We fall into darkness for so many reasons and forget to go towards the light…


He sits up in the heavens

Looking down upon the world today

Tears fall from his eyes

As rain drops from the sky

For this world saddens him

People have forgotten what love is

Hate shadows all things

He doesn’t understand why they do the things they do

Corruption litters the hearts of his chosen

From the heavens, sadness consumes him

Did he not teach them enough?

He thinks to himself what should he do

Down in the world, his tears fall uncontrollably

As a rainstorm covering the sky

A woman of light hears his call

This woman realizes what must be done

The world must feel the love that once existed

As darkness begins to consume the world

This woman of the light transforms

Her body no longer exists

It has become a ball of light

A piece of her goes into every person

Her sacrifice saves the world

For she realized that if people could love one another

They could learn to be at peace with each other

He brought her up to the heavens, her selflessness showed him that goodness still existed

Together they saw the changes begin to happen

There were no more wars, and no more darkness

Love had become the light in the darkness

Tears no longer fell from the heavens

Only Joy streamed through the skies

By: Tsunamiblues


~ by tsunamiblues on April 2, 2007.

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