Virginia Tech

May God be with those that lost their lives in this senseless act of violence..and may God ease the suffering of those that live to deal with the aftermath of this horribly revolting shooting

I am a sophomore in college here in Arizona..and I found out about this around 12:45 my time which is three hours behind Virginia I think. I don’t even go there and don’t know anyone who does but I feel like I am going to be permanently sick from this. I just needed to get this out, I jsut cannot fucking believe how human being can treat each other. I cannot fathom how this person could kill so many people so ruthlessly. I do not care what his situation was, he had no freaking right to do this. I just keep thinking that this could have been my school…and I could have been one of those students. I just cannot stop crying and feeling sick to the bottom of my heart over this. I just cannot believe he can just be so cold-blooded and just kill without…God our world is just so fucking messed up. I know that this is going to get worse and that bigger and bigger mass shootings will happen. Why are people so evil….there is no one who should think that they have the right to take other lives and then be a freaking coward and die. That SOB shoot rot in prison for the rest of his life. He gets the freaking easy way out by dying I hope he burns in hell and he suffers endlessly for all the lives he took and for all the people who will suffer from this because of him. He has taken so many precious lives..these kids won’t graduate, get married, have children, see their family again, see their dreams come true. He took all of that away from them for his own selfish purposes. I don’t care if he was troubled I don’t freaking care what his problem was he had no right to do this and I hope they find out who he is very soon. He killed so many people and injured so many others…he murdered all those people. I just feel like screaming because I cannot understand this evil nature of human beings. Why? Why? Why? I just keep thinking why…didn’t the school lock the place down. It is better to be safe than sorry. This world is seriously screwed over and may God help us all.

I send out a prayer for all those that had their lives forcefully taken from them by the senseless and selfish acts of one man. I pray that the families who must live through this be strong in the face of this horrible event. That they remember the good thing from those that they lost. And that they live their lives to the fullest for those that can no longer live theirs.

I pray for our world to change because of this..for more security on campuses more policies to protect the people on it. I pray for those who feel as I do..that our world has become a place of evil and chaos, that we may see the light in this darkness and find our way. I just pray for all of us to live our lives and not take the people around us for granted. Life is unpredictable so please cherish it.

I pray for the students at Virginia Tech that you may get through this in time. I pray for all students to not have to face this kind of tragedy at their schools.

I pray that God touch our world and change it for the better. I cannot live in a world like this…it eats away at my heart and my soul. I pray for all of us to see a better tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ by tsunamiblues on April 16, 2007.

2 Responses to “Virginia Tech”

  1. i know this is so tragic. i feel so bad and im in asia. now that they now the killer, i can feel the racial thing coming into play again. so sad. i can only offer prayers and thoughts to them. its so scary, how can someone go to school again with that thought. i also feel bad for the families of the victim and the family of the shooter coz they will have to face so many allegations too and be looked down upon. i feel as an asian, this is bad because knowing them they will start looking down. sigh, so many sadness nowadays. i hope that people can be helped before its too late and i hope people will see the light and continue to live on too.

  2. I pray that people do not use this as an excuse to do racially degrading things. The fact is that he was a human being just like everyone in this world…and he did something no one should do. His race does not change the fact that 32 people died by his hands. If people are selfish enough to use this as an excuse to blame a whole group then God help their souls.

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