard lesson about motivation and stress. You have to find that balance with life and with school and your own dreams and goals.

    I want you to think about what you TRULY want in this life, school-wise, life-wise, inner-wise. Write it all down, and then read it out loud to yourself. Pray with your whole heart for what you want and find that inner determination to go after what you want.

    I went through this year sinking so deep into the darkness..but you know what that darkness has no answers it only blinds you from the light.


  18. From your posting, it sounds like a safe guess that you have already accepted Christ as your Lord. And that you sre asking in with all sincerity and humilty to come into your wife and allow the holy spirit to guide you.

    If you were to allow yourself a moment to just stop… and to quietly listen… and quietly consider what it is it that the Lord has in mind for you, I can guarantee you that it is something that involves your past experiences in life… that it involves your naturally born and innate talents, gifts and skills…. and most likely… it is going to involve you redirecting your focus away from yourself and your own problems and struggles (not to say that they are trivial or will disappear overnight)…. and to find yourself focused on something to do with helping someone(s)….

    A good starting point might be to visit a site like Compassion International (or Compassion Canada). or

    Ask yourself this…. as bad as your own situation may be… is it still possible that there are others who are worse off than you in other ways…. and are you capable of making some sort impactful, life changing difference in the life of someone other than yourself who may need the help of someone exactly like you… today?

  19. The Lord led me to type a question into google. I was just typing the question into space and really expected nothing back.I came across your threads. I was about to leave it because I didn’t want to obey him or get involved with people (you know people can be so cruel). I was immediately sent back and will leave you this message. The lord does hear your prayers. He loves you so much it is beyond our understanding. He will answer all your questions if you just ask and wait by clearing your mind. Try darkening your room at night just before going to sleep or early in the morning just before you get up. Lie still for he is motion at rest. He will come to you through the holy spirit in a voice that is yours but is not yours. For the way that God communicates with man is in an oxymoronic manner. He is the least and the most the first and the last the beginning and the end motion at rest and on and on. The oxymoron is His fingerprint because it just is. So if you do this you will become better and better at it. Soon you will know all that there is to know. He will give you all His mysteries as he promised he would. Whatever question you have you will be told. You will even get information about what will be as you become closer and closer and listen without interupting. Carry a pen and notebook with you for answers will come to you during showers and in the car. The answers to what you ask are often substantiated during that day from the mouths of people who may not even realize what they said or a book that opens to the answer –again. It is great and makes your special situation that has led you to Him very enjoyable and interesting. He as Jesus mentioned about Himself wants to tell you everything but few humans are thirsty. Daniel was told because he asked. I feel so sorrowful for many of your positions. I was there but made the leap. Go to my website and see what the God that loves you is doing. I am ready to submit three more scrolls of information and have nearly 100,000 pictures. He is sending information in the light and in the dreams and visions (read Joel).Especially now for even non believers can see all that is happening and how so much was described in Revelations. Connect to Him he wants to connect to you. I know He wanted me to tell you this. I am not one to normally share my findings because I am not a good witness to people and I wish selfishlessly to keep my findings to myself and keep His communications to me alone if it was possible. But this is impossible and it is so human that I am embaressed to admit it. I must do what they say or I really get harrassed.Believe me you have to do what He (the three) wish. This is the price for having the connection. I believe He wants me to share with you this knowledge. Oh yes when you become one with the three you will be fulfilled beyond your wildest of dreams and know so much. However you must be strong for the world is blind and many wish to remain blind and they will do all they can not to see. Like Ostriches I suppose. So learn the word and tell the three everyday how you love them and you will be protected from the evil one who controls the earth at this time. I become so tired when I tell others of my findings and my connection with God. It is like giving birth painful tiring but rewarding.I hope you listen and sooth your souls. Thomas

  20. What shall I say? situation is rather similar. I am findng this prayer several months after you published it. God led me to it cause I have numerous questions too. I have always tried to live my life by my own strength…but without much success!. I now realise that I have to keep on asking God for strength so I can live a fulfilling life! my prayer is that peace has found you since you publshed this!. I Pray to achieve peace and revelation in my life too. So Help me God and others who are in similar Situations.AMEN

  21. thank u :( today Im hopeless of EVERYTHING..I just found it and I feel better now…
    thank u A LOT


    • I have been stalked by my ex-husband since 1989. He has succeeded in destroying my children with convincing lies to get to me. He has succeeded in destroying friendships and my life. My children are so very emotionally damaged. The pain that I ever had anything to do with this evil man…I was warned by my pastors and father and friends that he was evil. And I did not listen. Please people listen when someone tells you no this person is not good. Your life will depend on it.

    • To Gerry and all the women in this world who are abused for absolutely no reason at all. I was married for 34 years to a christian sociopath. He was so mean to me, my kids and my dogs. I stayed because I was weak and felt paralyzed everytime I tried to leave. I walked on eggshells eery minute of the day, I felt like I gave up who I was to make sure he was well taken care of but in the end it all crumbles away because it was not built on a steady foundation to begin with. He managed to choke me, beat me so bad that I had to have 5 surgeries on my eye, then told me he was bi-sexual. Needless to say I divorced him and lost my home, my marriage, my financial security and most of my dignity as a human being. It is a rough road to travel and I take one day at a time. If I didnt have Jesus Christ in my heart I would have died long ago. He is now the love of my life. I just typed in tonight Jesus Christ Help Me and this site came up. What a blessing!

