Father do you…?

Father do you hear me?

Can you hear me crying out to you?

My voice is weak so it may seem like a whisper

I am calling out to you for help

I am desperate for your compassion

Father, my screams are silent

But I know you can still hear me

Father do you see me?

Can you see my tear stained face?

My wounds are deep and unhealed

Father, lay your hand upon mine

So that your strength and warmth can exist in me

I am hollow and broken

Like a tree with no roots

Pour your light into me and give me life

Father, are you there?

Let me feel your steps next to mine

Walk with me Father and guide my path

Father, I am lost and only you can find me

Only you can heal me

Only you can save me

Father do you know me?

Am I your child?

If so, claim me as your own

Can I belong to you?

That way I won’t be alone

Father do you love me?

For I am one who doesn’t know love

What is love, Father?

I have only seen the cruelness of it

Is love — tears, pain, suffering?

That is how I have seen it

Father, see me, love me, hear me…for only you can heal me.

By: Me (Tsunamiblues)

~ by tsunamiblues on October 18, 2008.

3 Responses to “Father do you…?”

  1. God is always there. Just listen to him, for he is always calling out to you. Pray to him. Read his word. Go read Revelations 3:20. Life isn’t meant to be easy. Just follow in his footsteps and let God guide you through life. Don’t take life on by yourself.

  2. Today I was feeling desperate – the consequences of MY current situation and circumstances… I typed randomly onto Google and happened upon your blog site.

    I don’t know if your posts are recent – as in the past few days – but I can identify with your words and thoughts. I have traveled this world around and around for the past 26 years… I am not old but feel like an old Soul. What I want you to hear is this message… a message of wisdom as I have learned. Your pain is real, to be sure. But pain and want of knowledge are not justification for despair or dark thoughts!

    You, like many, were born into a situation – a circumstance of someone else. But, in spite of this, you are an individual; one who is in charge of your own life. Your reality is your own. When you believe this, your will begin a metamorphosis that will lead you to new horizons, new possibilities, and new happiness. Not because you need something from someone else… NO! But because you will feel the power of making your own decisions… you will fee the weight of your own responsibilities and it will liberate you!!!

    So many will throw God at you as though He will come down in a fiery chariot and redeem your soul and purge your pain. But my experience guides me to an understanding that God planted his wisdom inside of us long ago. This wisdom waits for us to have the courage to call it forth and draw strength from it! Prayer is meditation and meditation is a means of tapping into that dormant power. When you come to understand this and cast away your pain from the past you will free yourself and come to know your true potential within yourself.

    God wants us to reach Him… He gave us the free will and the means to achieve this goal. But the trick is that we have to overcome our own, weak emotions.

    Anyway, my point to you is to “buck it up!” Find the inner strength that has been instilled into you from the very architecture of your DNA. This is the mystery… this is the secret that we were meant to discover! Please, consider that the true nature of God and His wisdom have been poisoned throughout the millennium by man had his lust for power and control over the weak-minded.

    Well, that’s all I have to say… you can respond if you wish but it’s your choice. I choose LIFE, and CHALLENGE. I believe that I choose my own destiny… how about you???

    I truly hope you find your way… for this is all one can do…
    — SM

  3. SM…thank you for your comment it gave me a lot to think about. I wrote that poem 2 months ago when I was going through a hard time. As a writer my emotions end up displayed through the meaning of words.

    I like how you said God has given us what we need, we just need the courage to use it. Slowly but surely I am finding my courage and figuring out my life.

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