Taiwanese Drama Recommendations

There are a couple that I have liked and I’m sure there are way more for you to check out!!!

1) MARS (Amazing) ^____^

2) Tokyo Juliet**

3) Corner with Love

4) Smile Pasta

5) Devil Beside You

6) Hana Kimi

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~ by tsunamiblues on March 28, 2007.

84 Responses to “Taiwanese Drama Recommendations”

  1. I really loved MARS. Haven’t seen the rest though. Have you seen It Started With a Kiss. It’s definitely a must watch.

  2. You have to finish it, it is a real tear jerker of a drama, and sometimes I’d have to wait to watch the next episode. But it was really an outstanding one. I have not watched ISWAK…I have been told to watch it but I saw only the first episode. I liked Ariel in TJ..so maybe I should give it a try. I here there is going to be a ISWAK 2 is that true?

  3. Yup there’s gonna be ISWAK 2. So excited. Try the Manga its cute :) The first is good if you like TWdramas. Hana Kimi was is good too. They are getting a season two also.

  4. I loved Hana Kimi it was so funny and cute..Wu Zun is too cute and now I like Jiro…he was just so cool in the show. Can’t wait for the second season…I’m hoping for a proposal in the end of it!! Will have to check out ISWAK since everyone is saying it is good. I liked Ariel in TJ so we’ll have to see!!

  5. Let me know what you think :) Yup i like Jiro and Wu ZUn as well.. :)

  6. Must watch tdrama Devil Beside You…Mike He and Rainie Yeung is such a cute couple!!! I am obsessed and can’t get enough of it!

  7. I’ve actually seen it and it is sooooo cute…especially the last episode hotel scene when he threw her clothes and then kisses her. He was soooooooooooo hot. I want to see the Let’s Get Married one…and the new Exchange Love one!!

  8. I agree about Smiling Pasta, Devil Beside you, and Hana Kimi. I think I’ll watch Tokyo Juliet next. I just to be a big anime freak but I’m slowing turning to dramas. =]]

  9. I’m a big anime freak originally but then I got into Korean dramas and as they say the rest is history. I love Tokyo Juliet because it is for young adults and isn’t to conservative. There was plenty of lovey-dovey moments to keep me satisfied!!!1

  10. i totaly luveddd al of em. at least all da ones dat i’ve seen ive seen all of em but 2! which is tj and corner wit luv. i dink deside you was realiiii good! and hana kimi wuz reali intertaining i gota saw the couples for these drama all wer perfect lyk dby mike he and rainie yang, smiling pasta, nicholas and cyndi, and also hana kimi!! wu zun and ella!! soo cute!!! and i’ve jus finished watching iswak personali dink dby iz a bit beter den iswak bcuz i jus finished watching both of dem and i dink dat iswak doesnt have much kiss scenes and iz a bit 2 imagitive but its pretty good overal and joe is cute an ariel is cool i dink rainie is reali pretty! and looks perfect wit mike!

  11. I still have to watch ISWAK!!

  12. corner with love is SO AWESOMEEEEE

  13. Have seen all of them except “devil beside you”. You have very good taste!! I agree with all of those – all are amazing. If you like Vic Zhou (Zhou Yu Min) from Mars, I also reccomend Silence. It’s really sad but he looks really great in it! :P

    Tokyo Juliet is also very good – Ariel Lyn is also an amazing singer, so you should find some of her music.

    Smile Pasta was awesome!! A little cheesy I must admit, but I love the songs!! Even though I don’t understand them… I think it’s so cute when he writes her a song. Little Turtle awww!!!
    Those of you who have seen this one, try watching the Korean one Full House – the story of Smile Pasta is copied from it, but I think they disguised it well. It’s really good, and Rain is in it – those who don’t know Rain… make sure you do!!! He’s amazing!

    I recommend It Started With A Kiss as well. Really good. Joe Cheng is really good looking!!

    Also, Love Contract. It’s got a great story line. Liked it a lot.

    Well, happy watching me dearies!!


  15. i saw all of these dramas that you have listed. they were pretty good, i have to say.
    buy my fav. is corner with love. it is so far, the best drama. second is smile pasts. love cyndi and nic! they look adorable together!

