Soulmate k-drama (MUST SEE!!!)

Seriously this drama is on the top of my list as far as k-dramas go. The cast, story, music…everything about it rocks!!!

This drama is for men and women, it is a sitcom but is has many elements: love, humor, friendship, life, the right person for you…so many things that relate to real life. There is a lot of advice that has validity when if comes to relatiosnhips.

Some info…(credit@drama-wiki)

Title: 소울메이트 / Soulmate
Gender: Comedy / Romance
Episodes: 24


In this new sitcom “SoulMate,” the story will be focusing on finding the other half of a missing soul of four couples.

You will seriously not regret watching this!!!! Sonakbi link has it streamed…

Soulmate cast


Shin Dong Wook as Dong-wook
Lee Soo Kyung as Soo-kyung
Choi Phillip as Phillip
Sa Gang as Yu-jin
Otani Ryohei as Rye Hei
Jang Mi Ae as Min-ae
Jung Hwan as Jung Hwan
Kim Mi Jin as Mi-jin

Here is some mv’s about the drama so CHECK IT OUT :D




Below is the official mv!!!!

Be A Light In The Dark

The Hope Notes Project

~ by tsunamiblues on March 30, 2007.

52 Responses to “Soulmate k-drama (MUST SEE!!!)”

  1. vary good site

  2. thanks!!!

  3. Thanks! I’ll check it out!


  5. i really want to watch this!!

  6. You should if you go to my blogroll on our right Sonakbi has it is streamed!!!

  7. i just watch this show and now i’m in love with it. is there a season 2 coming out? can someone let me know. it’s kinda hard since i’m not korean and i don’t speak it.
    oh yeah i think i’m in love with Lee Soo Kyung, she’s so cute

  8. I’m hoping they will do another season, cause this is my favorite drama!!!

  9. hey, by any chance do you know the soundtracks in this drama?


    scroll down and get the torrent for OST 1 and 2, WHICH ARE BOTH EXCELLENT

  11. hello

  12. hello

  13. Does anybody know when the season 2 will come out?

  14. hallo!!!

  15. Soulmate 2! some good news. guys, I wrote the people over at MBC and they replied promptly:
    “Thank you for your compliment on MBC’s SOULMATE. Your email’s being a lot help to promote this program. I am working in the business department where we sell our contents worldwide. Because sit-coms are not the big selling content, and because the charaters in SOULMATE are not the ‘well-known’ ones in Asia or in other countries, that this ‘good’ program did not mark the bug sale. But being encouraged by your email, I might try once more to try to introduce SOUlMATE again to more viewers worldwide.
    I will also forward your email to the producer to encourage him to fight for the time block for ‘season 2’.!! ^^
    Thank you!!
    Haewon Chin
    International Business Division

    So, if we could write them to show that there are a lot of fans out there (cause the ones who don’t live in Korea haven’t been counted in the ratings) it might encourage them to have the second season. and if we could all spread the word so that other people will watch the show when they reintroduce it, it would really help a lot. So we can all enjoy this show once again.

    And it definitely pays to write!

    here’s the site with all their email contacts. just cc all of them, that’s what I did.

  16. Wow, thanks I will for sure write to them, this is my favorite drama and I want a second season, with all the actors too!!!!!!

  17. thank god at mayroon kayong mga balita about kay lee dong wook kc number one akong avid fan niya

  18. halloooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I love the show and I’ll make sure to send them an email. Plus spread the word, but I’m hoping there will be enough fans, so there can be a second season. Soulmate FTW. :D


  21. You must watch this drama. Its great and you’ll learn something too.. this drama is not like others you’ve watch in common korean dramas like family problems, etc.. the story is awesome. This drama thumbs UP ^___^
    I wish they could make Soulmate season 2 and the cast it should be the same. let’s pray for that.

  22. hahhahahahahahha

  23. You have an extra http in the Sonakbi blogroll which I thought the site didn’t work unti l I looked at the link again

  24. Thanks for the hint, it has been fixed

  25. SOULMATE!!!!

    This drama is so amazing!!! Please let there be a Season 2 with all the same people! It is such a drag waiting, and not knowing when or if it will come out!

    I love this drama due to the romance and comedy. I love it when you can cry on minute and then laugh the next. Movies like this makes a viewer want to continue watching.

    If anyone has an update on if there will possibly be part 2, let me know.

    I’m not korean, but I love the story lines. I am hoping there will be part 2 to come out soon. HOPE HOPE HOPE ;D

  26. Hey I just want to let everyone know that MBC are releasing Soulmate with english subtitle at the end of February. So don’t forget to check out their site at the end of February to get your own copy. OH yeah and MBC will like me to gather of some reviews/comments and send it to them so they could include it in the DVD special.

    So lee-lee and only1jj I decided to use your guys comments and reviews. I don’t know your guys real name so I just going to use your user name but if you guys want me to state your guys real name please email me okay.

  27. This is an excellent drama. I love the story line. I give it a rating of Two Thumbs up!!! Its completely different from other love dramas and it had me craving for more until the very end. This drama also teaches you about life love and relationship. I really do hope that the producers will reconsider season 2.

