Late Night Poetry Jamming Session 1….

Well, I am sitting up in bed listening to my playlist called “Reflections of Me” which features songs that touch me by inspiring me to keep pressing forward, sadden me with the beauty of the lyrics, or touch my soul and heart is some matter. They reflect me inside and outside. They represent my feelings, emotions, moods, secrets, thoughts, hidden desires, and so much more. Music, has so much power to me, it can change your life, or give you life, it can make you see things you never dreamed of, it can give you hope or compassion. I love music, and I like to listen to it when I want to write a poem or when I am writing in general. It soothes me, inspires me, and most of all gives me strength to put my heart down on paper in words people can see.

I’m jamming to the tunes, and lets see if a poem comes out of it, enjoy you guys are the only ones who see my poems, since I never share them out loud. If you take any of them, all I as is that you credit me or this site. Thanks in advance for reading and hopefully responding.

The Girl in the Mirror by Me

I’m spinning around and around

Every time I stop, I am faced with the truth

The mask begins to crumble

Until all that is left is my reflection

There is a girl staring back at me with anguished eyes

She is crying out for me to love her

I feel tears brushing my cheeks

I am her, and she is me

We are one in the same

I look away from the mirror

Desperate to deny the reality of her existence

How can she be me?

Why is she in such agony?

I move my face closer, it is almost touching hers

She pleas for me to save her

I ask her how….

She touches her face and wipes away the tears

I feel the warmth of her fingers against my cheek

She whispers softly, “Love yourself, and we will both be saved”

I wrote this while listening to Linkin Park’s Crawling(instrumental). It is a rough poem but I hope you understood the meaning of it.


~ by tsunamiblues on January 11, 2008.

One Response to “Late Night Poetry Jamming Session 1….”

  1. Water evaporates
    After head chose it for so long
    To change
    Wander around the curriculum of the within,clean
    Magnify how you everything –it–
    You thought you loved
    Without turning the page
    Drank from where water came from
    Dry emblazoned dog trainer
    Your losing
    And the poets miracle mile
    Had to be canceled/End

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