  16. MARS! it’s my favorite drama ♥ yay! and hana kimi too. i am so in love with jiro wang :D and yes, you really have to watch it started with a kiss :) happy watching ;P

  17. Hana Kimi is my ultimate favorite…so many gorgeous hunks…yumyum. Plus because of hana kimi i got to know about fahrenheit and arron and jiro and calvin and wu zun and omg.

    I also liked DBY but i thought that everything was resolved so easily. like if they had told their parents and stuff about it sooner then it would have been a lot less stressful and stuff. With the brother if only he had confronted him sooner everything wouldn’t have gotten so out of hand. But Mike and Rainie were so cute in it together. I don’t really like rainies personality outside as much as in DBY. Mike is just…Mike. Words aren’t necessary to explain how lovely he is.

    I haven’t watched Mars yet. Is that a sad show? i like romantic comedies. Though i did really really like ISWAK the girl was a little too dumb for my taste. The manga and show is based on the love story of the manga’s writer and her husband but she died of cancer before she could finish it so it leaves off with the girl finding out about the pregnancy or something.

    Smiling Pasta was good. It annoyed me a little at times but overall it was pretty good. I don’t know the situation with the brothers was resolved more quickly than i thought it would be. Love Tears from Polaris and Little Turtle. Those songs are really great.

    I like the japanese drama Hana Yori Dango too. Really Really great. My second favorite drama.

    And the Korean Drama Goong or Princess Hours was AWESOME. It’s fighting for the second favorite spot with HYD. can’t decide which one i like more.

  18. I knew of their group before, but I started to like Jiro after Hana Kimi. Mike He is a man that is just smoking up the screen and scorching my heart to bits!

    I still need to see ISWAK, but MARS is at the top of my list, but be prepared for a roller coaster, and for you to cry ALOT, but it is a beautifully done drama, and it stands on its own.

    HYD and Goong are excellent, and Smiling Pasta was super sweet that it gave me a cavity meaning it got to be too fairytale like, but it was good. Love the music from all of these!!!

  19. speaking of hana kimi. their making japanese version of it with oguri shun taking wu zun’s role. ishh gonna be awesome. they loaded it with reallly cute guys. HAHA

  20. I’m looking forward to that!

  21. Lucky star is AMAZING you guys! but i’s still have corner with love as first.
    Corner with Love
    Lucky Star
    Smile Pasta
    These are the must watch dramas!!!

  22. I love Smiling Pasta! It was such a great drama I watch it like 10 times! Rumor says that YesAsia is making Season 2 of it! HanaKimi and Corner of Love was good too! Watched the first ep of ISWAK but i backed out it was kinda stupid but ill try it again since everyone insists. Mars(watched up to 3 backed out too lol…) Vicki talked a little too much! I liked him in Meteor Garden.. Anyone tried PTF(Prince Turns into Frog?) It was totally awesome! My Top Recommeded(not in order):

    Smiling Pasta
    Magicians of Love(lot of cute guys in there lol)
    Prince Turns into Frog
    Dolphin Bay
    Hana Kimi
    The Game About Love (Sam was so hot in this one!)
    Devil Beside You
    Corner With Love
    Lavender 1 and 2
    In Love With a Rich Girl
    Westside Story
    100% Senorita
    Thats all I can think up now…I loved any drama with Sam(Shao Wei) in it..

  23. I thought Mars was really good but it made me cry a lot. I just recently finished watching Devil Beside You and it’s 31 on my list!!!!!!! Mkke He looked so good!!!!!!!!!!!! Has anyone watched My Girl? It’s really funny! But everyone says it’s exaactly like Goong so….yeah…I’m currently looking for more drama’s with Mike and Rainie. Does anyone know any good ones? I watched Tokyo Juliet but it kind of got boring cuz the line’s kept repeating. Too much of “I’ll beat Chu Xing.” and stuff. But the romance part was funny! I can’t find the opening song for it anywhere, though. I’ve heard that Why Why Love is good, too so I’m going to watch it right after I watch ISWAK.

  24. soz…it’s not 31 on my list…it’s #1!!!!!!!!!!