    • Relate to being w abusive man, feeling dead inside, losing everything while determined to make it work because for two seconds he loved me as much as I loved him n I was in it for life at 46 yrs old. BS!!!!! Any abuse is not love! Do you want to believe him when he then turns around n says he loves you more than anyone n wants nobody else n wants to b with you always! Thats his misogynistic trap to keep you down, control you, alienate u from family n friends so u do what he wants. Well easy way to tell when man or anyone lying to you: THEIR ACTIONS AND WORDS DONT MATCH UP. Also how they behave and treat you makes no sense, u know somethings wrong, maybe no physical abuse but u feel it, follow ur gut. If u have slightest doubt or feel uncomfortable but cant put ur finger on it n have no proof, get the hell out!!!! U dont owe him explanation, u dont have to endure lengthy breakup. Walk away and never look back and b scared or sad or lost or lonely but keep praying n be proud of yourself that you are not like him and you will treat yourself the way u deserve to be treated. Paybacks mean looking or going back. Dont do it keep moving forward or find safe place n rest but be strong n firm cuz no matter what he tries to do to you, if you believe it and live a good life where he is nonexistent, he may try but he cant hurt you, he will b unable to. What is he anyway? He is nothing and nobody while you are someone special and important and WORTHY!!!!!!!!! GOD loves you n so do I! Bless you! Marce

  23. Dear Reader,

    I go through a terrible time now,Saturday when everything seem so dark again i askedGod where are you me and my family so desperatly need you.Today Monday i got a SMS they want to reposess my house i am 3 months in areas, i have a small company, All i am asking, No hand outs Please O MIGHTY GOD OUR FATHER WHICH ARE IN HEAVEN JUST OPEN THE DOORS FOR US I WILL WORK 24 HOURS A DAY. Who ever sees this please pray for us , i have faith i work hard,and i know maybe He is now testing me to the limit.
    So i ask God please come to our rescue as You are the only one that can help.

    May all that pray for us be blessed.


    • Dear Bert, I have read your posting tonight and hope time has rescued you & your family. Have a great day.

  24. Reading some of the above entries have broken my heart. I have also dealt with depression, and felt like I couldn’t go on. I have found that the best way to begin working myself out of the pits is to praise God…not waiting until things are better…but praising Him in the middle of the darkness. He is there and waiting to respond to you. Don’t ever give up; God loves you and has a plan for your life. Tell Him all about everything that you are feeling, and give it all over to Him…expecting that He will work it out. And don’t forget to keep praising Him for everything.



  25. I feel for you my friend..I thought I was alone.. My questions of “Why’s?” never stop. Let’s pray for each other. Your blog help me…Thank you..

    • I will pray for you…I wrote this blog in my darkest hour and have grown a lot since then towards the light.

  26. i want you to know that I cried reading the prayer. Please hang on…Try to focus on the little things that we day at a time.. for every breath.. let’s think that there is a purpose..let’s be patient and wait….

  27. I got teary eyed reading this..I’ve hit a rough patch myself.. and reading the post described my feelings.. I’m sorry about your pain, but in this will I be confident, the Lord is there and he is mighty to save. I feel that it is so hard to believe, when given my moments.. but I can’t lose hope.. He will save and protect me.

  28. Hi, my name is Chris. I am 23 years old and I live near Dallas Texas.

    Like someone here said I just googled a question not knowing what I will find (if anything). When I came upon your message I almost left without reading on, but I didn’t. I feel as if god led me to it so that some of my questions will be answered because I to feel much like you have written.

    “how can I redeem myself and join jesus”

    That is what I googled.

    My questions are many and I’m not sure what I am supposed to do. I have always been a fool and ignorant towards god. It seems like I only prey for forgiveness when I am afraid. I feel ashamed for acting this way. I mocked believers because it was what everyone else seems to do. I fallowed the trend so many people fallow now and that is to pretend that there is no god… even though deep inside I could feel he was there watching me sin and for that I am ashamed of myself.

    When I was scared for my health or the state of the world only then I would come to god and prey to him. Like I used him when it was convenient for me. Also I noticed I would do this when I wasn’t getting what I wanted. If a girl I loved left me I cursed god for making me this way. I was stupid. So ignorant.

    Now I see what I’ve been doing and I don’t ever want to do that again! I want to serve god because I want to deserve to be with him. I am always afraid of death and scared of things in the world. Why? I know now it’s because I wasn’t being level with god. I knew he was there and I wasn’t doing anything for him. I felt if I died I would surly go to hell. That is why I was afraid of death.

    Now I am trying to listen for god and learn how I can work for him. How I can redeem myself to be worthy of the lord. I still feel the fear I have always had sometimes, but I know that is the devil trying to make me fear. Fear huh? It’s no fun to live in fear I’m sure you all know. But it was the same fear that made me realize that I need god in my life because I hated to be afraid and it saddened me to be scared all of the time of death.

    When people would talk about Revelations and the 2nd coming of our lord I would be afraid. It sounded like a horror movie to me! I thought how can these people talk like it’s a good thing for so many people to suffer? How can this be good at all? I don’t want to feel like that!!! I want to be happy if I learn Jesus is coming! I don’t want to fear it I want to be brave and feel as if I am finally going home finally after all of this time!

    I have not read the Bible and I have not gone to church for many years, I’m going to start because I feel there are many answers I am seeking in there and I know I have much to learn! I don’t want to fall to my old ways again, I can feel inside me that Jesus is near and will be here soon and I want to serve with him in heaven!

    Prey for me to stay with it and to keep Jesus in my heart. Prey for me to be brave and stand up for God and to not be afraid of what is coming, but to look forward to it with happiness and joy! I wish so much to feel like I deserve to stand with god and to earn my place in paradise! Prey that god forgives me of the sins for which I am ashamed. Prey for me that I will always trust in god and I know that one day soon I will meet you all in heaven. Thank you.

    -Chris Grisham

    • Chris we all fall…but we don’t all rise again. You are taking that first step to make yourself a better person for this earth and for the God who loves us. I wrote this entry in a dark period of my life, but I have moved past it, with my own willpower and God’s support. It won’t be easy, but no good change comes in a day. It takes effort, time, and patience with oneself. God is always listening to us and his time is the right time!

  29. This is good, I have never felt a real need to prey for others, but I am with each of your comments as I read them. Thank you for helping me by posting this.

  30. dear god i am in awe of you. i know you speak to us in dreams and i am quite a dreamer but i cant seem to understandwhat you are telling me some times and i feel lost because i dont know what you want. i am trying the best i know how to follow you and search you but it seems as though i cant understand what you are saying to me.

