Why Why Love??

Why Why Love is a new Taiwanese Drama, and if you have been watching you’d notice a lot of the Devil Beside You cast is in it. I am checking it out mainly for that reason, we will all have to judge it ourselves for greatness.



  • Title: 換換愛 / Huan Huan Ai
  • English title: Why Why Love
  • Genre: Comedy / romance
  • Episodes:
  • Broadcast network: CTS / GTV
  • Broadcast period: 2007-Jun-03 to 2007-???-??
  • Air time: 21:30 – 23:00 Sundays
  • Opening theme song: Wo Yao De Shi Jie (我要的世界) by Kingone
  • Ending theme song: Que Yang (缺氧) by Rainie Yang


Tong Jia Di needs a life besides work, paying down family debt, and more work. So her best friend Jiang Xiao Nan sneaks in a “Love” coupon in Jia Di’s ruffle box praying that the lucky guy who draws it will sweep Jia Di off her feet. As it so happens, Huo Yan, the compassionate manager Jia Di has secret crush on, is the lucky guy. But, though the prince can exchange the coupon for Cinderella’s love, it doesn’t mean he will, especially when his devilish younger brother is determined to exchange his “Master/Angel” coupon for her servitude.


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~ by tsunamiblues on June 26, 2007.

10 Responses to “Why Why Love??”

  1. apparently they are planning to make Devil Beside You II if Why Why Love is successful…maybe that’s y..

  2. I hope they make DBY 2, but they have to not ruin it, sequels should only be made if they can top the original.

  3. i think this movie is simliar with dbu i think…and i wish mike he and rainie yang ganna be together cauple in this movie too like dbu

  4. In DBY comparison to Huan huan ai, they have a lot in simliar. But, if they do make a DBY II id ruin it because how DBY ended was good enough for me. Im watching huan huan ai EP 5 at the moment ! its getting better by the minute >3

  5. why why love is rockin ma world
    why why love rox
    can u upload episode 5 with english subs
    plz let mi knoe
    luff luff

  6. I cannot upload episodes, and episode 5 is no out with subs, please check youtube or veoh for them.

  7. i am watching episode 4 in Veoh right now.. I love the 3 lead characters, they got chemistry. I got so crazy about them after watching DBY. Kingone in WWL looks matured but i still like him. He sang one of the song in WWL (the opening song). Mike is still so hot! I can’t believe a person can be this good-looking! Cheng Li (rainie) so lucky to have this gorgeous guys kissing her heheheh. RAinie is cuter now than she is in meteor garden.

  8. You can visit http://hoomie.com/asian/movie455c962bc.htm to watch all episodes of Why Why Love online (english subs). All in 1 page. No need to click back and forth, or search around for each episodes anymore.

  9. Hi to rainie yang your so cute and pretty mike he your so handsome I like your love team your so sweet haha!!pls.visit her in philippines
    i want to see both of you in person ehe!!

  10. i already finish watching why why love but im still watching it over and over again coz i think there are some missing episodes.. but i dont know if this is true or not.. well i hope and wish that i can see rainie yang in person or kingone wang.. or if its possible mike he.. well i hope ders another taiwan drama like devil beise you and why why love… and of kurz the cast must be rainie yang, kingone wang and mike he…

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