  25. I finally watched ISWAK, and I freaking love it guys. I don’t know why it took me so long to watch it, but it was awesome. Well done, and very touching. I cannot brag enough about it, and so everyone who hasn’t seen it needs to watch it. I am so excited now for the second season. Wow that was an amazing first season, I hope the second one is even better.

    It made me wonder if I could love someone like that for so long, without any guarantee of being together. That to me is true and unconditional love, loving someone even though they might not love you back. Being there for them, and I salute Xiang Qin for putting away her reservations and having the courage to love with all her heart. It takes a lot of courage not to give up, or move on when the odds are against you.

  26. i reccomend korean dramas if you like
    taiwanese dramas.

    my girl
    my name is kim sam soon

    ^ those are classics.
    im a huge drama watcher
    ive watched 99% of the dramas that’s been
    listed up there so i got experience

    :] have fun
    soon you’ll become like me with no new
    dramas to watch :P

  27. i’ve watched:
    hana kimi (so funny)
    mars (really emotional)
    hana yori dango
    smiling pasta
    devil beside you
    love contract
    Silence (couldn’t stop crying at the end)
    tokyo juliet

    i loved them all!

    I’m currently watching:
    why why love (take too long to be subbed)
    corner with love (eps stop being subbed looking for more)
    magicians of love (can’t find subs past ep 6)
    love storm
    coffee prince (soo gooddd)
    hana kimi (japan)(dorm characters are so funny)
    Byakuyakou (crazy japanese crime drama)
    my name is kim sam soon (can’t find subs)
    lavendar ( i’m not to sure if i’m going to finish watching it)
    marmalade boy
    le robe … (can’t find the rest of the subbed eps)
    a love to kill

    I recommend:
    meteor garden
    summer x summer (joe cheng, and the dorm leader from hana kimi, under wear designer from tokyo juliet)
    snow queen (sad but good)
    full house (love rain (bi))
    autumn in my heart (sad)
    kimi wa petto (matsumoto jun from hana yori dango)
    nobuta wo produce (YAMAPI! KAME! and girl from hana kimi japn)
    the rose ( must see with joe cheng and ella)

    dramas that I’m waiting for:
    corner with love 2
    ISWAK 2
    hana kimi 2
    romantic princess (wu zun and i think calvin)
    ying ye 3 jia 1
    there more but can’t remember

    i hope this will help you to find more dramas
    i included Taiwanese, Korean, and Japanese dramas

  28. hana kimi is the best

  29. aku suka banget Hana Kimi apalagi ama JIRO WANG!!! WO AI NI JIRO WANG

  30. if anyone wants another good drama with rainie and mike why why love is ABSOLUTELY GREAT!! they only have english subs up to episode 7.. here’s a site u can see all 7 epiode.. http://hoomie.com/asian/movie455c962bc.htm hope you guys enjoy it!!

  31. corner with love, mars, hana kimi, and it started with a kiss, tokyo juliet are really good.

  32. Does anyone known a site where i can watch all of the Chinese drama The Rose (w/ Ella Chen and Joe Cheng)?

  33. I recommend:
    Summer Scent
    The Rose
    Love at 0 degree
    Love Contract
    Hana Kimi
    Family Links
    Only You
    Devil beside you
    Why Why Love
    Coffee Prince
    Summer X summer
    KO One (for those who loves Jiro)
    The X Family
    Marry Me
    Full House
    Snow White
    Tokyo Juliet
    200 pounds of beauty
    Temptation of the Wolves (luv it!!!!!)
    My Sassy Girl (really funny!!!)
    100 days with Mr.Arrogant(really funny)
    He was cool
    We Are Dating Now
    A Game about Love
    Dreamboy(if your into Filipino movies)
    Corner with Love
    I loved these dramas. Enjoy!!!

  34. I can’t wait to watch all of the drama’s that are being recommended! but does anyone know any websites I can watch them on?

  35. veoh.com or mysoju.com

  36. thnx sooooo much!

  37. i keep tryin to find a website with goon/princess hours but i can’t find it anywhere! does anyone noe a website where i can watch it?

