Blessed Revelations…

For a while now I have been struggling with myself and basically just trying to find my way out of the darkness back into the light. Today I have made a breakthrough, and even though the struggle is still there I know that I can make it through it, that I will make it through it because I have my own personal Super Hero and that is God, my creator and my father in heaven.

Those moments when I felt like life was just dragging me along, and that I just want to give up were some of the saddest days of my life and even though they might not be completely over I believe in God’s enduring love for me.

I feel like I can breathe again, like a weight has been lifted of of my heart, out of my chest, and now I have been renewed again. How did this happen? Well let me tell you, and hopefully it can also help you to get out of that dark place, and into the light.

I went to church today, and I prayed that God give me something to help me to find my way again, and true to his word he gave me something wonderful. The pastor gave a sermon on how we are in a new season, a new day, and a new cycle. That we have a choice to stay in the old season or to make our way into the new season. To let go of whatever is holding us back and to just give it all to God. The hold idea of a new season really got to me, because he said everyday after midnight we are in a new day, and even though it is dark we know the sun will be coming up soon.

In my mind that is basically that even in those dark days of sadness, misery, depression, anxiety, or whatever is making you struggle, we still have hope because there is a light that gives us another chance to start fresh, to change things up, and to just give ourselves back to God. I know how you feel, that the whole world is crumbling around you and you can’t make it through each day, but I can and you can too. We can get through our sadness, anger, and pain. We can give ourselves a new and fresh start. We all can make that choice to try and change things. To love ourselves the way we want to be loved.

Sometimes I would feel so desolate and alone, and even though I know there are people out there that love and care for me it didn’t penetrate through my mind. Even if the whole world leaves you, God never will. Even if the whole world betrays you God never will. God will never misuse you, or hurt you, or take you where you should not be. Always remember that when it is God’s time those wishes and dreams you have will come to pass.

This doesn’t mean that you won;t encounter obstacles or that there won’t be challenges. This means that when those things occur God will be there cheering you on, guiding you towards the finish line. I cried so much today in church as the pastor prayed for the youth, and I realized that I am not alone.

I know, believe me , I know how hard life may seem, and how everything just seems to be weighing down your shoulders, but I am telling you we can all get through it. We can all make it through those dark days. We can all have a new season, a new start, and new experiences. Today I am taking my first step to renewing my relationship with God. I am taking my first step in having faith in myself  and being the person that makes me the happiest. Today I am saying to God to continue to take me as his own, and continue to love me.

I am thanking God for his faithfulness and his mercy. For his everlasting love and grace towards me. Even when my steps falter he will stand by me, and he will stand by you. Take a chance and let God hear your heart, let him hear your sorrows and your fears for he is the greatest listener.

Today I am saying a prayer for all those who are struggling, for all those who feel alone and desolate. For all those that think their worthless, and most of all for those whose hearts are secretly hurting but no one sees it. For all of you, I am one of you and I pray for all of us to find our peace, where we belong, and to walk along side God. My prayers are with you and I ask that you keep me in yours. May God bless us all.

I hope my words have been able to give you the strength to keep pressing on. No matter what you are NOT alone, God is by your side. I know that you might not know where to start, but praying never hurts, or just letting God hear your thoughts. I know that for all of us the struggle is still there, but now we know we don’t have to face it alone. We have God, and we have God’s people to depend on. If you know someone, ask them to pray for you and support you as you begin your new season. It won’t be easy but at the end of the day your reward awaits you. The journey will be hard, but God doesn’t give us a challenge we cannot overcomes. My prayers are with you!!!!!!!

The LORD is good to those who depend on him, to those who search for him.
Lamentations 3:25 NLT

~ by tsunamiblues on September 9, 2007.

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