Coffee Prince

Also known as 1st Shop of Coffee Prince, is a new Korean summer drama about to premiere on this upcoming Monday, July 2!!

I am very excited for this drama because it has a lot of actors and actresses that I like, and who are promising talents. The story is fun, light, and of course romantic!!



  • Title: 커피프린스 1호점 / The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince
  • Also known as: Coffee Prince
  • Genre: Romance, Comedy
  • Episodes: 16
  • Broadcast Network: MBC
  • Broadcast Period: 2007-Jul-02 to 2007-Aug-21
  • Air Time: Mondays and Tuesdays 21:55 (9:55 Korean time)



This drama is based from a romantic comedy manga by writer Lee Sun Mi (이선미). The heroine, Go Eun Chan, disguises herself as a man in order to avoid an arranged marriage. She works in a coffee specialty shop and then falls in love with the hot-tempered president of the shop, Choi Han Kyul. Han Kyul thinks that Eun Chan is a man so he starts to think about his sexuality and Eun Chae is torned that she cannot reveal herself unless she wants to get herself married off.



Extended Cast

Manga information

With a foolish mother and the need to look after her younger sister, flower boy Go Eun Chan has had to give up the feminine image. It’s a love story with Choi Han Kyul, who knows women well and thinks of himself as a great guy.

After accidentally being mistaken for a man, she starts working at Coffee Prince, and falls in love with the hot-tempered owner Choi Han Kyul. But Choi Han Kyul thinks she’s a man, and furthermore doesn’t believe in love. So she can’t confess that she’s a woman, and he continues thinking that the agonized Go Eun Chan is a man. Choi Han Kyul thinks he’s experiencing feelings of homosexuality towards her, and gets heartsick laugh.gif . This side of him was drawn in a risky but fun way.

The part when he discovers that Go Eun Chan is a woman is shown in an undemanding way, and the story doesn’t concentrate on just these two people, but also on the other people who frequent Coffee Prince. These people are shown one by one in a natural way, and since the story isn’t just about romance, I think that if you’re able to read the first volume, then you’ll naturally be able to read the rest of the volumes until the end.


I plan to check this drama out, and you should too!!!


Find more info as it airs on:


~ by tsunamiblues on June 26, 2007.

9 Responses to “Coffee Prince”

  1. soooo looking forward to this drama! :)

  2. same here

  3. Yes, I liked it very much. It is a very good drama which I will looking forward to watch.

  4. Hey!
    You can watch Coffee Prince with English subtitles at:
    Currently at Episode 9, go check it out ^^!

  5. This movie was awsome, I liked it very much, I will be looking forward to watching it again

  6. i really love this movie…..

  7. i like u andie

  8. The story is very cute and funny…thanks and congrats to eun hye for winning the best actress award!

  9. it is very wonderful!i like it too especially the character of choi han kyul.i am very glad for gong yoo,the actor. u did a great job!
    i like the kind of your love that u give to go eun chan.

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