  28. Thank You Pang!
    I appreciate that. I’m still waiting for season 2 to come out.
    Do you think there will be one coming out soon?
    I would email you, but you didn’t have an email address.

  29. i love soo ae

  30. Please petition for “Soulmate” season 2 to the director Mr. Weon-Geung Song at

  31. at first i kinda dont like the story goes but as i haved reached ep 7 it got me hok up that i watched the show til dawn. it has such good storyline that you wish it would just end that way. i hope that the mbc would approve our request of SOULMATE SEASON2 i just cant wait to see it..

  32. loved this drama so much! been trying to tell all my friends to watch it coz its a really must see!

  33. I think it is the BEST….it reflects the tribulations of real life and love!!!

  34. i hope there will be a season 2 for this because it was a really great drama.

  35. i just finished watching at mysoju, let me tell you is one of the best.

  36. the SOULMATE DVD (high quality) will be released on June 10, 2008. It has both English and Spanish subtitles. You can purchase the dvd on I’m still waiting word of any possibility for a second season. Right now they told me that it isn’t being made but I wrote to find out if there is anything us fans can do to get the second season going. Hopefully if there is a good amount of sales on the dvd they can see a demand for it, plus if we write directly to the ones in charge in Korea as well. I freakishly love this show and I seriously hope that the second season comes cause I need some closure!

  37. “Soulmate” DVD released today! Here’s the direct link to where you can purchase the “Soulmate” dvd (quality) with English and Spanish subtitles from the official site at MBC:

    And oh the person from MBC told me that he’s still searching for the right person to get in touch at the headquarters in Korea so that we can find a way to get the second season of Soulmate going. I’m still pretty hopeful!

  38. ^ OMG it’s on dvd!! I thought I would never be able to get it! I first watched this drama a year or two ago and of all the dramas I’ve seen, this is one truly stands out and makes me want to own it.

    And it has English subtitles?! Though the price is a little up there for me, it’s totally worth it. Thank you Soulmate Fan for the link and info!! I hope, hope, hooppeee they make a season 2 with all the original cast. This had the best story line, was so unique, great cast and the soundtrack for it is one of my favorites. All time number 1 kdrama ^___^


  40. I already petitioned to Mr. Weon-Geung Song, the director of MBC but I’m not sure if I’m going to get a reply. I just emailed him like yesterday…
    Soulmate is really a good drama. I can’t understand why more people aren’t watching it. It’s because of the low ratings for the first season they decided not to produce the second season … that means they were indeed planning for the second season but scrapped it later on. =( I hope the door of opportunity is still open for another season! I have to see it!! The ending of the first season was just screaming at me :TO BE CONTINUED!
    I think they ended the first season that way so they could have started the second season continuing from the ending of season 1. There is really more to this drama that meets the eye, What got my attention to watch it was the style of the storyline. The two characters that are linked together from the very start don’t encounter each other until in like midway of the whole drama. That’s what I liked. =)

  41. i want to email MBC but those email address above no longer working :((

  42. try to emaail the director about season 2!!!!
    here’s the info:::

    Mr. Weon-Geun Song (MBC Director)
    Tel: 822)789-2851

  43. سلام ممنون از شما

  44. Dude! I loved this drama. :’) and i will be heart broken if there is not a season twwoooo! hee hee. :D i love all the songs in it too.

  45. oh wow, i love it, i cry still. the ending… it cannot be left in that manner. it cannot! my heart breaks at the mere thought of it! i don’t care if they don’t make a season 2 on Soulmate, a movie will suffice!! But the movie must be 3-4 hours long!!! They cannot leave it this way, they cannot!! (heart shatter still).

  46. i loooooved this drama felt a little unfinished but i gues the ending will b up 2 our own imaginations!! (n_n)

  47. Hi..
    Im Muzaffar From India(MMAHARASHTRA-SANGLI)..
    I Like Soo Ae..

  48. thEy shOuld make a season 2…because they already wrote it at the last part of season 1 that there will be a season 2…im very disapointed with them! =(

  49. its 2009 and i havent heard of any soulmate season 2 but i heard that they were about to make it but it had low raitings i still hope there could be a soulmate season 2 but istill havent finished soulmate because ep.7-12 are all broke in every website youtube google and just when it was getting to the good parts

  50. I’m wondering if there’s going to be a second season. I read that somewhere and was looking forward to it. In a way, I feel like a second season isn’t necessary, but I think it’d be nice. =)

  51. I love this drama and I really love the music and everything. I hear music I have never heard before and this is awesome. It does give good advices and we all can really relate to it. Some of the things that were shown I was like omg. that is so true. I really recommend this for others to watch.

  52. i dont hve what words that can make me truly explain my feeling about diz drama……its very touching and so into me but i dont know how 2 tell how much i really really really really really love diz wonderful story , its ,juz too perfect 4 me….~~~~huu….everything all in just match my taste>>>>marvellous~~my heart beats more with every single part scene when soo kyung and dong wook meet!ur surely regret if ur not see diz drama,.,u lose the bez drama in korean drama industri…

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