How to Get a Guy in 7 DAYS…

…Does this actually work?


day1-start with the constant smiles and staring, but keep distance

day 2-don’t stalk but find the info about the guy is he the true one for you???

day 3-same as day 1 but try to make small talk, make him notice you

day4-keep up the small talk but make it larger, exaggerate if you have to talk about what IS IMPORTANT TO YOU. USE SENSITIVITY

day5-stop dead,, does he really want you, he will make the attempt to talk to you if your lucky alone…

day 6- if your ready take the step and tell him the way you feel,, if your not don’t rush it you still have one more day

day7-if you haven’t told him make it absolutely obvious that you like him with exclusive charms

~ by tsunamiblues on April 11, 2007.

One Response to “How to Get a Guy in 7 DAYS…”

  1. LOL, defenitly won’t work.
    Change the title, ‘how to get a dumb man in 7 days’.

    What does makes you think that in the second day he stills remembering you? LoOL, if he is not alone he hardly will think about a girl who jus smiled to him, gosh. Women – Dumb !
    Thats why i like to flirt girls and get girls in 10min on discos ! :D

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