“Fate is building a…

bridge of chance for someone you love.”

That quote is a very dear quote from the Korean movie My Sassy Girl , a movie about letting go of love and rediscovering it. A movie, that reminds me that the person who can mend your heart is the person you least expect. A story about how if your meant to be together, fate will create chances for you through the people you love.

I will admit that I am a hopeless romantic and dreamer. I believe that love can conquer it all, and that it can overcome anything and everything. I believe that love must be honest, sincere, kind, and unconditional for it to be true love. I know in this world we live in we see so many bad things, and we see so many abuses of love. But no matter what I still think that love is the greatest emotion and gift that God gave us. Love creates dreams, gives hope, overcomes obstacles, mends hearts, heals wounds, and gives us miracles when it is at its best. I don’t just mean love between lovers, I say this for all types of love. Because love can exist among family, friends, strangers, lovers, and so on. Love itself has no limitations or boundaries. It is humanity that binds it to conformity.

I have been thinking about my own life, and the love in it, and the love missing from it. Like for me I don’t have the love of a father, or a lover. I have my mother, my siblings, my friends, and my family but selfishly that is not enough for me. Sometimes I look out at the world around me, and the people around me and doubt that there is someone in this world that is the person who will love me unconditionally. Who will love my mind, my body, my soul, and my dreams. Sometimes I get scared that I will end up all alone or worse marry someone who I don’t really love, or who doesn’t really love me. I don’t think I can fully understand what it means to love someone until I meet love, but what scares me is not knowing what it is to love and be loved beforehand.

I am and always have been a planner, I set goals, and try and meet them. I like order and for things to be where they should be. So sometimes I get scared that I will fail at love, because I will expect too much from it, or I will think it is something that it is not. I don’t really know how to explain it, my heart trembles at the thought of not meeting my love, and living a half life. Because I believe that God did not make me to live alone and to spend my days as just me, myself, and I.

I know that I am still young and that I have time to figure this out, and to experience it, but what if the time I think I have doesn’t really exist. Tomorrow is promised to none of us, so how can I say I have all the time in the world to learn about love? By now I must be driving you crazy with this jumble of thoughts, but honestly I wish I could open up my head and my heart so I could better explain myself. Most of the time I don’t even understand myself.

I’m scared that I’ll miss out on love, the kind of love that last  beyond my lifetime. The kind of love that seeps into your children, and makes them dream of truly unconditional love. The kind of love that sticks with you when you wake up in the morning, stays with you all day, and is still there when you go to sleep each night. The kind of love that is the foundation to a strong marriage, and a good home. The kind of love that keeps you warm on a cold night, and washes away your fears.

I have been waiting for this kind of love since I can remember, I haven’t done anything with anyone because I wanted it to be with that one person, the person I could give everything to and know he’ll cherish, protect, and love all of me. People talk of fate and destiny when it comes to love, and I do believe that God has a person for all of us. I ask myself though, what if the person that God chose to be with you left this world already? What if the person God chose for you, chose someone else to love? What if destiny plays a cruel joke on you? It’s the cynic in me, that brings up these points. I want so much to believe in the beauty of love, but too many times have I seen the ugliness of it.

Why is it that everything that can be beautiful, can also be ugly? I guess what I am trying to say is that I hope that one day soon I will find my partner, because love and marriage should be a partnership. I pray that one day I will open my eyes and see my fate laying next to me. I hope one day I will have someone who takes away my loneliness and my sorrow. I hope that I have the courage to face love with bravery and honesty. I hope that it is more happiness than sadness. I pray that I love deeply, and with no restraints. I pray that I will find that one person to build dreams with. That one person that gets me the way no one else does. Why is it that a girl who wants to love so much, and to be loved in return hasn’t even had a glimpse of it? Sometimes I worry that I am not worthy of love.

More than anything in this life that I only get once, I want to love with all my heart, and to know what it feels like to be in love. I mean deep, soul stopping love. The kind of love that sees beyond color, culture, age, prejudices, or anything like that. I want to close my eyes and know that if tonight was my last night, I will not be sad because although I do not get to love as long as some, I still found love, had love, and no matter where I go that feeling will be carried within me always.

Do I seem like I want to much? Is it selfish or ignorant of me to want this? Even if it is, I still want it, I still need him. Sometimes I dream of who he is, what his life is like, and if he also is feeling this way. Waiting can be so tiring, but what is worse is knowing that waiting is the only thing you can do. Living life sometimes is very tiring, wondering if today will be the day when things change, when things get better, when love opens its door to you, and lets you in.

Soon I’ll close my eyes, and when I wake up things will still be the same. How much longer must I wait is the question I keep asking, and still I have no answer. I hope that we all get to feel what it is to be in love with another person, and for them to feel it too.

