Tsunamiblues: Real Life Fairytale…Pt.1

When I was little I used to think one day my prince will find me and rescue me from the world I felt trapped in. If he wasn’t a prince, then he was a knight in shining armor, or a superhero fighting the bad guys. He was always someone greater than what I saw around me.

I’m 21 years old, and I don’t believe in fairytales, prince charming, or knights in shining armor anymore, but if I could have my dream fairytale life/world then this is how I picture it will be…I have never been a believer of love at first sight so in my fairytale our love develops over time.In a few months when I graduate from college I will get on a plane in July and travel for twelve hours until I land in South Korea. I will be a bundle of nerves, some caused by excitement and others my fear of what I am about to undertake for the next year of my life. Even with all those nerves I am hopeful that in a year I will have found out more about myself, my life, and most of all where my future is heading.

I’m not sure how we meet or even why but one day our paths cross. Maybe he’ll be another teacher, or we’ll bump into each other in a bookstore, or maybe we’ll have a common friend. No matter how or why, we meet for the very first time. He is handsome, tall, and for some reason I feel like there is something very interesting about his prescence. We don’t say much to each other, but I notice the kindness of his eyes, and the sweetness of his smile. I am intrigued with what lies behind his surface.

We say our goodbyes and he tells me he hopes I enjoy my stay in South Korea. A simple first meeting that ripples into others. Some my chance and others my plans. One day I am sitting in a cafe  writing in my journal about my time in South Korea. The good, the bad, and the in between of being there. I am listening to my music and feeling relaxed. The next thing I know he is standing by my table waiting for me to look up at him.

For some reason I cannot help but smile as he says hello and asks if he can sit down. I say yes, and he sits across from me. We’ll call him. Mr. Fairytale from this point on. He asks what am I up to and I tell him just relaxing and enjoying being free at the moment. I ask him the same, and he says he also had some free time and wanted to spend the day exploring the city.

He asks me how I am adjusting to SK and I say that it hasn’t been easy but I am beginning to feel confident in my decision to come to SK. I tell him about work, the friends I have made, the bad days, and the fun I am having. He says he is glad I am enjoying myself and maybe I’ll decide to stay. I smile, and tell him that anything is possible.

He asks me if I have plans today other than writing and listening to music. I shake my head no, wondering why he asked. He smiles and asks if I would like to spend the day with him in Seoul. He is sure there are things that I  am missing out on as a tourist that I would love to see. I say like what? He says I will just have to come and see. Intrigued and happy to have some company I take him up on his offer to spend the day together and it is within this second meeting that I feel that shift. The shift of possibility, opportunity, and a dash of hopefulness of change.

We spend the day walking around Seoul, eating differnt foods, looking at different things, and just talking about our lives, dreams, and everything that comes to mind. At the end of the day we end up looking over the river and he tells me that as a kid his father would always take him there, and now it has become a special place where he comes to clear his mind and cast away his sorrows. I smile at that and tell him that for me my special place lies in the blank pages of my journal waiting to be filled with my words.

We sit there quietly, looking up at the vastness of the sky and the only sound you hear is the steadiness of our breathing. Until my stomach grumbles, embarrassed as I hear Mr. Fairytale laugh. He stands up and says since I dragged you around with me all day I guess I need to feed you!

He takes me to his favorite restuarant and we eat, laugh, and talk some more. The day has passed me by like this, and he escorts me to my apartment laughing and talking along the way. He smiles as he drops me off and thanks me for hanging out with him today. I tell him it was one of the most fun days I have had in a long time. He smiles, and says he feels the same way.

I open the door the get out of the car, and he says would I like to spend the free days with him. I smile and say I would like that as I get out of the car. He wishes me a goodnight and waits till I get in the door before driving away. I feel lighter and happier than I have since coming to Seoul. It was nice to talk to someone so freely, and I realized that I had made a friend.

A few days pass by, and Mr. Fairytale calls and asks me if I have plans for the day. I tell him I have a class to teach, but will be done by 3PM. He asks me if I would like to grab dinner with him and a few friends. I say yes that would be nice and he tells me he’ll pick me up at 6PM. Feeling a little nervous for some odd reason I fret over what to wear and finally choose an outfit. Wondering why I am acting like this.