  31. Dear lord,
    Am facing a big problem in my academic life,,pls help me overcome it asap. Pls pray 4 me frnds…

  32. God is above all circumstance.I will pray for those in need. May he bless and keep you always.

  33. i am the worse sinner in the world. G-d has given me so much and…i throw it all back at Him. He allowed me to travel to Israel last year and, i had so much strength when i got home. but, i have now lost everything i gained and there is nothing inside me anymore. i am confused… how could i possibly be saved if i do these things continuously? i feel like Jesus and the Holy Spirit have left me because of the things i continue to do. i try to stop sinning, but the dark side is so strong where i live. there seems like no way out for me. i beg and pray for the Holy Spirit to return to me, but…i fear i am lost and now G-d refuses to help me. i think i have destroyed the relationship i once had with Jesus and i can no longer get it back. i am alone in a place where none of my family live…stuck in a job that is certainly not what a Christian would do if they, me, really loved Jesus Christ, and i do…i really honestly do. i beg him to use me in this world, but…i am falling deeper and deeper in sin again and there seems no way out for me. i feel doomed. and it just doesn’t seem fair. why does G-d not want me? i want Him to help me out of this pit. i am willing to give my life to Him, but i am alone in this darkness and there seems to be no way out. i am so afraid He will condemn me and there is nothing that i can do about it. i feel like i want to die so i won’t hurt Him anymore…more than i already have. if He is not going to help me, there is no point in continuing in this miserable life i have created. how can i ask…once again…like i do most every night…to return to me and help me and mean it this time? how can i have what other Christian’s have and control my sins? what have i done to deserve this misery? i did not ask to be borne. i feel neglected and rejected by G-d, and i know this is an aweful thing to say, but why won’t He help someone who truly wants His help? why does He not listen to my prayers and see my tears? i have falled so far away from Him, it is now hard to cry anymore. i have never felt so alone in my life, and there seems to be no end in sight…

  34. God, please heal us all. We have a common problem, issues we try to analyze and cant even begin to grasp. We want to know what’s wrong, we want to heal, and we are afraid to depend on you and criticize ourselves because we know we shoudl obey your Word, but cant seem to apply it for ourselves. At least that is one of my issues.
    we want to own your Word in our hearts, God. Please help speedily. Please heal us. You said where two or more are gathered, there you are. We need to experience you, God. We need to be happy again. We need to have our hearts and minds conformed to Christ. Please give us all of these good things and everything you have for us. Please fill and sustain us with your Holy Spirit. Please infuse your love in our hearts, and give us confidence that we have it. Make us to focus on you, God, and your glory…not on the battle, not on rebuking. Just on you and your love. Secure our identity in Christ, Lord. We are hurting so badly that your Word is not seeping in as it should. we are sorry for every wrong choice we have made, and do NOT want to get in your way. Give us willing spirits and obedience. Empower us to claim our promised land in this world, and look forward with joy to the next. Please heal us, Lord. In Jesus’s Name, Amen. Thank you, Lord. We believe, please root out our unbelief and make us solid in Christ.

  35. Hi all,
    I have read all your posts and I just cried because I didn’t think there was anyone who understands just how I feel inside. I have wonderful parents and a supportive brother but and I am grateful for them because otherwise I would have lost my mind.

    I was engaged to a man that I loved so much. We had problems and we worked them out over the years that we dated. After we got engaged I fell pregnant and he disappeared. Without a word. My son is 7 months old today. He gets sick a lot and I try to be there for him in all ways but its just difficult. What I don’t understand is that I prayed for this relationship from the very start. I asked God to protect me from this man if he would be my downfall. And when we sorted out our issues I thought God was answering my prayers.

    In my culture its looked down upon to have a child before marriage and now I have no friends or anyone with whom to share my pain.

    I know I made some poor choices in my life and I think that maybe God is punishing me for them. I look at my life and I just feel so sad and my heart fills heavy. I have prayed for God to restore my relationship if it is His will and if not, to give me direction but I cant feel or hear Him. I have lost the will to pray and I just exist. I used to wake up every day praying that this would be the day God talked to me, but I gave up hope when I realized that everyday would be the same and would bring the same disappointment.

    I live for my son now. I give him all of me. I never want him to lack anything because his father deserted him. But I am so empty so sad inside. Please pray for me. I am at breaking point and I am questioning if God is really there.

    • God in not punishing you, and you don’t need friends or a man that would desert you in your darkness hour. Your child is a gift to you, and believe me when I say I understand how you are feeling. In my culture it is not acceptable either, but that doesn’t mean you or your child is not loved. You have every right to be hurt, but remember your child needs you to be there for him and they will give you their love in return.

      I will pray for you, and God is there with you, you just might not see him the way you expect. Look at your son and you will find your answers. You have to be the best you can be not only for yourself but for your son. You have to wake up this morning and take it step by step, day by day, and you will see changes. I pray for God to heal your heart and give you the strength to move past your past towards a brighter future. We all sin, make mistakes, and the like but that doesn’t make you a bad person or unworthy. Keep fighting and holding on.

  36. the pain is terrible on the outside and inside . it is a burden I have to carry I deserve it but I am so so so tired….i don’t want to try to be strong anymore when im dying on the inside please god help me

  37. Pls I need Gods favour,in so many.I am always suspecting my boyfriend all the time,nd I work wit my instinct too,I need a job seriously,I need fianical help from.cos he said we shuld ask,it will be given,knck,it shall open,seek,and u shall find. I hav faith in god a lot,is just dat am thinking too much.thnk u.

  38. Hi, I just typed a question in google, asking God that I need to connect to him and saw your page. It took me a minute for the whole thing to sink in. I want you to know that God loves you a lot. Sometimes you think there are a whole lot of problems in your life but believe me, He is looking after you and these problems help you later on. The moment you feel that you cannot handle it any longer, just let go and surrender yourself in your prayers to GOD. Cheer up, there are always people who care and love you. Reach out to them and it will make you feel better. Remember GOD gives help in the form of people, books or any medium that touches our heart. You will know it. Just keep yourself open to all that touches your life. Your life is precious and YOU are wonderful. Lots of love

  39. And I forgot to mention, we all go through these trials and tribulations at some point in our lives. All of us do, believe me. We need to choose the way we wish to respond to the situations. Think casually and choose to overcome the problems. Tell yourself that you are getting out of the feeling of sadness. Tell yourself that you will choose to do the things that makes you feel better, lighter and happier. Do that everyday. It is like an exercise, but it works. Trust me.

    • thank you, i really needed words like yours today. I will choose happiness over sadness everyday:)!

