Faithfully Yours…

It has been a long time since I have written a poem, today I wanted to start writing again, and this is the first thing I have written in months.

“Faithfully yours” by:me

-I sit here dreaming of the future

-Did you know that you are the one I always dream of?

-I wish you could see my heart

-It is painfully longing to meet yours

-Each passing day it hurts more and more

-Did you know I have always been waiting for you?

-There is not a single day you are not in my thoughts

-What makes me so pitiful is…

-I do not even know you

-I do not know your name or how you look

-All I know is that I’ll keep waiting for you to appear

-No matter how long it takes for us to meet, my heart will wait

-I believe in your existence as much as my own

-One day I’ll know it’s you

-Do you know how?

-My heart will no longer weep in pain

-Instead happiness will flow through it

-In this life I only belong to you

-Please find me along your way

-For, I want to spend as much time as I can, by your side.

-My eyes long to look upon you

-My body is cold without your warmth

-My heart is unsettled without yours

-My lips wait to touch your own

-Let me love you for a lifetime

-Dreams can only provide comfort for a bit

-The reality of going in the same direction as you is what I need…

Hope you like it, even a little bit. My poem represent me, so everyone of them is a bit of my story!

~ by tsunamiblues on July 22, 2007.

One Response to “Faithfully Yours…”

  1. >>>>NEAT….n…SWEET!<<<<
    huh, writer inside you is what poetry is all
    about…keep on writing!

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