If I Was…

If I was a dream would you be my reality

If I was a chapter would you be my ending

If I was a blanket would you lie in me

If I was a song would you be my melody

If I was a poet would you be my verse

If I was a tear would you be my cheek

If I was a thought would you be my mind

If I was a river would you flow into me

If I was a canvas would you be my paintbrush

If I was a picture would you be my camera

If I was a hand would you be the other one

If I was a rainfall would you be my cloud

If I was a mirror would you be my reflection

If I was a fairytale would you be my happily ever after

If I was a night would you be my moonlight

If I was a beat would you dance to me

If I was a silhouette would you be my shadow

If I was a lie would you be my truth

If I was a piano would you be my keys

If I was a writer would you be my script

If I was a angel would you be my wings

If I was a smile would you be my happiness

If I was a reflection would you be the eye that sees me

If I was…

By: Me


~ by tsunamiblues on August 21, 2008.

4 Responses to “If I Was…”

  1. nope. but trust me, you wouldn’t want me to.

  2. thats beautiful :)

  3. nice quote :)

    i feel your sadness inside

  4. nice quote :)

    i feel your sadness inside

    just leave it all to GOD

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