  40. i stumbled on your post today. reading you felt like i was reading myself, and i am truly touched by your words. this was written some time ago, so i deeply pray that you have found your solace under His wing. this night is very hard on me, in particular. i’ve been looking up different key words in google in regards to god’s help. what’s moving is to know that my feelings toward god are justified this my sorrow and need. i sometimes wonder if i would feel more at peace if i did not know god, in the sense that my heart would not feel this type of longing for something that seems so transparant at times. anyhow, thanks for sharing your heart with us, it was very moving for me…


    • the person I am now has changed since i wrote that entry. I have found my peace, but at the same time I am still searching for more. Faith is transparent, so it is hard to grasp. If you have it in you, then you don’t need any other confirmation. Just believe, let go, and trust that God always has your back…because he always does.

  41. GOD please help me in any thing am doing show me the right way in life, i want success in any thing am doing, Ho my GOD i need your forgiveness forgive me in any thing am doing i know am a sinner so GOD please forgive me, let me live with happiness in all my life with my family GOD please wash away all the sorrow in my life and all the sorrow in all my families life (amen) thank you GOD

  42. I ve never expect that in this way also we share our feelings wid GODJI.. really m very thankful to dis blog.. m also having a lot cries, pains, and sadness in my heart.. bt i nvr showed it to ny1.. i meditate daily to god.. and my belief is “”WATEVR GOD DOES HE DOES FOR OUR GUD..SOMETIME WE CAN’T UNDERSTAND HIS DOINGS AND BLAME HIM, FIGHT WID HIM, BUT FINALLY IN FUTURE WE COM TO KNOW IT HAS BEEN DONE FOR OUR BEST.”” So i VE unbreakable faith in GODJI and thats my strength in dis world.. <> thanku my warm thanx to dis blog.. i appreciate the maker of dis.. thanku..

  43. I read this and I felt as if I wrote it. I am 23 years old and I don’t remember if I was ever genuinely happy. I feel as if I’m all alone in this world and that bad things only happen to me. Dear God, all I want is to be happy please give me a chance.

  44. hi i am Ninii Naskidashvili, i am 16 and want to become an actress very very much also i have a great talent but in my county it doesn’t cost so what i can do ??? i need to help somebody me to give one chance,i know ti will be very difficult but i can do everything to reach in my dream i have a big ambition to become an actress, so if you can help me or you know someone who can help me please write me.P.S. i live in Georgia in Gori.

  45. Please God help me become a person worthy of you

  46. dear god, plese help me..i suffering in my life for so many things,i try to live my self from the sadness,pain but i can’t..god is some one who our life rigth ways but my ways are so hard to get me…i want be happy in mylife after this…

  47. dear god, please help to keep my faith during these very difficult times. I know you are there and I know you have a plan sometimes I have such a hard time understanding why you make it so hard for me. Please help Jeff find a job so we can be financially whole. I don’t mind hard work but that doesn’t seem to be enough right now.

    • Dear God, please here the prayer of Chubby and help her Jeff find a job in this crazy economy. Make a way where no way seems able. I pray that you give Chubby comfort and warmth and help hm/her to know that you are ALWAYS there, not to make things hard but to make them easier. Amen Chubby read Jeremiah 29:11.

  48. after reading the very 1st letter…i saw myself….i feel the same way….lost on my road to peace & happiness. Ashamed of some of the things I’ve done and suffer guilt on daily basis. Life has beat me down 4 so long(partly my fault, maybe all) but i lost my faith along the way yrs. ago, became a skeptic to all organized religions and just plain abandoned my faith.Now there is such a void in my life 4 so long that i can only imagine it’s the lack of my lord in my ♥ and as much as i want it back, i just cant figure out how to do it. I find mysel in serious trouble currently and feel tacky about coming to him now 4 help…feel selfish.But i need my faith back in a desperate way…thank you 4 sharing all these letters….a little comforting to know i’m not alone.

    • You are not alone, and it is never too late to let him in. He will take you in no matter what you’ve done, where you’ve been, or the past you have. Repent and let him in.

  49. Hi.. I am also feeling the same thing that has written there. I am Hindu. I am very alone GOD. Please help me. Show me the way where I should go.

  50. After spending a few minutes crying from the depths of my soul, I tried to reach out to God to take some of the pain. I grabbed my phone and wrote “dear God save me.”. Your passage came up and I began to read what so many others have already said, my own feelings of pain and sorrow. While I certainly find no joy in others feeling similar, I have felt a certain sense of peace within me knowing I have not been alone in my darkest hour, although I suppose at the time that was not your motivation in publishing your cry for help. I write now to simply thank u for taking the time to memorialize your feeling and sending them out into the cosmos so that people like me could stumble across them three years later & discover the sense of hope that has been created in the 63 comments that followed.

    • Elle I hope that only did it make you feel less alone, but that we gave you hope that things will get better. They will. Three years later life is so much better. The sorrow and pain I felt back then has faded into nothingness and the same will happen to you. Just breathe and hold on. Life will always bring moments of darkness but the light inside of you is stronger that it could ever hope to be. Stay strong, and give time a chance to heal your wounds.

  51. Dear Lord, God Almighty, Please help me and Kelvin to get out of our financial problem. We surrender our Financial problem into your hands Lord for you to take care of it for us. We ask this all thru Jesus name, amen!

  52. dear God, please help everyone I’ve encountered in my life. i pray that all of us whom are in school pass the big test coming up that determines whether or not we pass to the next grade. God please save us all, in God’s name I pray, amen.

  53. I have lived a very sinful life yet have always been a believer of Jesus Christ ! Only in my last few years have I realized just how much I have sought him and prayed to him but only when the chips were down. How wonderful to know he is always there in any situation ! Praise the Lord for always being there !

    • Our Lord and our God had always cared for us, regardless of our color or our status in soceity. Some rich ones believes they made it themselves, some poor ones believes God is punishing them, some sad ones thinks God is foresaking them, but one thing is sure, God is with us all the time. It is us, we ourselves that thinks otherwise. O most Almighty, most poweful and most loving God thank you Lord, praise you Lord, alleluia, alleluia, alleluia. Thank you for listening to our prayers.

  54. Pllllllllll god help me……………
    i need you ……….
    need to talk with you. i m helpless this tym pl god help me…you know what i want .

