Your Important Person…

That one person you can go to for anything and everything. The person who knows you best. Sees you at your worst, and loves you still. The person you can be yourself with and it is always comfortable. The person you would die for, live for, sacrifice for, do anything for. The person who make you heart smile when they are near. The person you chose to be with. The person you love. The friend you love.

Who is your important person?

Are you their important person?

If you are like me and don’t have an important person and are not someone’s important person, don’t give up, and don’t be defeated. Sometimes they are right under our noses but we don’t see them, and most often we haven’t met them yet. Everyone deserves to be someone’s important person, and to have your  important person beside you.




~ by tsunamiblues on December 13, 2009.

8 Responses to “Your Important Person…”

  1. Hello Ms. Tsunamiblues, it has been a while since i checked your little site out but I always find my way here at random points of time.

    I have much love for your articles and I really wish the best for you.

    Like you, I agree everyone deserves to be someone’s important person and to have their important person beside them.

    I know how powerful the happiness of such a scenario can be, and really wish that everyone on this planet got to feel such warmth.

    I had that important person, and for a time I was her important person as well, but sadly things seem to have fallen apart. It’s pretty agonizing and I don’t really know if I can recover from it, but reading your articles reminds me that we all have struggles, and we have to keep picking ourselves up. Though I will admit, while rationally I can understand that I need to get back up from this and move forward, I feel like my emotions have been blunted and am really concerned about whether I have the capacity to be happy anymore.

    Anyway I don’t want to be too much of a downer, I wish you happy holidays and hope that you get introduced to your important person soon.

    • Hello Robert…I’m sorry to hear that but like you said we have to pick ourselves back up and keep on going. Your happiness is something you deserve to experience so don’t give up, and remember that time can soothe all wounds. Right now it might feel like there is nothing worth bothering with, but each day, and each step you take towards something/ someone new will lessen the pain you feel now. Go at your own pace, one step at a time, and you will see that you are stronger than you think. You will find your important person, the one that will stay beside you always.

      Don’t give up on finding your important person, just trust that you deserve to have that person beside you, and know that one day you will. That is the hope I have for myself and for everyone else as well.

      • It’s really hard to motivate myself because I have such a large uphill battle ahead of me.

        It really sucks too because I think with me emotions tend to be amplified, good or bad, and that makes the bad times really bad.

        Being a guy, it is hard to talk to my guy friends about relationship stuff because they don’t know how to respond to it and it becomes awkward for them. My best female friend is the person that things are falling apart with so I can’t exactly talk to her about this stuff because she has her own perspective and is currently pretty much avoiding me.

        Because I have no one to talk to I am left to analyze and rationalize everything on my own, but because my perspective is biased I do not know if I react to everything properly.

        I’ve tried to distract myself and nothing works, I’ve tried to sleep it all off and that doesn’t work. It really sucks lol..

        I have a very large uphill battle ahead of me and I often feel like it isn’t even worth trying anymore. I hope that changes with time though.

      • It will change with time. Although, I don’t know what the situation between you two is, maybe you should try talking to her about it, or writing it down and giving it to her. She could be going through some things that she might not want to tell you, or she might not realize what you are feeling inside.

        Stay strong!!!

      • The situation is that I am with someone who has decided that ignoring me for days at a time is ok and putting everything else ahead of me is ok now. Things were not always like this but it has gotten worse and worse and I no longer want to deal with someone who treats me like that. I can not even talk to her because right now I am getting completely ignored by her.

        It really sucks going from being really important to someone to feeling like dirt.

        I know it makes me sound awful like I must have done something to get ignored like that, I wish I had, at least then it would make sense, but she just doesn’t seem to think I am worth even talking to anymore I guess. No official breakup, just completely cold shoulders randomly.

      • I can definetely understand the feeling of being ignored by someone who is important to you. A similiar situation happened to me, and I decided to let him go completely because it wasn’t right for me to be hurting like that alone. It was like one minute we were always together, and the next I didn’t really matter to him anymore. So you have to make a decision to let her go, or to try and make things right between you two.

        When I decided to let him go, and move on with my life without him, it was a really painful experience for him. Even now there are lingering feelings but I know deep down inside letting him go was the best thing to do for me. I needed to live my life and allow myself to be around people who really care about me and show it in their actions and with their words. I definitely think you need to talk (with) her. Figure out a time and a place and make sure she meets you, and just say what you want to say without interruptions and give her the same opportunity.

        You will always wonder like me if you don’t get it all out once and for all.

  2. I got things out but it didn’t really solve anything but at least I feel like I got to say what I needed to say.

    Though I don’t really know if i’ll realistically be able to move on. I’ve never met a girl I felt was nearly as perfect for me as I felt she was.

    • When you meet the woman that is completely perfect for you, you will know why this one didn’t work out. If she is really the woman who is perfect for you, then sooner or later you two will work things out.

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