When Will The Storm(s) Pass by?

It has been awhile since I have written, but first let me wish everyone a Happy New Year. May this year bring you great oppurtunities and blessings in your journey of life. May your spirit be filled with happiness, and your dreams be bright and achievable. May the Lord grant you mercy in your endeavors and may you live to see 2009.

As you can tell from the my title things are a bit rocky these days. It seems like when one obstacle passes another one comes your way and sometimes it really is unbearable. All I can do is pray to God that we will be able to get through it and see better days. It seems like things can’t get worse and then they do and your heart hurts so much and you feel so helpless because you don’t have anyway of lending strength to the situation. My family has truly been through hell and back, and it seems like just when we reach the light the darkness pulls us back.

I am trying to be strong for my mom because I know she needs me to be strong and calm when she is not, but inside my heart is hurting. I wish I was older and could sweep away all the storms that come our way, but right now all I can do is give her support by being by her side and helping her see better days ahead. You think life can’t get any harder and then something else happens and your faith and strength is tested again. I keep praying to God to make a way for us to finally see better days, for the storms to be less frequent and for us to just be able to breathe again.

My heart is filled with worry and dread of what tomorrow will bring. Will I be strong enough to handle another storm? Will we be able to get through it again? Life is truly the most difficult thing a person can do. There will always be times of sorrow and times of happiness and we just have to keep breathing, keep striving towards those better days. I won’t let my tears fall because I know that they won’t make anything better. I have to find the strength to stand strong even if I feel weak inside. Even if I want to scream and ask God why my family? Why is it my family that keeps suffering? Why can we not find peace in this America?

Sometimes I feel so much bitterness and anger for how the world is, but then I think as long as I have strength, and the ability to continue I cannot and will not give up on my dreams and my future. As long as God gives me life I have to strive forward. If they take my legs I will crawl with my arms. If they break my spirit I will put it back together. That is how I am trying to think. God is my strength, and He will deliver me and my family from the darkness around us. There will be better days for all of us. Days of laughter and happiness where we can see the beauty of the world and not the ugliness. God did not give us anything we cannot handle. God did not bring us to any road we can not travel. God did not put a river before us that we cannot cross. God did not give us a burden we cannot carry. God will not let this world break my spirit. God will not let this world take away my dreams. God will not let me fall into despair. I will rise up and conquer the darkness with my light.

I will not let it consume me or my family. We have been created with God’s love and his strength and I will not let the weakness sap me of my reserve. Even when I feel like falling to my knees I will stand up and face by trials. God did not bring me to a journey I cannot get through. In those moments when you feel like you cannot go on, that this is the end, that is cannot get better, that life is too cruel to you. Remember my words; there will be better days after the darkness has given way to the light of the God whom w trust. There will always be times where you struggle to reach the end of the day but you will get through it and greet tomorrow with a smile. Life will always bring hardships that seem impossible to get through but you WILL make it through it. I will make it through it…WE will make it through it.

Do you think I am always strong? You are wrong? There are times when I am so filled with fear I feel like I am suffocating. But I have made it through those moments and you can too. I have seen myself at my worst and at my best and I know that no matter if the floor under me gives way I will be able to crawl back up if I have to. Yes I know, that sometimes you just want to cry and scream at the heavens for what you are going through. I know that sometimes you want to give up and let go, because I face those times too. But hold on, be strong, and we will find our way through those times. We will all see the light some day. The world can be cruel, but God will never let us down if we have faith in His and our own abilities.

I know it can be tiring, and I know that you just want to shut your eyes and ignore the world but you cannot give into that sadness. You must hold your head up high, and repeat us much as you need to that there WILL BE BETTER DAYS. My heart still hurts, but I know that I have to be strong, I will be strong, and after this storm(s) has passed I will see the bright and beautiful sun shining down and warming me in the endless blue skies above me. Although, things are hard right now, I will not give up on the beauty of my future or the dreams of my heart. One day, I will see my better days. Until then I will hold my head up hight and walk with the faith that God is directing my steps and leading me towards those beautiful and endless better days.

Pray for me, as I pray for all of you to find the path to your better days. Please be strong and get through the hard times. That is all I can do for you and myself.


~ by tsunamiblues on January 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “When Will The Storm(s) Pass by?”

  1. Yes, there are really times in our lives when our faith is being tested to see how strong we are when we’re at lowest point of our lives. It could
    sometimes be so heart breaking that sometimes we begin to ask questions
    for the meaning of our sufferings. As we go through the journey of
    our lives along way we meet plenty of obstacles that would strengthen our spirit if we would be able to pass them. I truly what you are experiencing right now and it’s not really easy. But I will pray for you so that you can pass the dark days of your life.

  2. Thank you

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