Hello! Miss kiss…


So yeah this is what I want to see going on between SH/DG, whenever he drags her off it is to that same place(the glass place at their work), so the first time they kiss I want it to be there. It should go something like this…They have some misunderstanding as usual and they are both hurting and fed up with each other. Only this time it is mostly SH’s fault and SHE drags him there and he tells her to let go but she says she has something to say, and pulls him along. He tells her he doesn’t want to hear it. He understands that she likes CM, and he doesn’t plan on interfering. SH, is like what…I don’t like CM. DG is looking unconvinced and tells her it is none of his business and starts to leave. SH, goes YAH HWANG…DG who do you think you are, can you read my mind, do you know what I ma thinking. How can you just leave without hearing what I have to say you idiot. DG goes What! Yah Aegeshi don’t you think you are too much…aigoo say what you have to say. SH says she doesn’t feel like talking anymore since he obviously doesn’t care to hear what she has to say. She then starts to leave but he grabs her and says fine they won’t talk he starts yelling at her saying he i sick and tired of talking to her, he’s had it…and she says who are you to yell at me DG and he says Ageeshi is a very annoyed warning manner..but she just keeps telling him off..and them BAMAMAMAMAM he just says Aegeshi and she goes What all self-righteous..DG goes talking to you is useless and then grabs her and kisses her, and when I say kisses her I mean kisses her way more than My Girl and Goong combined!! She tries to push him away but he pulls her closer and then she puts her hands in his hair and kisses him back….omo omo I’m getting to into this drama…but yeah it should be an unexpected yet passionate affair. So they are like kissing and then…NEXT EPISODE

So in the next episode we start of with a replay of this amazing kiss…only to be interrupted by CM and HR who went to look for the duo and CM says what are you two doing…they break apart looking at each other with equally shocked faces. CM goes Hyung what is the meaning of this..DG tells him to leave and take HR with him..they’ll talk about this later. CM goes what and then he tries to puch DG…HR tells SH great, now look what you have done. SH tells them to stop this…DG clubs CM in the face and tells him this is ridiculous. CM gets up and SH tells him to stop this…CM asks her does she like his Hyung that much. CM goes is he so much better than me. SH just looks at him like she is about to cry. CM screams Aegeshi, and SH starts crying DG tells him to stop this…that this isn’t the time and place for this. He grabs SH’s hand and they leave CM and HR…CM looks at them leaving with a pained and evil look….

Yeah…I know I have too much time on my hands!!


~ by tsunamiblues on April 11, 2007.

13 Responses to “Hello! Miss kiss…”

  1. Somebody knows the title of the song in Ep.2, when Lee Soo Ha is in the podium ?! It’s not in the OST…
    Thanks a lot :-)

  2. I don’t know but I’ll check into it!

  3. You’re my saviour ! ;-)

  4. Shuyen can you tell me what scene that was like in the very beginnig or the very end?

  5. I love “Hello Miss” very very much, I had watched several episodes with English subtitle over & over again. I could not wait for the rest of the story. This is greater story than “My Girl”. They are both good stories, but I like “Hello Miss” better because it showed the traditional Korea & the modern Korea. In this story, the leading man (Dong Gyu)always protected & ran to help the girl(Su Ha) he loves. Lee Dae Hae is very beautiful on this drama in the traditional hanbok & outfits that she wore. Lee Ji Hoon is so cute especially with his facial expressions in several episodes. I love his singing also.

  6. I’m glad you are enjoying it so much, I find it quite wonderful too!!!

  7. hahahah tsunamiblues!that is one heck of a scene!im not at episode 15 yet but im sure this scene you imagined will be wayyy better than what they produce for the show.haha.

  8. I hope that in the last two episodes we get a lot of lovey dovey moments ^___^

  9. You can listen the song I’m searching when Lee Soo Ha makes a performance, on the podium, before she left crying. Sorry for my english language ;_;

  10. what episode is this?

  11. I made this scene up…

  12. Yes I love this drama too. It is perfect! I’m really want to watch it again!!!oh n I love all the songs in this drama Hello Miss too!!!

  13. Ummm,Alexandra please refrain from rudeness, the first sentence if you paid attention says this is what I want to see happen between them, it in no way states that this is what happens.

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