Our fading world…

At this very moment I wish time would stop and let me rest for a moment. I feel like my entire being is crumbling to pieces and scattering away. I am just so fed up with it all, school, people, life and the idiots who decide to take it away. Yesterday, all I could think about was the girl who got stabbed in one of the dorms and how her life was over. Not only was her life over but the girl who murdered her had ruined her own life as well. They were both only 18 and look what happens. School has only been in session for two weeks and this is the second death. I don’t feel safe walking around campus and I don’t feel safe at night at all. Every time someone passes me by I think my life could be taken away just like that. Everyday I think that it could be my last because someone might take it from me. Everyday I feel scared and anxious about the evil people and things that exist in our world. It makes living so tiring…and I feel selfish for even thinking that when some people didn’t wake up today.

I just don’t get how people can take another life like that, how can you stain your heart and body with their blood, their life? I just cannot comprehend why our world is becoming a place where people kill and kill and kill like it means nothing, like that person means nothing. Everyday when I watch the news I keep hearing about someone killing someone and they just keep getting younger and younger. Little children killing other little children. Kids killing their friends, family, and random people. How is it they even know how to kill someone that young? My God it makes me never want to have children. I get scared that my kid will get corrupted and do something unimaginable. It seems like no matter how they are raised or how good they have it they can still kill someone.

I don’t know how to move past this and just breathe again, how can I when everyday the world is getting worse and worse. How can I just let it go and not think about how the youth of today is becoming so twisted. What is happening to your world, my world, our world?


~ by tsunamiblues on September 6, 2007.

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