About me…

You could say that I am an unwritten story waiting for the right pen….but I am many things like a…

Contact: tsunamiblues (at )gmail (dot) com





-Loyal friend





-Artist of words

-Asian Drama Addict

-Music Lover













-Inner shyness


-My own worse enemy









-A question without answers
-More than: meets the eyes, written words, spoken thoughts

-and so many other things that you’ll just have to wait and see!!!^_________^

This blog will be about:

Everything and anything I end up talking about, there are no limitations to what I will end up blogging

There will be stuff for sure about:



-Asian Dramas

-TV Shows




-Life in general

-Personal issues

***So feel free to look around my site…and leave me comments letting me hear your thoughts…it won’t be any fun if I’m doing all the talking!!!^____^

Be A Light In The Dark

The Hope Notes Project

35 Responses to “About me…”

  1. Under things that “will be stuff for sure about:” you forgot something, “my amazing friend amanda” hehe jk

  2. lol…there will of course be stuff about you, since you are a part of my life!!! Your my chinguu(Korean for friend)

  3. n a personality strikingly like mine..add that too. lol!

  4. Lol…you have a complicated personality too? lol

  5. hola… chinguu!!

    can u give me some good but short friendship quotes??

    thank you~~

  6. Sure yumyummi….here is one “Friendship doubles your joys, and divides your sorrows.”

    Will email you some!!

  7. WOW! ur descriptio of urself.. is 98% lyk mine of myself// evn sum ppl wud name me demm ¬¬..

  8. good

  9. I loved your story about your husband, the software engineer, not picking the flower for you. I cried my eyes out. It is so me and my husband and our relationship. I shared the story with my husband. At the risk of sounding dramatic – I think it may have saved our marriage. THANK YOU!!

  10. The story is not my story but another person’s that I found, I am glad that it was able to help you.
    Best of luck

  11. i admire you and your website .. i’m really speechless cuz what you are doing here girl is just a great job .. i just wish god to save your soul and heart .. btw .. ur website made my tears fall down .. keep up the good work .. kisses

  12. I enjoyed your site so much! It´s really a pleasure to meet you….. I found it after watching Pride and Prejudice, and here I am…. sharing your overwhelming caused by the scene in the greek temple… Congratulations on the site!

  13. thanks

  14. an empty soul awaits being fed by your word here. please write more …

  15. What if my feelings are just situational, and not medical at all, and just have to do with the fact that I really need to make a change in my life? If I treat the symptoms am I just avoiding what my heart is so desperately trying to tell me?

  16. Just_had tobe said I am not sure what you are asking me. There are a lot if things that happen to be people that cannot be solved in a medical manner. Like with me it is something that needs to be fixed within my heart and mind. I have to put the broken pieces back into place and so do you.

  17. I think your writings are great, you are good with words.
    I bookmarked your blog.

  18. Thank you

  19. Yeah. I love your blog. Keep on writing!!!! Godbless

  20. I just adore to read your blog. I can feel myself in it and its so amazing hows everything is so deep and beautiful. All your words and your thoughts is so perfect. i wish i can write like you.

  21. H, thank you for the kind words, it was a lovely way to start my morning. Writing is the only way I can shed my feelings, and if what I say can help, touch, or inspire someone, even better.

  22. I just wanted to let you know that your writings have really helped me. I stumbled across your blog looking for some prayers to get me through today. I am going through a very difficult time in my life, and your prayers have spoken to me so loudly. I don’t know if you are still in that place in your life, but please know that every single word that you wrote is something I can relate to at this moment in my life. You are not alone and I hope that both you and I can find the strength, faith, and courage to get through this. I wish you the best and will be praying for you.

  23. Thank you T for the kind words…I don’t think being in that place truly ever ends. What changes is our outlook, courage, and choices. Like you have said I am not alone and neither are you. I feel honored to know that my life…my writings can help someone else get through the day.

    I pray that God heal every inch of you from the inside out. I pray that you wake up one morning and find the light to guide you where you need to go. I pray that God brings people into your life that will uplift you, strengthen you, and support you and you pick yourself up.

  24. love love love…

  25. I am just wondering how you are doing now-a-days? From a soul that has seemed to be searching WAY TOO LONG. Does it ever make sense? gb

  26. ‘m doing good, I haven’t found anyone yet, but I am learning more about my own happiness. I want to live this life…my life for me and we’ll just have to see how those other paths cross mine.

  27. ~~~~~ This site to me feels like “My Friendship Garden”~~~~~
    The Beauty of Friendship, like the Beauty of Flowers, is very hard to describe in words. There are many kinds of friends… just as there are lots of different flowers, and yet each has it’s own unique beauty to offer. “May All The Flowers In Your Life Continue To Flourish And Grow!!! “May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers”.

  28. wow i learn many things from your posts and your story
    you are rare in these world
    i hope to be one of your friends

  29. thank you i hope my story helps you as you create yours:)

  30. Wow
    thought I was reading about myself there for a few.

  31. Just scanning through the website and thought “maybe this is a site i could actually blog about”, checked out the “about me” and i’m telling you… i will be reading much more!

  32. I come to see ur blog several times, but this is my first time to write comment. I visit this ‘about me’ page with the expectation to find ur name, but I found more than that. Keep writing and I keep being ur & ur blog’s fan .. ^^, thanks..

  33. Your website… is like a melo drama in words … but its different to your average drama movie. This is something anyone and everyone can relate to, this is not just a synopsis for a movie or more importantly, a fake characters words within a movie. You, a person in the real world, who has experienced the constolations and variables of reality, demonstrates to the rest of us people who want this one thing.. “love”.

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