“Nothing Changes if nothing changes”…

That is a quote that has been running through my head these past few weeks. There are things that I want to change, but sometimes I don’t know how to change it, or if I can change it. But just like the quote says if nothing changes thing will always be the same. If I don’t make the effort to make things different, then I am the reason for no change. I’ve been thinking about the things I want to change in my life, so that I can smile more freely, laugh with more joy, and just feel better about myself and my life. I can feel less trapped within myself and can breathe with more confidence.

I’m sure there are other people out there, who want things to change, but after saying those words no action follows. There are also people out there who do not do well with change, well you have got to try, because most things if not all change. Barely anything in this world stays the same. So I really want to try making changes, and hopefully it will bring me positive results.

So don’t procrastinate, or say to yourself you’ll do it another day. We never know when we will no longer have the opportunity for change. So make that list, write it down the changes you want to make, so that you can go back and look at it and keep moving forward.

For me there are several things I want to change, I try to make sure there are realistic changes I can do.

1) Exercise every day: Whether I go for a walk, go on the treadmill or do some aerobics. I want to exercise everyday and take care of the only body I have. I want to exercise to be healthy and not to lose weight, but if I lose some weight that is okay too.

2) Self-acceptance: I am truly my worst enemy. I want to believe in myself, and my ability and capability. This means I need to have more confidence in who I am and where I am heading. I want to stop judging myself and finding reasons to feel inadequate compared to others. I want to remember to be my personal best and not the best out of everyone.

3) Self-doubt: In order for me to find self-acceptance I need to LOSE the self-doubt. I want to trust in myself more, and see the good as opposed to the bad. I want to be more loving and positive towards myself, and less doubtful.

4)Faith: I want to have more faith in myself and in God. I want to trust in myself and in God’s promises. In this world my heart is not completely open, and my thoughts are hidden. If I can rely on God and myself I will be okay. So I want to read my Bible more, pray more, and just be closer in my relationship with God. For him to guide me, love me, and protect me. So I can be shown the path I am supposed to follow.

5) Positivity: I want to be more positive about life, myself, and the world around me. I tend to notice more bad or negative things that good. I see more of the evil in this world than the beauty. I want to give and notice more smiles than frowns. More laughter than tears, and more happiness than sadness.

6) I want to think less about love, and meeting the right person…..I just want to place that in God’s hands and trust that when its my time he’ll let me know at the right time and none other.

7) I want to give more of  myself and my time to the people around me. Whether it is volunteering, helping friends out, or just giving advice, I want to be more in tune with what is going on around me.

8)Be BLESSED not STRESSED: I want to stop worrying about today, tomorrow, five years from now…..instead I just want to live in the present and just try my best and see how the future happens. Instead of planning and over analyzing everything around me, I want to be more relaxed and open to flexibility.

9) Happiness: They say happiness is a choice, a journey, and so on. I want to choose to be happier than sad. I want to smile even when I feel like crying. Letting go, even if I want to hold on. Going forward instead of looking towards what was the past. I want to believe in the possibilities that lie in my dreams and in my heart, and just try.

10) I want to take more chances, try new thing, take risks, and fall sometimes. I want to challenge myself to do the things that scare me. Try thing I wouldn’t have done ,and put myself in situations that take me out of my comfort box. I want to expand myself and my capabilities. Finding my confidence and myself within it.

*** Here is my list, I will look at it frequently, and let you know how I am doing. Don’t set a time for yourself, take baby steps at first till you find your rhythm and keep going towards your path.

I wish you luck and I hope that something will change if something changes!!!!!

~ by tsunamiblues on July 17, 2007.

3 Responses to ““Nothing Changes if nothing changes”…”

  1. you inspire me, thank you

  2. If my words can inspire, then that truly makes me happy!!

  3. Found your blog as I was looking up same quote to use on my new brochure. I work as an Integrative Health Coach. As a coach with a whole person perspective,(mind, body, heart, spirit) I partner with people to create the changes you want to see in your life. Often we know what to do, but have a hard time actually taking the baby steps to make it so. Your list is a great start! Contact me if you decide you want a parnter to support you, help make the list more realistic and manageable, and to help hold you accountable. In Joy.

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