  55. I have been stalked by my ex-husband (non-believer) since 1989. He has ruined our children with lies to get to me. He promised in 1990 no matter how long it takes he is going to ruin me. To see the destruction of my boys has destroyed me. I am ruined and I have cried out to God to save us as in Psalms 35, 36, 37………..and 71. Please pray for me. Please pray for my children to overcome and to not listen to the demon who is so charismatic anymore.

  56. Joel Osteen ftw

  57. I know how you feel. You are not alone. I know God is with me all the time and I know that everything happens for a reason. And that reason is God’s will. I believe in him. I trust him with all my heart. I am willing to offer my life to him just like what he did. Whenever I’m depressed, I pray. And I know, I can feel him listening to me. He is my everything. Everything that is happening right now is just a test, so never give up. I always talk to God, and I know he is talking to me too even if I can’t hear him. He whisper through my heart.

    Dear God, please bless and help all those people who is in need of guidance, strength and direction like me. Nothing is impossible with you. So I will never stop believing. Everything will be okay, right? I know everything will. I will love you forever with all my heart.

  58. This prayer fits my life completely… I will repeat this prayer everyday starting now! Thank you sooo much for the encouragment ;)

  59. Have faith stay stong in god will im am healed,Amen

  60. I cried and cried reading your prayer. It could have been written by me, certainly it comes from my heart also. I have held on so long, years and years, and things seem to be so wrong still. I had connected so well at one time with God, KNEW beyond a doubt that He was there, watching and taking care of me, and after I came home from my personal retreat from my daily life I lost him in the daily chaos that is my life. I can’t find His Grace anymore. I pray, I look for answers, I try so hard to do the right things, to be a good person in all ways, taking care of others any chance I get, and although I know I have not been perfect, I have spent my whole life trying to be good enough for everyone else, including God. Somehow that isn’t enough? I cannot do any more – I’ve given it all my best shot.

    Living with the emotional pain is so much harder than the physical pain I had to live with for so many years. I have gotten so down even my body revolts at the food I eat, so that I cannot eat most foods because of their harmful effects. I’ve spent 30 years taking care of a man who does not have a clue how to support me emotionally, he’s been happily married he says (although not in the past few years that we’ve been on edge), but I have not been happy, truly happy, since early on when I realized I was not being honored in our marriage, I am emotionally starved. My Mom died this year, then my only decent sibling killed himself (to which my Dad said Good, now maybe your other brother will do that too – which you can tell he’s not a good Dad), my best friend took a knife to her body and barely was saved, physically, emotionally she’s still struggling too, like me. My in-laws don’t like me because I wrote a suicide letter that told everyone what I was putting up with because I thought they should know why I killed myself, only I was “saved” by my son calling and making me stay on the phone with him until my husband and daughter got home. We were separated but he moved back in to help (really to be there for our daughter finally). I don’t know what to do, leave the relationship – which I got married for life in Christian values (doesn’t God WANT me to stay married?), or continue to stay and wither and die for lack of respect and understanding (to name some of the problems)? And frankly I may not wait around for the wither part. Also, I don’t think I have the energy to leave and start my life all over again, I haven’t even worked outside the home for over 20 years.

    I’ve been to hospitals and doctors, psychiatrists and counselors, quit drinking any alcohol at all, don’t do drugs, don’t smoke, changed my diet and did all the naturopathic helps, read so many books, searched online, prayed so much, and tried so hard to help pull myself up so that God can help me too (I know I have to try, I can’t just lay around waiting on His help, although I have done some of that as well at times). I have prayed for guidance and help to be what He wants me to become, and I do not know how to heal myself of this emotional torment or what to do with my life. I only know that living with this pain day after day is unbearable and literally killing me. I stay functioning because of my two kids, but they are getting older and when my last one goes off to college I think my work is done, if I can make it till then (one more year). I don’t want them to think badly of their Mom for taking herself out, but there comes a time when the pain is just too hard to live with, and when you’ve gone past that point many times, it becomes more and more apparent that trying is rather pointless. I pray that others find the help they need, I’m really getting tired of praying for the help that I need. Thank you for your post though, it is helpful, for some perverse reason, to know that someone else knows your pain, even when you’re so sorry that they do. I’m so glad you found a way to a better life for yourself. Amen to that!

  61. life is brutual- i having financial problems like i never had –one night i came home and try to kill myself with pills I need gods help to make it through this terrible time–in the pass when i was 18 i ran a race in the heat 105 when i finish i passed out and i was in a tunnel of darkness–and in a lot of pain i call out jesus name and the pain stop and i floated up to a light that was healing me—and it was so peace ful i wanted to go there and i couldn’t some one said i wasn’t ready i wished i could of gone because life has been very tough—at times when I have been so desperate I call out jesus name and he does hear you he is our salvation and I am not a holy roller but I do believe in christ he heard me twice and saved me
    jesus does hear your cries asked him he does exist i wish everyone peace
    in their life and happiness god bless everone here
    roller but he hear my crys twice and help me

  62. Thank you author. The pain you feel is shared by many. So many times I find myself frustrated to the point that anger devours my conscieness and I can’t understand why the unjust are allowed to prosper at the expense of the meek. I pray for forgiveness and hope one day I will be delivered from my own instincts.

  63. I have prayed inwardly and begged God all my life for a solution to my problem. Nothing has been solved till this day. It’s been over 25 years in waiting. I have crossed 40 now. I kept waiting painstakingly day after day for a change in my life and it never came. If any small change has even occurred in my life till now, then it has been initiated by me only in some small form. And this is the fact that I can vouch for.

  64. Lord, i need you always. Something inside me is so empty. please please open my heart Lord to you.

  65. I need guide lines Please send info Thank You

  66. Oh the power of God is so great that I felt his presence as I pray just now and know in my heart that I could depend only on God and not on the flesh as he is my physician and strenght in all my troubles and the only redeemer who will give me salvation. Thank tou Lord for being my Rock, Shelter and Strength. I am helpless without you help and with no one to turn to in the world.

    Rochelle said this on the 19th of May 2012.

  67. God pls walked with me,,i donr know what lies ahead in me,..
    pls, me to the right path, with me all the time pls GOD enlighten me,..

