Poetry from the Soul…

I love poetry, but for a while I haven’t written any or read any poetry. I think it is the turbulence in me that hinders me from writing. So I thought I would try and just do some free writing and see what comes out. Here I go….

The hardest part for me when I write a poem is the beginning, Isn’t that just like life not knowing how to start and somethings when you start you can’t figure where it should go. Well let’s see how this poem will unfold. I like to listen to music when I write, cause it gives me inspiration. I am listening to my collection of songs in my Reflection of me playlist…lets see what they inspire me to write. Okay, time to finally begin…

“Silhouette of Sorrow”

I can not feel the Firmness of the ground beneath my feet

I drift over the Earth unable to find my gravity

People pass by me each day and still no one sees the Emptiness of my life

You look right at me and then past me as if I were Invisible

My mask is wearing thin and the Facade is beginning to crack

Won’t you try to understand the Depth of my soul?

I am drifting through this world in unwanted Solitude

I too crave the warmth of the Sun

Won’t you save me from the Coldness lying inside me?

My tears are flowing inside my heart into a pool of Misery

Do I need to open up my chest for you to see the Anguish lying within?

I an trapped by the Darkness wrapped around my soul

I am bound to this self-inflicted cage unable to soar free

The Light I desperately seek cast a silhouette of my Sorrow

By: Me

Currently Listening to: Love, Love, Love by As Tall As Lions

~ by tsunamiblues on December 8, 2007.

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