Quote of the Day (4/11/07)

“you don’t just choose who you fall in love with
you just fall, and you get this person who is all
wrong, but yet so right at the same time, you
know that you love them so much, except
sometimes they can drive you completely insane and
no one can explain it. the reason its so confusing
is because its love. and if you don’t have any
challenges, what would be the point?”

The last part really caught my eye because of the truth behind those few words. Love is a challenge and only a few people truly end up rising to the occasion. If love was easy we would all love and then it would be meaningless and empty. The challenges we all face not just in love but also in life make us stronger. Through each experience whether it is good or bad you learn something from it. For me the challenge is figuring our what it means to love someone and then meeting someone I can love. Yeah, it sucks to see others holding hands when mine is hanging on my side…but I feel that my own time will come. Even if I have to be like this for a long time…I’d rather wait for the right one, than to be with anyone. Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn’t just put myself out there and see what happens. But I’m kind of an old-fashioned girl. I don’t plan on being in a relationship with someone I haven’t been friends with. I can’t fathom how people can trust themselves with complete strangers on a date. I just don’t see myself doing that. But everyone has there own way and this is mine.

I’ll write another post later on my philosophy on not dating in the typical sense.

Enjoy the quote and I hope you could gain something from it!!!


~ by tsunamiblues on April 11, 2007.

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