About Me: Music Taste…

Let’s start off with my number 1 band, *drumroll*…..


1) The Scientist

2) Life in Technicolor

3) Warning Sign

4) Fix You

5) Yellow

6) Amsterdam

7) Swallowed In The Sea

…..I love anything and everything by Coldplay:)

One Republic

1) Apologize (Loved it before it became popular)

2) Goodbye Apathy

3) Dreamin Out Loud

The Killers

1) Smile Like You Mean It

2) Human

3) Goodnight, Travel Well

The All-American Rejects

1) The Last Song

2) Dance Inside

3) Breakin

Jimmy Eat World

1) 23

2) Kill

3) May Angels Lead You In

4) Drugs or Me


1) Wires

Jason Mraz

1) I’m Yours

2) Plane

Bloc Party

1) Compliments

2) Plans

Blink 182

1) Adam

2) I Miss You

Mat Kearney

1) Bullet

2) Won’t Back Down

3) Chicago

Dashboard Confessional

1) Vindicated

2) Hands Down

3) Stolen

3) Widow’s Peak

4) Shade Of Poison Trees


1) Missing

3) Bring Me To Life

4) Anywhere


1) Far Away

2) Save Me

3) Gotta Be Somebody

4) Hero

Linkin Park

1) Crawling

2) Pushing Me Away

3) Shadow Of The Day

4) My December

Modest Mouse

1) Little Motel

2) Dashboard

3) Float On

Snow Patrol

1) Make This Go On Forever

2) Open Your Eyes

3) You Could Be Happy

4) Chasing Cars

5) Set The Fire To The Third Bar


1) Crystal Ball

2) Hamburg Song

3) You’re Eyes Open

The Used

1) The Taste Of Ink

2) I Caught Fire

The Script

1) We Cry

2) Before The Worst

3) Fall For Anything

I love alternative rock bands…as you can see:)

What are your Top Bands/Songs?

Be A Light In The Dark

The Hope Notes Project


4 Responses to “About Me: Music Taste…”

  1. i swear to God this is like reading a blog made by me only that “me” seems to be like, from a parallel universe blogging somewhere i dont know. first i read ur blog entries about your life and sadness and shit, and i must say its really as if hearing my inner soul talking to me and pointing out all my flaws. and now i find this. you even like alternative bands! you really must be my alter ego version from a parallel universe or something. im in love with alternative rock songs! although your list isn’t that great, i must say, nevertheless you got some great bands there. on a deeper note, i wonder if you’ve figured out any of the things bothering you, coz its bothering me too and i sure could use an uplift from my hell hole. hope to hear from you soon.

    • For me I think that we all go through “growing pains” some more intense than others and that is what I am going through. I tend to think and over think every aspect of my life and not only does it give me headaches it makes me stressed and never able to relax. I think it really comes down to getting to know yourself. That might sound weird since you are you and you “should know” who you are but you don’t always do.

      I am trying my hardest to let go (which is easier said than done) of any preconceived notions of who I am and just begin to explore and mold myself into who I want to be and what I want in my life. It all comes down to my happiness. What will make me happy and feel good about myself and my life. Each day and ever experience teaches me something and then I have a choice to decide what to do with that lesson.

      It won’t be easy and some days will suck but overall you should start to feel better about yourself. My motto is one day at a time, one step at a time going at my own pace.

  2. wow this is crazy seeing someone i dont even know express everything i cant. and seeing just how many people feel the same way it really makes you feel less alone so thank you. Had to add to your song list the best song ever written- 7 Mary Three “Lucky” with honorable mention to Safetysuit. anyway you should write some books dude. im sure you have touched more people than youll ever know. as someone else put it you’re a parallel me. damn i need an email.

    • I have just started to listen to Safetysuit and am so sad I didn’t know about them sooner. That is the sad thing so much amazing music out there and not enough time to enjoy it all. Thank you, and as long as my blog helps others I am happy. I don’t want anyone to feel alone when they don’t have to. We are never alone, if only one person in this world is there beside us we are still blessed. I will check out the song you mentioned.

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