My Moon…


You were like the sun to me

Brightening up my days

Making me smile

Giving me warmth

A light to guide me home

Now you and I are nothing

That chapter in my life has closed

Unable to ever be opened again

It’s sad that this is the ending

Between two people who were once friends

I loved you wholeheartedly and sincerely

But I cannot keep loving you

I’ve broken the ties that bound us

Now we have nothing between us

I can finally breathe again

I can truly let go of you

My love, I am moving on

My sun has left my life

Next time, I will look for my moon

Someone who will brighten the darkness

In the hours that I need it most

A person who sits amongst the stars

That shine through my nights

That person who isn’t afraid to come

Into the shadows and heal my wounds

Who sees into the darkness and finds my light

Someone who will love my good and my bad

I deserve to be loved by a wonderful man

Next time, I won’t hesitate or be afraid to love

A Moon man who can calm my nightmares

Who can guide my way home, even in the dark

Shining down on me in my darkest hours

Unafraid of what the shadows hide

Peeling back my layers one by one

That sort of person, that kind of love


Be A Light In The Dark

The Hope Notes Project

~ by tsunamiblues on May 6, 2010.

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