  38. i keep tryin to find a website with goon/princess hours but i can’t find it anywhere! does anyone noe a website where i can watch it? Hana Kimi japan is sooo good! im rite now watching corner with love….so far, so good! does anyone also knoe where i can download ost’s from?

  39. you can watch these dramas on veoh.com, crunchyroll.com, mysoju.com, youtube.com

  40. Does anyone know about 100% Senorita?????They have stopped uploading after episode 14…..i was wondering if anyone knew where i can find the continuation…….

  41. i lurvv MIKE HE LOADSS!!!
    seen his new drama bull fighting…the main characters (mike n selina) suits 2gether…
    but how i really wish n hope n LOVE to c if MIKE HE plays a drama as the main character with a sexy korean singer tht im big fan of, CHAE YEON!!….

    i think chae yeon n mike he makes a good couple..even though from different bg =D!!! *if only dreams come true -,-*

  42. why why love (very nice!)
    devil beside you ( i love mark he!)

    i watched hana kimi japanese version..
    it was nice.. i hope there is a volume 2..

  43. -Silence
    -1 litre of tears
    -Tian Wai Fei Shian
    -Meteor Garden 1 & 2
    -It Started With A Kiss 1 & 2
    -Nodame Cantitiable
    -My Lucky Star
    -Corner With Love
    -Magicians of Love
    -Love At Dolphin Bay
    -Hana Kimi ( Japanese)
    -Romantic Princess
    -Hana kimi (taiwanese)
    -Tokyo Juliet
    -Devil Beside you
    -Why Why Love
    -Hana Yori Dango 1 & 2
    -Brown Sugar Macchiato
    -Smiling Pasta
    -Bull Fighting
    -Ko One
    -Magic Ring
    -Smiling Pasta
    Okies i recommend all these dramas ^.^

  44. Yes yes

  45. Hay all i can answer all your question you can watch Mars, Tokyo Juliet, Corner with love, and alot more shows for free at Crunchroll.com.

  46. http://www.crunchyroll.com !
    The site that have lots of series , music and movie! Quick load as well enjoy!

  47. aznv.tv is a really good website to watch any dramas though you have to download winamp…

  48. I mst say you must watch:in order of course

    Devil Beside You
    Why, Why Love
    Meteor Garden 1,2
    Meteor Rain
    Full House
    Princess Hours
    Winter Sonata
    Witch Yoo Hee
    Coffee Prince
    Sassy Girl Choon Yang
    Stairway to Heaven

  49. A must watch:
    Fated to love you
    Ying Ye 3+1
    The prince who turn into a frog

    Princess Returning Pearl 1 & 2
    Romance in the Rain
    The Prince Who Turns Into A Frog
    Heaven’s Wedding Gown

    Is Only You a good show?
    I haven’t seen a lot about it online.
    A lot of these shows get a lot of publicity but it seems like Only You didn’t. and by Only You, I mean the Taiwanese one with Ruby Lin. I know there’s a Korean one too.

  51. me dnt really like only you …

    but it was okay

    me runing out of any gud korean dramas so switching to taiwanese haha …

  52. http://www.adc-distro.com/drama/ enjoy

    YHA I LUV EM REALLY! =] I <3 U

  54. My favorite drama (not only Taiwanese) is It Started With a Kiss (ISWAK). Others that I recommend (not in order) are:

    -Why Why Love
    -Fated to Love You (probably the best story line out of all of the dramas)
    -The Rose (MUST-SEE for S.H.E. and/or Joe Cheng fans)
    -Corner With Love
    -Devil Beside You
    -Smiling Pasta
    -My Lucky Star (A little corny, but so addicting)
    -Brown Sugar Macchiato (for a laugh)
    -Love or Bread (I’m so addicted to this one. It’s not even dome running.)
    -Miss No Good (Entertaining)
    -Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (my first T-drama ^-^)
    -18 Jin bu Jin (funny)
    -KO One
    -X Family
    -Tokyo Juliet (Not amazing, but worth watching. I love the opening theme song.)
    -Meteor Garden

    -Taiyou no Uta (Nice songs)
    -Zettai Kareshi
    -Great Teacher Onizuka (aka GTO)
    -Hana Kimi (Japanese version)
    -Long Vacation (Kinda slow, but the characters are so lovable. One of my favorite endings.)
    -Gokusen (a little predictable, but very funny)
    -Kimi wa Petto
    -1 Liter of Tears (You better have a box of tissues for this one.)
    -My Boss, My Hero (Hilarious just five minutes into it.)
    -Densha Otoko (Cute)
    -Nodame Cantabile (Very cute and funny. I love this one. I highly recommend this.)
    -Hachimitsu to Clover

    Korean (I’ve only seen a few.)
    -Full House (Rain……)
    -Goong (It gets boring at times, though. Still, it’s worth watching.)