  68. I am a 45 yr old male student. I should have many reasons to feel blessed and appreciative. I am healthy (physically fit as well), I have no children of my own, but I do have a dysfunctional but loving and supportive family. As well as a girlfriend (not a very healthy relationship at many levels). I am unemployed and as yet unable to land a decent job to help meet personal and school related expenses. But yet I’m told I should be greatful nonetheless. Most times I somehow muster the energy to keep myself going. But more often than not, I feel listless, bored, unhappy and empty. At times, not very tolerant of much that goes on around me. I’d like to find healthy minded people I can relate to, but no luck yet. I often wish I were surrounded by lovely women…not happening. I feel isolated and so out of sorts in this crazy world. I am a pretty sociable, outgoing guy, but I can’t seem to attract like-minded people, much less attractive women. I feel disconnected from the world and yet I know I must find common ground, as my studies depend on some level of interaction. As you can see, not only the younger people deal with saddness and heartache. But I am relieved and comforted to know that I’m not alone. I accepted Christ as my savior long ago, but I know I’ve become a lukewarm Christian. Lord help me get back on track and be the man I was ment to be in his eyes. I need structure and direction sooo bad. Thanks for sharing and allowing me to share as well.

  69. Upon reading this, couldn’t help but cry. We share the same burden, right now. AllI want is to lay it all to God. And for Jesus to take over my life. I need to be brave, I need God to srengthen me. And I pray that God will send people/instrument for me to surpass all these… I know God will be wth us. We just have to give it all to HIM.

  70. I used to think god was bogus but after Martin left me I felt open-minded to try it. Maybe I was desperate too. But this is real! You restored the love we had for each other. And now he proposed as you promised he would! I am your friend forever and very grateful for all of this. I will come back again, very soon. Contact God via this email and get blessing in him.

  71. Dear God SAVE ME!! I’m in so much pain and confusion that I can’t bear to live anymore. Please HEAL Me as I need your love and attention to help me in these awful times. Please cure my loneliness as I have no one to count on. I don’t even have references to list on my student loan application so I might not get a loan. Please help me Lord and lead me the way. Please pull me out of the wrong path and place me into the right now.

    If my Mommy is in heaven please tell her that I miss her and that I’m sorry for how I behaved. Let her know that I think about her all the time and I pray that she is with you. I pray that my Mommy is happy in heaven and singing songs of praise. Please tell her to forgive me and that I miss her so much. It’s sad to think of it this way but I’m glad she is gone because I couldn’t bear to talk to her anymore because my life was such a mess and she would get so sad and worried about me. I know I caused her a lot of pain and I disrespected her. Please place your hand over my head and cure me Lord as no one else can do it. No one is greater than You Lord. Please take care of my Mommy.

    Lord I miss my Dad so much. Please take care of my Dad as I’m not able to do it. I’m so sad because of the way things turned out in my family. I’m sad that I can’t be around him to make sure that he is ok. I pray and beg you God that you take care of my Dad. He needs so much of his children and sadly we can’t help him due to many reasons. I pray God that you give him comfort, light, salvation, rest, food, shelter, strength, LOVE, guidance, refuge from pain in his body and mind. Please be with my Dad at all times and never leave him by himself. He needs you so much Lord just as I need you. Please whatever happens Lord, do not leave him alone and always be there to comfort him. Hug him with so much love that he will feel rest and peace of mind. The day you take him Lord, please welcome him into your home. Please accept him and forgive him for all that he has done wrong. I pray that he has asked for forgiveness from you and that you have blessed him. Please never let go of him in your mind. I pray that he finds happiness all the time and that he feels your presence. Please I beg of you Lord, take care of my father in ways that we his children have neglected him. Please restore his strength and forgive us for not being around our Dad in his old age. It hurts me so much that I can’t be there for him. Lord you know why I can’t be there. Please forgive me Father for how I have hurt my Dad. For me knowing that he needs my help but I can’t be there for him. Please forgive me for accepting his financial assistance even though he is hurting financially. Please forgive me father and heal me so that I stop taking his money and be on my own. Please help me stand on my own and find the wisdom and strength to find a job so that my Dad can be at peace in his retirement. I want him to rest. Please help me as I get so depressed that I can’t even feed myself sometimes. There are days I can’t even take a shower. There are days that I sleep 12 hrs and I still feel tired. There are days I just want to sleep all day long and not think about anything.

    Please heal my mind Lord as I can’t keep doing what I’m doing. I don’t think it’s pleasing you and I’m worried that I’m disappointing you. Please forgive me father as I continue to sin. My life means nothing to me if I could only be with you and my family forever in the house of the Lord.

    Please God I pray that you help me reunite with my family. I need their love and company so much that I can’t bear to live like this anymore. Give me the confidence, wisdom, and strength to see my family someday before I die. I miss my family so much and I love them dearly. They are my blood and I have been separated from them so long. Please help me Lords as I want to see my sister Claudia so much. I miss my nieces and nephews so much too. What kins d of aunt doesn’t see her nieces and nephews. What kind of aunt just walks away from so much?

    See God how my life is such a mess? Please heal me Lord and bring me closer to you. I keep trying to get close to you but I feel that you’re not paying attention to me. It is just the same as how I am treated in this world. No one loves me and no one pays attention to me. What is to be of my life Lord? How can I change this so that I can be closer to my family. I need my relationships restored with my family. Please don’t let them feel sorry for me. Please open their hearts to forgive me someday and welcome me back into their arms. Find it in their hearts to forgive me and help me to maintain a relationship with them for the rest of my life. I want my family so bad Lord.

    I pray that you find me a husband that will love me unconditionally and will be my family whether we have children or not. If we don’t give birth to children, please help us to adopt a brother and sister so that we can give a loving home to two of your children. If possible, I would like to be in the lives of many children that are in need of a home. A home that will provide love, attention, guidance, and a chance to have a normal life with beautiful memories.

    Please remove all this anger, hurt, confusion, bitterness, resentment, and nonsense that is in my body and mind. Lord remove the evil thoughts that cross my mind. Lord, I pray that you read this letter and reach out to me someday. Call me or text me and let me know that you got this.