Be A Light In The Dark

The Hope Notes Project

~ by tsunamiblues on June 20, 2007.

27 Responses to ““Fate is building a…”

  1. You don’t know me and I don’t know you. I just recently watched My Sassy Girl again, I had seen it many years ago but I went into emo mode and watched the notebook and sassy girl.

    I wanted to tell my female friend about the quote from the movie which you so willingly used here.

    I must say after browsing around your site you seem like a very intelligent and good person. Very rare that I see people like that anymore.

    Anyway you have a lovely site here, keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you for your kind words, those two movies that you mentioned are classic tales in my heart. They show us all that love can be many things, and in its truest form it can be a healer.

  3. This is a wonderful entry.
    I recently wrote a little something about love, and I too, am a cynical optimistic hopeful realist dreamer, if I may say so myself. And I hate the fact that I feel like I don’t have enough experience in me to determine what love is in my definition yet.

    But I saw this movie today, and it is lovely. That is my favorite quote. :)

    And trust me, you will find someone. I have this sort of long distance relationship, and it only proves that there are the most wonderful, sweet, caring and loving people out there in the world, you just have to have patience, hope and faith. :D

  4. I just came across your page doing a search online..and what you have described here is EXACTLY to the point of where I am in my life..Thank you for putting it all down in such graceful ways..

  5. no thanks needed, glad that it was able to convey your feelings with my words!!

  6. When I was 18, I met a Japanese girl. We dated for about a year and half before she had to leave for Japan. 1.5 years seem short for some of you but it was the longest and upmost serious relationship I’ve had during that time. We spent everyday together and I really thought she was the one for me.

    9 days after she left for Japan, she called it quits and I was heartbroke for 6 months. I then dated a bunch of girls here and there nothing serious until 2001. I met a Korean girl who was the most innocent girl I’ve met. She was mellow and kind. I had always been a hot temper kind of guy until I met her. She changed my world and I thought I couldn’t find anyone better than the love I lost when I was 19. I have been dating this Korean girl for 6.5 years now and I’ll tell ya; sometimes you think true love doesn’t exist, it does. and the love I had for my first serious relationship is nothing compared to what I current have.

    I had lost faith in love at 19, but found it again at age 23. Now that I am almost 30. I can say, I am one lucky guy.

  7. It was nice hearing your story Jeremy, an I know others out there are lost when it comes to love. I know I am, and your story made me feel better. Thanks for sharing an may you two have many more years to come.

  8. I hope to dwell in some of your insight in life. Hopefully i can learn something from your experiences and insights in life. Keep up the great work!

  9. Greetings Comrade.

    Even Communists longs for love *hehehhehe* ^_^ Everyone does. Even the people you least expect, consciously or unconsciously, looks for love. So what is Love anyway, why are we looking for it? And how do we Find it, how do we know if its there, or if it has already pass?

    In the University form which I am studying, I had this friend, a very smart and confused person. We knew each other, a bit, for she was my first friend in the University. We kept seeing each other all day, not that it was romantic, but we were forced to hang out with each other because we were classmates, and she really had no other choice because I was the only one whom she could relate with, at first.
    She was nice but not in the way we usually see in the movies. Her attitude was quite similar with the girl on the movie “My Sassy Girl”, and I on the other hand, was the average type. I was not the overall looser type but sometimes I do goof off a lot. We had our occasional misunderstandings, in fact, we do not share the same political ideology.
    But there was something in me, I don’t know about her, that always kept me with her. Though sometimes I feel that our friendship wasn’t that strong because it was simply conceptualize due to the fact that we were classmates. On the other hand It felt for me as if She completed me with her occasional contradictions and sometimes with her “unfunny” jokes.
    To make the long story short we stopped seeing each other at around the final half of the second semester of our first year. I became busy with my party politics, she on the other hand, made new friends. By the summer of 2007 we stopped communicating, on our second year, we stopped talking to each other. And then the rest is history…

    What is the moral of my story? Well first, it has none because it was awfully written. Second assuming wrong things may be painful in the end. Third never hit on your classmate, girls don’t usually like that.

    On the other hand I have my personal notes on my story. First I was a bit thankful that I met my friend, although as of now we weren’t meant for each other in the romantic sense of the word. Second, Ive learned that you shouldn’t let destiny do all the work for you, because destiny sucks and his a slacker. Third, you will always know when love comes knocking on your door, its human instinct pal, as much as possible open the door even before it starts to knock. And In case love decides to walk out on you because you forgot how to operate the door knob, then bang the door open and chase after that love, you’ll never know when it will return, and usually it won’t.

  10. I have been feeling this exact same way for years now & just did not know how to express it. Thankyou! You have took the words right out of my mouth, the thoughts out of my head & now I know there are others just like me. What a relief!