  55. how’s Miss No Good. I heard its really good.. but i’m not too sure

  56. I think all wrote or made a comment can agree that JOE CHANG and MIKE HE are the hottest Taiwanesee actors of all time = ).

  57. well this are the ones on my list of must watch dramas (not in order):

    – brown sugar macchiato
    – the legend of the brown sugar chivalries
    – the clue collevtors (pi li mit)
    – x-family
    – romantic princess
    – why why love
    – devil beside you
    – love contract
    – smile pasta
    – 100% senorita
    – fated to love you
    – rolling love (go fried rice go)
    – miss no good
    – love or bread
    – iswak
    – isawk 2
    – ko one
    – magic ring
    – hot shot
    – hana kimi
    – summer x summer
    – superstar express
    – sweet relationship
    – tokyo juliet

    taiwanes movies must watch:

    – secret
    – kung fu dunk
    – spider lilies

    these ones are the best out of all that i’ve watched. there’s alot more that are pretty good to watch but aren’t as good as these ones. well hope you’ll enjoy =)

    • please try my lucky star and fated to love you. those two are better than those that you mentioned. :D.. trust me!! :D

    • i’m also the one who replied first in your comment. forgot to recommend prince who turns into frog… :D

  58. omg ive seen all of these… got any other ones? right now im waiting for mo mo love and ToGetHer and the next ep of mei chan no shitsuji
    i also wanna recomend woody sambo cuz it wasnt mentioned yet or legend of brown sugar chivalries

  59. do u guys have any other taiwanese drama tthat cast by rainie or mike he.. i really love to watch them on cast other than devil bside me n why why love.. cz i’ve watch both so any other dramas cast by them? tnx guys… love taiwanesssse

    • Ummmm..
      There’s a lot with Rainie. You can try Miss No Good. I really liked that one ;)

      Ones that have Mike He in them include Bull Fighting and Love Contract. Bull Fighting was good but not as good as Devil Beside You. I think Why Why Love and Devil beside you are the only dramas that Mike and Rainie have together.

  60. i have only watched these dramas:

    1.) Hana Kimi, Taiwanese version (funny!)
    2.) Romantic Princess (ok. i like it)
    3.) Boys Over Flowers (i love it very much!!)
    4.) Silence (sad at the end!!!)
    5.) Love Contract (so sad at the last ep!)
    6.) Why, Why, Love (i liked it a lot)
    7.) Winter Sonata (get the box of tissue ready!)

  61. my favourite taiwanese drama is

    Brown Sugar Machiato and the legend of brown sugar chivalries if only there is more drama with wang zi and all the lolipops + hey girls,i’d be contented.

  62. lol…Fated to love you is teh best of the best!!

  63. Brown Sugar Macchiato
    Devil Beside You
    Fated To Love You (the best!)
    Hana Kimi
    It Started With A Kiss
    Magicians of Love (MingDao 4ever!!)
    Meteor Garden
    Miss No Good (Pan Wei Bo.. :D)
    Pi Li MIT (i love aaron yan!!!!!)
    Smiling Pasta
    The Prince Who Turns Into A Frog (i love MingDao!)
    They Kissed Again
    Ying Ye 3 Jia 1 (i love MingDao!)

    and my lucky star. currently watching that right now. i am so addicted. you can see true love here. it’s impossible to have someone like the main guy here in real life. so damn impossible!

