What Do I Want? What Do You Want? What Do We All Want?

Sometimes you don’t get what you want, and sometimes what you want isn’t what you need. Even so if you don’t know what you want, then what are you going to fight for or towards? I ask this because I am not sure of what I want, and if what I think I want is truly what I want.

We all need shelter, clothes, and food to live, but after those three basic needs, we all still have separate needs and wants. How do you separate a need from a want? Is it that if you need it, you cannot live without it, but with a want you can even though you don’t want to? I guess that is true, but if we only stuck to things we needed how far would we go in life, how much would be do, and how much would you grow? I don’t really know where I am going with all of this, so just bear with me.

I was watching The Notebook last night, and the part that always really strikes me is when Noah is telling Allie not to go back to her fiance. He keeps asking her what she wants over and over and she keeps stalling and saying it is not that easy, and that someone will get hurt. Then he says, forget about what I want, what he wants, what your parents want and just tell me what you want, and her response is that she has to go. How many times in life to we avoid thinking or saying what we want because of the fear of not getting it? I mean should we stop dreaming because we might not reach them? Should we stop educating ourselves because we might not get the job we want? Should you stop seeking true love, just because you might end up hurt or alone? Those are all choices and decisions we all have to make about our lives.

Where do you find that balance between wants and needs, between rational wants and irrational wants? Where do you let go of a want you for sure won’t get, or do you keep wanting it no matter what? One thing that bugs me is that there are no easy answers. There will always be shades of gray in our wants, needs, and lives. Life is not going to be this straight path from point to point, you will have shifting earth, curves, corners, cliffs, hills, and everything you can imagine. But does that mean we stop and turn back around? I would hope you would get some sturdy boots, and start climbing as far and as high as you can go.

I have been lying in bed asking myself what is it that I truly, truly, truly, truly want in this lifetime. If I was to die sometime soon, what one thing would I have wanted to haver accomplished, had, or felt. For me it comes down to inner peace, love for myself, and my own happiness. I just need/want my little patch of happiness in this vast world. A place to call my own, a love that is bound to only me, fulfillment and satisfaction within myself. For me it is neither a need or  a want it is both. I want this and I need it too.

Once, you know/think you know what you want, the questions start to arise. How do you get what you want, how do you define the aspects of what you want. It is always the how and never why this is what you want. Why do I want to have inner peace, self-love, and happiness. Well they are all one in the same, if you have inner peace, then you have self-love, and if you have self-love, then you can have happiness for oneself and the world around you.

The how is really important though, because it tells you what you need to do, the obtain what you want. The how is also the hardest part, because it is some action you have to take. You have to consciously choose to follow this path in order to get to where/who/what you want.

At the end of the day it is your life, your choice, and your happiness at stake. I think I focus to much on other people’s feelings an thinking, that I forget to my own feelings and thoughts. I forget that I am the most important person, and that in this world I need to take care of myself, and put me first along with my family. You see it really comes down to whether or not these people even matter. Are they important enough for what they say to affect you, hurt you, or even define you. I get so worried about what others might think, say, or feel towards me; that I end up not doing the things I want to do. Then I end up frustrated with myself for being like this, because you know what, who give a fuck what someone is going to say about you, as my sister would say. If your not hurting someone intentionally, and if you need/want this for you then do it, go after it, seek it, dream it, and strive towards it.

So I want inner peace, self-love, and overall happiness. The question of how to get it is the important one, and the hardest to figure out. How does one find inner peace, self-love, and happiness. Is it just getting everything you want out of life, is it finding a balance within yourself and with life, Is it finally being in sync with the world and your place in it, what is inner peace? How does one obtain self-love, is it telling yourself that your beautiful, is it accepting who you are or who you aren’t. Is it realizing that inner beauty is more important than outer superficiality? What is self-love? How do you find happiness. Is it smiling, laughing, and having fun everyday. Is it seeing the meaning in all the things on this planet? Is it waking up with that peace in your heart and knowing that no matter what the day brings you’ll get through it, you’ll work hard, you’ll take risks, and you’ll enjoy every bit of it.

There is no one way to achieve any of those things. Different strokes for different folks. The great thing about being in a diverse world, is the fact that there is shades of gray, there is more than one way to achieve what you desire, want and need. You have to make that choice and decision of the how once you figure out the what.

It seems we grow up a bit each day, sometimes it takes time for clarity to find us, but for me the fog seems to be diminishing. It is funny how a look, a word, or something little can change us, enlighten us, and touch our lives. Doesn’t that tell you how powerful and important you are. You have the ability to change this world no matter how small or large a change is still a change. You are worthy of greatness, of love, or this life. So live it richly, embrace your existence, dreams, and life. Go toward the beauty that lies ahead of you with honor and courage. If your step falters, remember you can still go on,still dream big, the only limitation is the one you place on yourself or let the world place on you.

You have one life, one chance to find your happiness. Forget the bullshit, the superficiality, and find your way, your path, your happiness. Do what is best for you, and try not to trample on people on your way up, because if your fall no one will catch you. You have the right to be loved for who you are, you have the right to your dreams, you have the right to that little patch of happiness. Seek it, find it, and live it.

It won’t happen in a day, or a moment, this is something you have to work towards, work hard for, and keep believing in it even when the world wants to separate you from it. You have to motivate yourself, trust yourself, and do what is best for you. Humanity is supposed to be so great, but there are so many of us lost souls, and it makes my heart ache.

Find your way, your happiness, your dreams, and never let go, never give up, never lose hope!!!!!!


~ by tsunamiblues on April 20, 2008.

4 Responses to “What Do I Want? What Do You Want? What Do We All Want?”

  1. Whoever you are, you’ve just pour my heart and mind on this page, you’ve written something I couldnt put in words and the few minutes i took to read it made me feel better and brought me comfort that i needed for so long. I love the notebook and that part is my all time favourite too. Thank you

  2. No thank needed, I am glad that it was able to reach you:)

  3. hi im from mexico
    and i really like your thoughts
    you are very good writting

  4. hello:)…and thank you for the lovely compliment

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