Mr. Fairytale picks me up at 6PM and he has a gift in his hand. He tells me it is a housewarming present and a Welcome to Korea present all in one. I ask him what it is and he says open it up and find out. It is a big box and it had all kinds of things in it from a rice cooker, to different books about Korea. Feeling touched and surprised at the effort he made I tell him thanks from the bottom of my heart. He smiles, and tells me he knows it is not easy adjusting to a new place but he thinks I am doing great.

Suddenly feeling nervous and awkward I tell him we should get going unless we will be late for dinner with his friends. We head to his car and he opens my door for me. We arrive at this beautiful restaurant, and I am worried because it looks like a very expensive place and not sure if I brought enough money and feeling suddenly under dressed.

As if he can feel my tension, he lightly squeezes my shoulder before we go inside. Suddenly, I feel like Mr. Fairytale is different, there is this air of authority in him as he greets the person and gives them the name. He tells us the rest of our party is already there. We head over to the table and I feel even more out of place.

There are 5 people sitting at the table when we get there; 3 guys, and 2 women. They are all dressed very nicely, and laughing and talking amongst themselves. I feel very self-conscious, all of a sudden all I can think about is will they like me?

We sit down and Mr. Fairytale introduces me to his friends, and they all greet me warmly. Not all of them are Korean, one of the women is originally from Britain, and the blond man is also American, while one of the other guys is Japanese. They all speak English very well either way.

I feel less nervous, and begin to relax as we talk about various things and they ask me about my experience in Korea so far. We order our dinner and I start wondering why I even felt nervous in the first place. They were all so nice and welcoming to me. All of sudden another woman joins us, and she is a stunningly beautiful Korean woman. She smiles at everyone, and then gives Mr. Fairytale a kiss on the cheek before sitting down to his right.

I try and hide my surprise, having thought Mr. Fairytale was not involved with anyone. All of a sudden I feel like a complete idiot but try to hide it throughout the dinner. I learn a little bit more about Mr. Fairytale, and it seems that the blond American is married to the other Korean woman. While the British woman and the other friend seem to have some kind of love/hate relationship from their conversations all evening.

The unexpected woman seems to have known Mr. Fairytale since they were children and they seem like sweethearts to me. For some reason, I feel really sad and barely eat any of my food even though it smells delicious. Mr. Fairytale notices and asks if I am feeling unwell. I tell him I am fine, but I guess not as hungry as I thought. He says nothing else, but still looks a bit concerned. The other woman notices, and when I look up it seems like she is assessing me.

Dinner ends, and we are outside saying our goodbyes. They were all wonderful and ask me to let them know if I need anything while I am in South Korea. The women tell me that we will have a girls night out next week and I say yes, it would be nice to hang out with women my age. The Japanese guy tells me he will make me some yummy Udon noodles soon and I smile and thank him in advance. Everyone gets in their cars, except for the other woman. She asks Mr. Fairytale if he is going home, and he tells me he needs to drop me home first. She says, oh in this really annoyed kind of way and Mr. Fairytale says he will see her tomorrow and tells me we should get going. I say goodnight to the other woman and she smiles ans waves as the valet brings her car.

I tell him I could have gotten a taxi if he wanted to spend some more time with her. He looks at me and smiles that killer smile telling me that is ridiculous. I ask him if he is sure, and he says yes as he opens the car door for me and I get in. Feeling self conscious and wondering about the relationship between them, and wondering if he saw me as a new friend or something more. The car ride back was quiet and so different from when the evening started. I felt stupid and tired, and hungry feeling stupid for not eating my dinner because I was wrapped up in thoughts.

Mr. Fairytale asks me if everything was alright, and I say yes a little too fast. He looks at me with his piercing gaze but I avoid meeting his eyes. He asks me if I had a goodtime and I tell him it was a lot of fun meeting his friends and that it was nice of him to introduce me to people in Seoul. I keep talking saying he doesn’t need to go out of his way for me since we don’t really know each other, and that he is a good person to know. He says nothing for a while and I feel like even more of an idiot. If only the car floor would open and I can sink into a vortex of nothingness.

We arrive at my place and I say goodnight and open the door the get out of the car. I stop as he says that it wasn’t because he was going out of his way more that he enjoys spending time with me, and I am an interesting person to know. I smile, happy and sad at the same time from his words. I tell him that I feel the same and that we will end up being really good friends. At my words I thought I saw confusion at his face, but if I had seen it it was gone in the next moment. I tell him it was nice to meet his friends and his girlfriend and that I will see him later before closing the door in embarrasment and rushing into my apartment.