    Thank you Lord,

    Love always,


  72. guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life. proverbs 4:23 feeling very lost today….. with no one to talk to about this. found your web page after entering dear god help me become …….. I know there are others with worse problem in this world my prayers are with all. Really like your words it expressed my feelings in so many ways. thank you

  73. I know te this post is very old but it describes how I feel at this very moment. I’m hoping that God will give me an answer soon. Thank you for this prayer.

  74. Thank you. This prayer means everything to me and it did not miss a thing. God Bless all who are looking for their prayers to be answered. Your prayers & miracle will be answered. I should not be here today but only am through a miracle I witnessed. I am waiting for another miracle to happen through this prayer. God bless.

  75. I know how u feel. It’s amazing that regardless of our life experiences, all paths lead to God. To just relax, let go, and feel loved no matter what. It’s only our resistance that keeps us from the transcendent experience of connecting with the love we are all aching for. Do do whatever it is for you that helps you relax. I pet the dog. It’s the first step towards the love and acceptance you are looking for.

  76. Please pray for me. I need all the prayer I can get right now. I am lost, have lost hope.

  77. I am so brave. I have given money to my church even though my bills are due. God will provide for me and my family. God is bigger than my money problems.. Yours to.

  78. So glad I stumbled through your blog!!! I’m so broken down and am seeking for God’s Will onto me…

  79. Beautuful….its defines what i am and what i am seeking…i will read this prayer every night before i go to bed…i know he will be by my side and i shall overcome all this hurt i feel insie withe the lord almighty and devine help.

  80. i write with ALL the sincerity i can muster, and hope you really see the good intentions beyond my hard words, but…
    there are at least 2 things i see devil has taken place inside your words/thoughts/heart, i feel compelled to point out – (please do not think i judge. i am only voicing cos I HATE IT WHEN THE DEVIL TAKES UP SPACE INSIDE OUR HEAD/HEART when these space is not his to begin with..) –
    1) ” I am so scared to show you the darkness inside of me Lord” – DO NOT be scared. God is the LAST PERSON in the WHOLE of this earth we are to be afraid of. Because God is merciful. really. He punishes sins, i know.. but even that He has prepared a path/way for already (sins all forgiven, via Jesus’s death on the cross…)NO. DO NOT be afraid. If i can control your head (of course i cannot) I will insist you DONT be afraid.
    2)”Do you see my tears Lord? I feel selfish crying before you..”
    Ps 56:8 – tears listed on scroll… YES. God see the tears. All of it. in pain, we scream out, shout, cry, we wonder if all the “2006 drops” or 584 drops” of tears are noticed at all, or not… we feel so much pain. we only see our pain… if we can allow some logic, and answers at this point, yes, i do want to answer – the tears are being seen. recorded too. selfish..? PLEASE. do not feel selfish. GOD CARES SO MUCH that our reaction is to cry out to Him…

    please, God. Please let my fellow sibling-in-Christ’s head, heart, peace not be taken up by lies, or untruths, ill-informed or fear… help us, these people, who have their brains be partially taken over by the evil one’s lies… please, God. we are yours. you said you will leave 99 to look for even one – me, who is lost, so please.. dont let the devil take even one SMALL protion of my life/head, heart, please.. dont let our lives/brains be taken up by these lies…

  81. l love this

  82. Dear lord
    im so sorry of my sin. no matter how much i try to be good and stay away from evil , evil follows me. im loosing my mind.when i think that i have made some improvements and better thats when i fall. i want you to know that i love you with all my heart. and i know that not everything that i do pleases you and im sorry lord. please do no take your spirit from me. and restore the joy of salvation please turn and hide your face from my sins… cast me not away from your presence. please lord have mercy on me. help me lord. please dont give up on me just yet. please help me to over come this sin. lord how can i deal with all this teenage hormones? please hear me lord. please help me. you said if your arm causes you to sin cut it off . but i cant cut off the hormones you gave me. how do i control them. i dont want to offend you and make you displeased. i dont want the devil to have contol over me …..please answer me sweet lord. i know you are righteous and u hate sin. help me to be just like you.
    i love you lord and i have faith and hope you will help me .
    from your the apple of your eye.

  83. Hi, I have been through pain and suffering like you. I am so glad you prayed and gave everything to The Lord. For me, writing music about God helps me heal. I wrote a song called “You are my friend” when I was feeling very sad and lonely. I felt much better after writing the music and today it serves as a reminder that God is always there. Recently, I created a YouTube account to share my music. I hope it will make you feel better, too.

