Seriously I think that something is really wrong with me. So here it goes:

So I think I like this guy, lets call him Bob….but then sometimes I don’t think I like him. He’s a really awesome guy and someone I could see myself with. We happen to be friends and he also happens to be attached. so that is a no no. I don’t like him in the usual fashion. It is a comfortable kind of liking. I don’t get all giggly or anything like that. But when I am next to him I feel good and there is a sense of peace in me. Sometimes though I’m not sure I like him. The other day I saw this guy in my club, and we had to volunteer together…all of a sudden I started noticing him more. Like his voice and how gentle and laid-back he is. It kind of was weird, he drove me home and I just kept on thinking to myself this guy is a good guy to have around. For the past couple of weeks I have been thinking of one of my really good guy friends in more than a friend way. We’ll call him Jack. Jack is a really original kind of a guy. Very one of a kind, fun to be with, makes me laugh, gives me great hugs, and is just a wonderful person to be around. Lately I have been feeling attracted to him, and felt a bit odd around him. Like I noticed a lot more things, and he has this aura around him that makes me feel warm, and I just want him to hold me and never let go. Realistically I cannot see us together for many factors, backgrounds, family, lifestyles, he is simple and I am more complex. Plus I don’t think he’d ever SEE me that way, I don’t know his exact type but I don’t think I’m it. So yeah I have bee having off and on again feelings for Bob and Jack…and I really don’t know how I feel. I don’t know what is it that I feel. Maybe I am attracted to them and then not attracted to them. It is frustrating, because I don’t even know what I think it is to like someone. My mind is in disarray. I just want to not like anyone and do my own thing, but at the same time I wish I had a wonderful guy to call mine. So is something wrong with me?

~ by tsunamiblues on April 22, 2007.

11 Responses to “Fickle?”

  1. do I know who you mean when you say Jack….? I think I do.

    I think you’re hanging around me to much and that is why your confused. I’m confused and my confusion is rubbing off on you. I’m sorry.

    Let the confusion run its course. Don’t try to rush and hurry to find out how you really feel. Let your heart do the answer finding, and just take each day, by day. It won’t be easy of course. But I think what you need is a mind distractor for a time being, that way you can think clearly about how you feel. Like for example if it was a math problem and you spend a really long time on it but unable to find the answer. What would you do? you’d leave it alone for a bit, and the come back to it when your head is clearer. :D

  2. I cannot believe you read ^^^ you usually don’t go on my site…so I didn’t think you’d read it… aren’t confusing me…I’m confusing myself…I don’t even care anymore who I like…cause summer is around the corner and I won’t have to see any of them…so time will be my pain reliever!!!!

  3. Also Jack is not the person you like… assured!!!

  4. I don’t get to read your blog as much as I would like to but I do read it.

    So Jack is a new person you haven’t mention before. Do you plan on telling me who he is? You don’t have to. I didn’t think he was who I like it, because you’ve never mention his hugs before but you have mention two guys hugs before…..

  5. Jack is someone you know very well!!! Will see you tonight!!!!

  6. oh. Now my mind is going crazy. thanks. :)

  7. Jack is pretty obvious chica!!!!

  8. lol, ill join the convo? well, yeah wouldnt we all want someone to call our own? i think though dont over analyse everything just let it flow. when it happens it does. jack seems like a great guy, and who knows opposites do attract. i think you may bring out the complexity in him and the simpleness in u. hehehe that sounds cheesy. anyways, its not bad to think about it really. who knows? ;)

  9. lol…I’ve decided to do just that let it flow and stop questioning it, I mean we like who we like…so yeah we’ll see what happens!!

  10. that’s a great idea hope things workout :) let love work its magic!

  11. thanks we’ll see if friends can end up as more or stay the same. Whatever happens I’ll deal with it!!

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