A few days later, still feeling stupid  and wondering why I even opened my mouth that night. Restless, I decide to get some fresh air. As I open my door I see Mr. Fairytale with his hand raised as if to knock. In that moment I realize my I am feeling so stupid and unsure. This handsome, smart, and kind man is the cause of my discomfort. What is worse is that he is obliviou to it and on top of that has a girlfriend. I think to myself of why are all the good one’s taken.

His look of surprise turns into a smile as he says good morning. Still surprised I blurt out what are you doing here! He says he was in the neighborhood and thought he’d see if I was home. He asks if I was heading out somewhere. I tell him I just wanted to get some fresh air but had no specific place to go. Suddenly, Mr. Fairytale has this twinke in his eye and says I should follow him. I ask where, and he says to get some fresh air. Curious but more importanly wanting to spend some time with him I follow. Wondering to myself if this would be a pattern…me following him.

We are driving somewhere but the car is quiet, I glance over from the corner of my eye feeling annoyed with myself for liking someone who’s world is so different from my own, and completely and utterly unavailable. I sigh, and he grins and says to be patient we will be there soon. If only he knew the real reason for my sighing. I tell him that this weekend I will be hanging out with his friends and he says he already knew. I guess I looked surprised because he said they had told him about it already. I ask him how his week has been and we talk,and laugh like usual but inside I feel a little bit sadder.

He rolls down the windows and I can smell the sea, smiling he tells me the air cannot get fresher than this. Laughing I tell him he is wonderful as I close my eyes and take in the fresh air and the happiness I feel. He parks the car and feeling childish I hope out of the car running towards the big blue sea. Laughing he runs towards me until we are standing at the shore looking out over the beautiful sea. He tells me that no matter what part of the world you are in, the ocean connects us all. I smile at his words and take in the beauty around us. I ask him is he comes here a lot, and he says once in awhile but he hasn’t been here in a bit but he thought today would be a good day to go.

We spend hours walking around the beach, talking, playing, and just having fun. Feeling hungry we stop at this little seafood restaurant and eat till me a full. I am feeling happy, and enjoying just being around him, even if just as his friend. I ask him is his friends come here, and I blurt out how the other woman must love coming here with him. God, why am I so stupid sometimes. He says that she loves the ocean, and I smile saying beauty finds beauty. Suddenly feeling less enthusiastic I suggest we head back before it gets late. He agrees, but says there is one more stop he has to make first. I ask where, and he says it is another special place.

Wondering how many special places he has I follow him to the car and we drive for a bit until we get to this little fork in the road. Curious I look out as he turns into this long driveway. Up ahead, he parks the car and says we have to walk from here. Feeling even more curious I get out and follow him as we climb up this hill and at the top is the most beautiful sight I have seen since coming to SK. The sun i setting above the sea, and standing on this hill you can see how big the world really is. It is so beautiful that I begin to tear, embarrassed I quickly wipe my eyes. Not paying attention to my footing I stumble and Mr. Fairytale grabs my shoulders to steady me.

He is so close, I can smell his cologne, and feel his breath as he asks me if I am okay. I quickly step away apologizing for being clumsy. He smiles this half-smile and says we should head back before it gets dark. Sad to leave this place, but relieved at the same time I head back to the car and can hear his footsteps behind me. We get in the car, and unable to hold back anymore I ask him why he took me here today. He says he thought I would appreciate it. I whisper to myself so that is why. He looks at me  bit confused but I smile and say quietly we should get going.

The awkward silence again. Why do I have to open up my big stupid mouth and make things awkward? We arrive at my place, and I say goodnight and open the door in hopes of getting out of the car quickly. I turn around in surprise when he turns the ignition off and tells me to wait a second. He asks if something is wrong. I tell him there is nothing wrong. He says I seem troubled by something, but I say that it is nothing I am just tired. He looks like he wants to say something more but he stops himself and wishes me a goodnight. I say drive safe like I do everytime he leaves and open up my door to my empty apartment. Feeling sad and confused I fall asleep wondering when I will see him again.

~ by tsunamiblues on January 24, 2009.

2 Responses to “Tsunamiblues: Real Life Fairytale…Pt.1”

  1. Wow,I really enjoyed reading your story! Love your writing style! Keep it up!!!

  2. Thanks Isabella…the story kind of just came out last night, so when I feel inspired look out for pt2:)

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