Daily Dose: My dream, prayer, and wish…

God wouldn’t have given us dreams we cannot achieve right? He wouldn’t have given us dreams so real and so beautiful if we couldn’t have then right? I have a dream, a dream I hold onto with all my faith and my hope that the idea of not reaching that dream and making it a reality fills me with this unbreakable fear.

What is my dream? My dream is a very simple one, but in life nothing simple ever comes simply. My dream has various pieces that make up the whole dream. I’ll let you in on my dream if you promise to not judge it. Because every person’s dream has the right to exist and not be looked down upon.

My dream is:

1) For my family to come full circle and find the happiness and peace that didn’t exist in the past. My dad left us when I was younger, and as much as I wish I could leave it all in the past, it still effects me inside and out. I know that is is hard for me to trust men and to trust in the love they give. But I have seen true love from the people around me and know that one day I will find one. I pray that my mother finds true love before God takes her from this world. I want her to know what it is like to be loved by a man and to be cherished the way my father never showed her. I want her to laugh and smile with all her heart, and to see how beautiful she is inside and out. I want her to live comfortably and be able to do all the things she cannot do know. I want my big sister to find a man who sees her heart of beauty. She is beautiful inside and out, and deserves someone who loves her truly, madly, and deeply. Someone who enjoys taking care of her and making her happy. I wish for my little brother to become a man we can all be proud of and someone who will achieve greatness. I pray that God humbles him and gives his understanding to what is really important in life. I pray that my family finds the happiness we do not have know and the fulfillment of life before it ends.

2) My dream for myself is to become someone who make a difference in the lives of the people around me. I want to achieve success in whatever career I do, and I want to feel fulfilled with my work and the choices I make. I want to find personal happiness; being able to love who I am and stop hating what I am not. I want to fin that peace within my soul, and be content within my heart. I want to look into the mirror and know who is staring back at me, and be able to smile. I want to find my life mate, the partner that I will share the rest of my life with and forever love. I lay in bed sometimes, thinking about him, and wishing that time would speed up so I can finally see who he is. I cry sometimes feeling this deep sense of loneliness not having him yet. God knows that I am an impatient person, and so I hope I will not have to wait too long to meet him. I want to find happiness together and begin a new path with him. I want to walk in the same direction, staring out at the world around us ready to take on life together. I sit here wishing he was next to me, I drive my car wishing he was next to me, I go through my life wishing he was next to me, but when I turn I am still all alone. I keep wondering if he is longing to meet me as well, or is he just living his life. My heart aches so much and I don’t know how to stop this longing for someone I haven’t even met yet. I want so much to share my life with him, and to take on everything with him by my side. I want to be the key that unlocks the way to his heart, I want to be strength for his soul, the reason for his smiles and laughter. I want to be his rock when he is at his weakest, to cheer him on when he needs it most. I want so much to be able to be by his side, but again God has not revealed him to me. One day, as I close my eyes I will no longer wake up alone; he will be at my side and I will be able to watch him sleep and know that everyday will start like that. My dream is for a future filled with warmth, happiness, peace, and most of all lots of love!

What is your dream?


~ by tsunamiblues on November 24, 2007.

3 Responses to “Daily Dose: My dream, prayer, and wish…”

  1. What a nice wish!!! I hope and wished that all your dreams will come true.
    Your friends, your family and the people that surrounds you were so lucky to have a girl like you.I do really admire you. You’re such a great person to be with.

  2. Nice. All I can say is beautiful :) God will make a way for you to follow and be on a nice drive of life.People around you are lucky to have you.

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