What are you currently listening to these days??

For me music is like the key to my soul, and without it I would be empty. Can you imagine a world without music…it would be unbearable because music is like rain after a drought…refreshing,soothing, and absolutely wonderfully fantastic. I am really into all type of music, for me a good song has to have good lyrics, good beats, instrumentals, and make me feel SOMETHING. Whether it makes me wanna dance, laugh, cry, think, sleep, or whatever it is making FEEL something. If a song can do that it has come a long way!!!

Currently Listening to…

At this moment the Kiba OST… fate/journey are outstanding songs…today Volume 2 comes out!!!


Nell: Korean indie rock band

Clazziquai: Korean group…check out “Color Your Soul”

Loveholic: Korean group…check out “Bless You”

…yeah I like korean music more than American music even though I live in the States

Fall Out Boy: New Album rocks…best track is “The After Life”

Aqualung: amazing new album…check out “Pressure suit”
Coldplay: Ultimate favorite group…if only I can meet Chris

**Download Site Links on sidebar of blog…check them out and let me know what you are listening to these days!!!


~ by tsunamiblues on March 28, 2007.

7 Responses to “What are you currently listening to these days??”

  1. im listening to norah jones right now i love her new album just so mellow. plus i love chris daughtry’s album a whole lot too.i agree i love FOB’s album too. :) are the link sunder song of the day? i have this album by migs ayesa from rockstar INXS? that one is cool too. for korean stuff, i love loveaholic, clazziquai too. i like younha or yunha too, i think she started out in japan? now she released an album in korean. she rocks on the piano too!

  2. We have the same kind of taste in music, I’m listening to Aqualung’s new cd and I love it. I’ll have to check out Chris Daughtry’s album..I’ve heard some of his stuff and I liked it. Will check out Norah Jones, I like her Shoot the Moon song a lot!!!

  3. yup it seems we do. i just got aqualung’s album been listening to it nonstop in the car :) im looking for new korean music aside from the typical kpop stuff lol. i like hyerung also and sat i just heard the album/single

  4. I’m more into the indie Korean music the ones with more depth to their songs…kpop is okay but k-rock is much better. Kind of like Korean versions of singers like Aqualung. So far I like Nell a lot and of course Clazziquai and Loveholic those kinds of bands are my type. I also like Korean ballads songs. OST’S are the best since they have variety!!

  5. yup i love osts too :) basically i love kmusic. im just not into those heavy rock/punk as much. im looking for new music at the moment too. i love cpop songs as well but im choosy ^^

  6. Marzy do you like Wang Lee Hom he is Chinese…maybe check out Jay Chou he is one of my fav Asian musicians..what kind of new music are you looking for?

  7. listening to Cascada – bad boy right now. Lol, I’m such a radgie.
    But all in all? Listening to paramore, funeral for a friend, danson, FLH, S.H.E, Jay Chou, ya know, the usual stuffs.

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