There’s a song…

My own little fairytale…

There’s a song that plays inside my head

It tells a story that only I can hear

The story of a woman who had a broken heart

The one she loved had shattered it into pieces

She was no longer whole, and became quite cold

She wanted everyone around her to suffer as she had

So she cast a spell that put the world in shadows

There was no more laughter, only silence

She was so broken inside that she didn’t care that others suffered

Since fate had been so cruel to her, she would be cruel as well

This shadowed world existed for many years and it became a time of great evil

One day a traveler came upon this sad world

He had lived here as a boy and loved it dearly

She captured him and meant to kill him

However when she came across his face she gazed into his eyes and saw memories

Memories of growing up and playing with a boy

He had been such a kind boy, and a dear friend

She asked him, “ Are you that same boy?”

He said, “ You have always known me, so I don’t need to answer.”

She said that she would not kill him

He said, “ I have come here for you.”

She said, “ I have become such a hideous being.”

He said, “ Your heart is still there, it only needs to heal.”

So he helped her not only to heal her heart, but to bring peace to her soul

The world began to shine with light

Tears streamed down her cheeks

For she could love again and this time be loved as well

He took her in his arms and held her tenderly

For now that they had been brought together, they could live happily ever after

By: Tsunamiblues


~ by tsunamiblues on April 2, 2007.

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