Current Obsession: Nine Inch Nails

Okay I have this thing for music..hehe if you’ve read my blog you know that already. Well I really love film scores and trailer music. I love action and epic kind of movies more than any other genre.

Yesterday I went to see Star Trek, which was a great movie so you should go and see it. I love watching the previews and I had already fallen in love with the trailer music for the 3rd Star Trek Trailer but then I was blown away by the Terminator Salvation trailer….my heart was racing and I am currently obsessed with NIN and the song. I love the way it sounds…this is an epic song. God, isn’t music sooooo amazing. I am looking forward to this and Transformers 2.

Check it out after the jump..

You should also check out “Hurt,” “Closer,” and “The Hand That Feeds”

~ by tsunamiblues on May 12, 2009.

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