A Dark Place

I sit here in my dark room, unable to forget about you.

You took something precious away from me.

The love I finally was able to give freely, you cast away.

Now I am broken in a secret place and it doesn’t seem to be healing.

How I wish I could just forget about you, and let go of all the past

A place of memories of you and me, of reasons why this love came to be.

I’m trying so hard not to hate you, fighting to stay strong.

You are the first person  have ever loved, and you and I will never be.

It feels like we still have unfinished business between us.

You broke my heart when you threw my love away, like it was nothing.

Even then, you are still the one I love, the one I want to be with.

I still wonder about you, think about you, wish to be with you.

It hurts feeling this way, when I know you don’t even think about me.

Love is a painful and foolish feeling, and yet I can’t stop loving you.

At least not yet, I know one day I will have let you go completely.

But for now you still are the person in my heart, you are still my love.

I keep shedding tears because of your silence, and my eyes are tired.

I miss you, and wish so badly to have you in my life.

I know that will never be, that this love isn’t meant to be.

Even then, I can’t seem to forget about you.

I can’t seem to find freedom from this shattered love.

The wound you gave my heart is deep and painful.

I’m in a dark place because of your selfish silence.

My mind wants to let you go, but my heart is still holding on to you.

It’s tiring feeling this way all by myself.

You hurt me, you hurt me badly, and you don’t even know it.

Maybe you do, and just don’t care.

Either way, I will never know your side when you only give me silence.

I’ll never forget you, because you are my first love.

The first person I wanted to be with.

I know you won’t be the last.

I just hope the next love doesn’t leave me broken.

I hope next time I can love and be loved in return.

~ by tsunamiblues on March 29, 2010.

One Response to “A Dark Place”

  1. Hey tsunamiblues!! U are posting some great words….it helps to ease out by reading these.

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