  84. Today I am going to do is you have to consider that in
    the future. If taking adiet pill was the magic fix needed to lose weight; you have to think out
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  85. Mine is a PHYSICAL pain that has been destroying my life for 9 years.
    I was once so happy, so full of life & light! The best thing that ever happen was meeting my husband, supporting each other thru grad school & afterwards, having our son, our beautiful angel! But during that pregnancy I could feel something going wrong in my body.. an aching everywhere. But I was happy & still generally healthy so I dismissed it.
    Then a year & 1/2 later we were told I needed to have a hysterectomy. I had been having “female issues” (endometriosis) since I was 14 years old & I had never honestly thought I’d be able to have ANY children so having our son was EVERYTHING to me! I made the pre-operative appointment after the consult & on that day, in August 2003, they told my husband & I that I COULDN’T have the surgery bc I was PREGNANT! We had just made a major cross-country move to be a bit closer to my family & at first we both thought they were joking! But it was NOT a joke – I was with child! I was so happy I was walking on air despite the stress of new jobs, new city, new EVERYTHING & our son was 1.5 yrs old, so adorable, walking & “jabbering” all around!
    It was not long before I began to experience the same “aches & pains” that I did in my first pregnancy but this time is was magnified x 10 & along w it I felt extreme fatigue, sadness, and the normal exhaustion a pregnant woman feels whilst raising a baby & working full-time. I pushed thru the pain & fatigue, thinking it was just normal & when I brought it up to my new OB/GYN he said I had a “textbook” pregnancy, that I was “fine”. Thus… I continued to ignore my new strange symptoms – numbness in my hands & feet; aching everywhere – in every muscle, joint, ..every little spot felt like excruciating pain! By now I was nearly full-term, having spent my pregnancy in a new city & we had bought a home too far out of town thus it was DOUBLE the stress bc it snowed heavily & there were times I barely made it home to our house on a mountain due to horribly unpredictable weather. One time we lost power due to a storm that dropped 3 feet plus ice so thick it was like rock! My husband couldn’t make it home & I spent the night freezing to death, huddled under covers w our 2 year-old, dog & cat! I thought we might die as we had no secondary heating system & I was too pregnant to try to go find wood outside (plus I couldn’t leave my son) & it was 30 below zero, the coldest I had ever experienced in my life – up until that point. When the power re-started after 24 hours I had never been so grateful!
    My odd symptoms continued after our daughter was born in April. But now I had 2 babies to care for in addition to working full-time! I was essentially the “bread-winner” as a Pharmacist since my husband, a Professor, had to slowly move up the “ranks”. He made about 1/3 of what I brought home & thus my income was essential.
    Stress from my job & having 2 babies & having my body not feel right (inside I knew something was very wrong but the doctor ignored my complaints) began to show; I was short-tempered & cried a lot at home, though my husband never said anything. Looking back, I don’t think he understood the “magnitude” of my symptoms! I tried to hide them from him too bc he was very stressed about his own job.
    Thus.. a good year later I realized that my symptoms of “everywhere pain” & severe fatigue were not improving; in fact, they were WORSENING!
    Long story made short: 2 yrs later I was diagnosed (finally!) with Lupus & had a “name” for my disease though no effective treatment at all! I had to quit my job bc I could no longer stand for that many hours, my husband was more stressed & angry as could be & I felt like a total failure.
    Now it’s 7 yrs later & another major move. We have learned to live without my income… Though it nearly cost us our marriage. I am far worse than I have ever been. No medications seem to help the extreme pain & inflammation from Lupus. Every single day is a HUGE STRUGGLE for me to get out of bed!
    I’ve gained 70 lbs fro being unable to DO anything; I have tried every medication out there for Lupus or RA & nothing works!
    I am now at the lowest I have EVER been. The specialists want to test me for Multiple Sclerosis since my symptoms have come to show I may have that as well.
    I’m more depressed than i have EVER been! The only reason I continue to fight this every day is bc of our children, now 9 & 11 years old. Without them, I have NO PURPOSE in life!
    Every time I read the paper or watch news it’s all HORRIBLE! It seems the world has turned more evil every day & all I can do is TRY to shield our children from the horror of it all.
    Pain is so bad i cannot walk unassisted & I am still young (43 tomorrow)!
    I am afraid for what tomorrow will bring but I continue on bc what CHOICE do any of us have???
    The past 3 wks have been a medical nightmare – heart specialists since the lupus has begun attacking my heart & thus it’s developed an “arrhythmia”, or irregular heart beat. Medical bills have piled up to 40-50k dollars!i was DENIED by Medical Disability every time I’ve applied even though I worked for 20 years to EARN the disability! I cannot even keep track of it anymore! It makes my physically sick to my stomach to think @it all.
    I’m so depressed that I feel like I can’t move forward. I wake up & think “I cannot DO this again”! But we have children that are dependent upon me so I NEED TO somehow keep going!
    I picked up my bible last night & I read it for hours. I understand all the teachings but I have a difficult time applying it to MY LIFE!
    I’ve read about how there will be no disease, no “sickness” in HEAVAN & I catch myself wishing I were there NOW just to ESCAPE this physical pain that has become my everyday companion, but I LOVE my husband & children & do not want to leave them!
    Children NEED A MOTHER, even one that is very ill & has no “quality of life”!
    Dear God, HELP ME!! I cannot get through this WITHOUT YOU!

  86. I found your prayer online it says exactly as I feel at the moment, I feel as though my life as spun out of control, I have let my family down but most of all my Lord. I cant shake this terrible feeling. I pray I wish I had more faith as he as helped me through some very tough times and brought me through them. Please dear Lord give me faith.

  87. Dear God:
    I’m sitting here Lord crying out for you to hear my heart and respond to me Lord. I don’t know what is wrong with me Lord, but your the only one that can help me. I’m suffering so much inside, there is so much pain inside of me Lord and I don’t know how to let go of it Lord. I don’t know how I developed so much sadness inside of my soul but Lord please help me. God mere help kareenge?

  88. This…just feels like everything I feel and have felt, everything you put down every single bit. it’s like Im the one who wrote it, this has helped me.
    I cried while reading this out praying to God, cried my heart out,my mind feels so much better.I kept trying and trying and tried all the positive things but just kept failing but now I have the strength to push on. I strayed from God for so long but never again. Life is beautiful , Im going to be positive and learn to fully love and accept myself with the help of God and everything else
    So thank you very very much!!!

  89. Dear jesus I come before you I kno I have been going true a lot but god only you can love n comfort me this way ppl be treating me bad n walking out my life god I have no1 to help me lord what did I do so wrong god forgive me for my sin make me a better person of u oh lord help other who has been feeling this way too love protect me only you can do that cause you seeing what I can’t in jesus name amen!!!!!!!!

  90. God bless all of the individuals on this site. it is so helpful to know we are not alone, and even if we cannot hear God, he can hear us. It helps to look for the good in each day, even small moments of it – they are there. Sometimes our own gloom clouds the light, but the light is always there. So easy to say when we feel drowned in sadness, but even that feeling does not destroy the light of God. Sometimes we try too hard, and it may really help to step back, if we can, and let God do his job. He does want to help us. So, the blessings of God be with everyone on this site, and every good wish for finding your way into God’s light.

  91. The letter to God is touching. Know that the devil has poison the mind to think this way. You are worthy of God’s time the moment you where put on this earth. God can give you the power to change that thought. Don’t let the devil trick you into thinking that you are not worthy. The devil’s job is for us to feel worthless, confuse, lost and sad, but don’t let the devil do that to you. You don’t have to find a solution to fix the relationship you want with God. God already did that for you, when Jesus died on the cross for our sins. The devil don’t want you to know that. Just ask for a closer relationship with the Father everyday, and a higher understanding. People don’t know that the devil has no power over us, unless we allow him too. Know that you belong to God, and nothing can’t take that away from you.

    Father who are in heaven, I pray that You would flee the devil away from this person, and they not control by the devil. Father I pray that Your power of love surrounds this person that the devil cannot confuse them and harm them. Give them Your power to see the light and that it is their’s. In Jesus name, Amen.

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