My Sarang/내 사랑

Where are you?

I have been waiting for you

For 22 years I have waited to meet you

Who are you?

I want to see your face

I want to know you

Where are you?

In this world, I hope you are living happily

Waiting to meet me too

My love, are you longing for me?

The way I am longing for you

Wishing to talk with you, smile with you, laugh with you…just be with you

I am always hoping that today will be the day, you come into my live

Today will be the day I know that true love exists beyond my dreams

I, miss you beyond words even though we haven’t met yet

I pray that your healthy, happy, and abundantly love

I wish that your heart is waiting to meet mine

My love, how I wish to see you

To look into your eyes and feel warmth

Knowing that from know on I won’t be sad

Or lonely, or scared; I’ll only be happy

Having you beside me will be the peace I have longed for

My love, let’s meet soon, before my heart collapses

From wanting and waiting to be with you

My love, may life be kind to you

I cannot wait to be in your world

To have a life with you

My love, sarangheyo

~ by tsunamiblues on November 28, 2009.

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