  11. this was beautiful….

  12. First i want to thank you Father God for giving you such a wonderful writing talent. I have been feeling the exact same thing and for you to write about it is just a gift. Now i know i am not the only one whose afraid that i don’t deserve to be loved. Thank you so much.
    Second i really love your blog. thank you and keep up the good work. hope you will continue to write and inspire others to just be who they want to be, love those who deserve it and live life to the best way you can. Like you said, tomorrow is not promised for anyone so how much tile have we already wasted. Thank you again.

  13. Joann thank you for your kind words, they made me smile.

  14. Like many, I bumped into your site searching “My Sassy Girl (original version)” because I LOVE that movie. As soon as I clicked on your link, I was surprised to see it was a friendster blog and we have the same customized look, what’s even creepier is the fact that you almost sound like me. Does it make sense to say, I found comfort in the fact that there are people out there who know exactly how you feel even if they are complete strangers? Anyway…I guess I’m one of those. Keep on writing :)

  15. It makes a lot of sense to say you find comfort in the words of a stranger. It is like when I listen to a song or hear a quote that makes me feel like that person understood me even if I don’t actually know them. I’m glad you enjoyed the blog…and I’ll keep writing in the hopes of others finding comfort in my words.

  16. My gf and I recently broke up, but if there is one thing I took out from the relationship then it would be love is precious and delicate. I hope and pray you one day find your love. Love is like glass, protect it and don’t test it.

    I almost cried when I read this post by you. There was surge of emotion, wanting to reached out to my ex gf. Fate can only take you so far, rest of it is up to you. Good luck!

  17. I just watched My Sassy Girl and that line resonates with me. I am going through a messy divorce after spending half of my life with someone. It is terrifying to be single again, to be alone. But I must have hope, that shrouded in the mist of time, there is someone else out there to walk the path of life with me. Fate is building a bridge of chance for someone you love.

    • Hope is a powerful emotion that can get you through anything. Stay strong and just know that after this storm has passed you will come out even stronger and make sure you live your life the way you imagine it.

    • Hope is a powerful emotion that can get you through anything. Stay strong and just know that after this storm has passed you will come out even stronger and make sure you live your life the way you imagine it.

  18. Somewhere there’s someone who dreams of your smile,
    And finds in your presence that life is worth while,
    So when you are lonely, remember it’s true:
    Somebody, somewhere is thinking of you.


  19. Wow…is all I can say at this point and time! I just accidentally came across your page by googling “romantic fate” and feel blessed to come upon your writings. What brilliance and honesty. Your words are beautiful and thought provoking.
    I have never written a comment on a random web page but felt inspired to do so right now. I now see that I have hours upon hours of reading. Thank you for inspiring my thoughts/senses/emotions.

    • Thank you RoseAnn for the sweet words, if my writing helped to inspire you, I couldn’t ask for more. I hope it helped a little to find what you were searching for:)

  20. I love it. u made me cry I love love I wish that one day ill have it…

  21. I have read your story and it’s really make want to keep crying because what you feel about love is really same with me…i think i’am the only person who think like this, but today i know that there’s other people outside who feel it too…Thank for your wonderful word that i even can’t create it for a long time to confide my heart feeling…

  22. Hey!
    First of all a heart-warming writing,really. I was thinking whether to respond at this point in time,as it has been so many years ago,but I found it necessary to share something with you and to encourage you. I know that it seems as if there is no true love left anymore,but there is! I hope you keep on dreaming,but only nice dreams of your future love,do not dread that you will never find him,keep believing you will! I wanted to share my story to help you. When I was 14, I was running late for home and I bumped into this smiling boy,I immediately said I was sorry,but that i had to go and all he ever did was just look at me and smile. I thought I would never see him again,but then I went to my cousin’s one day and there he was! He was his cousin as well. He was from another country all together,and he only came to my city for the summer.But what a lovely summer it was.We instantly took to each other and at the end got together,but he had to leave…We wouldn’t see each other for months,even a year. What would a teenager know about real love at such distance…We wrote messages to each other every day…but then it stopped.I had a boy afterwards, but it was nothing like what I felt for him. I thought he wouldn’t come for the summer next year,but he did…I broke up with my boyfriend in the meantime,as all I could think was him. When we met, he told me that he tried to find others as well,but it didn’t work out,that he had been thinking about me all the time.Oh just how happy I was to hear that,we got back together that day,and what I have with him,today 9 years later,is exactly what you described, I believe he is really another part of myself in this world…It is hard,as we live so far from each other,but it gets easier by the year, because I know soon enough we will be together forever,with no need for goodbyes,and trains,and buses…I hope you will find your other part as well!He is looking for you too,I am sure, and when you meet,you will know it!

    Best of luck :)

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