  64. Loved MARS (There are no words for it’s greatness)
    *Love Contract- very mysterious and a nice drama starring Ariel Lin, dramatic and inexplicable ending.
    *ISWAK- On everyone’s list, right?
    *Meteor Garden- Love Shan Tsai’s character and F4 are awesome, esp. Hua Zi Lei.
    *Mean Girl Ah Chu- Just a fun show I really think Joanne Zheng’s character Ah Chu is really awesome!
    *So I’m Not Handsome- a funny and interesting show starring JJ Lin, best love triangle ever.
    *Hana Kimi- Love this one, a really romantic and funny comedy…Ella is amazing as Rei Xi.
    *The Rose- Another Ella/ SHE show…
    (I am currently watching “Corner with Love”…
    Wo hen xi huan Taiwan dramas. I watch all the dramas I can VIA Mysoju. :) (I like the Japanese, Chinese and Korean drama’s as well, but I watch a lot more Taiwanese dramas. :)

  65. I like :
    1. Hana kimi
    2. Fated to love you
    3. Together
    4. Miss no good
    5. Summer x summer
    6. Prince in to the frog


    1. Black & White <<<< Possibly the most addictive drama out there. I HOPE THERE'LL BE A SEASON 2!!!!
    2. My Queen <<<< This is so good. ONE OF THE BEST ROMANCES!
    3. Silence <<<<< So sad…haha I'm a Vic Zhou fan
    4. Corner with love <<<< This is wonderful. Really. Its funny AND romantic and very 'AWWWWW' and the acting is SUPERB!
    5. Fated to Love you <<<< You might have seen it but its SOO good

  67. the best website is http://www.mysoju.com/
    for the dramas!!!!!!!! (&_&) enjoy..

  68. here are my favorite dramas of all times:

    Meteor Garden1 and 2 (I needed a whole box of tissues for this)
    ISWAK and TKA (so funny, arjoe 4ever!)
    Brown Sugar Macchiato and Brown Sugar Chivalaries
    Fated to Love you
    Hana Kimi

    Boys Before Flowers (cried my eyes out in this)
    Full House (sooo good)
    My Girl
    Witch Yoo Hee
    You’re Beautiful (this is the best Hong sisters’ drama yet)

    Hana Yori Dango

    for K-drama lovers, You’re beautiful is a must :]

  69. If only more than 94 people would hear about this..

  70. -My Lucky Star
    -Smiling Pasta
    -Why Why Love <3

  71. Down with Love starring Ella Chen and Jerry Yan! Cutest, best drama ever!

  72. i got a few suggestion..maybe u al have watch it…but its ok..
    -my lucky star…
    -lets go watch meteor shower
    -romantic princess
    -fated to love you

    u all..must watch this all…theres gonna be so mch fun..
    the actor n actress are really cute…

  73. for me, the best drama is “They Kiss Again”!!!!!!! love joe cheng so muchhhhhhhhhh

  74. 1. ToGetHer!! For all Jiro Wang lovers out there, this is a must-watch!
    2. Momo Love. Very funny. And Jiro is beautiful.
    3. Mars. A really emotionally intense show.
    4. Why Why Love. Mike and Rainie – ultimate pairing.
    5. Meteor Garden. A must-watch. It’s a T-drama classic!
    6. Hana Kimi. Two words: EYE CANDY. Haha, Wu Chun and JIRO!! :) Plus, it’s really funny.
    6. Devil Beside You. It’s not bad. And Mike looks pretty hot. I still love Jiro the most, though ;)
    7.Rolling Love. Just for Jiro :)
    8. Romantic Princess. It IS pretty romantic, haha.
    9. Personal Preference (Korean). I’m not really into K-dramas at all, but this one has a pretty good storyline.
    10. It Started With a Kiss 2. Jiro Jiro Jiro. Hahaha. Okay, I’m biased. Who cares?

  75. I agree all the way n I also love
    1. Meteor garden
    2, meteor shower
    3. Love or bread

  76. Miss No Good-
          Rainie Yang &Wilbur Pan
    Hi My Sweetheart-
          Rainie Yang &Show Luo
    Devil Beside You-
          Rainie Yang &Mike He
    Why Why Love-
          Rainie Yang, Mike He, Kingone
          Hebe Tian &Mike He
    Reaching For The Stars-
    Meteor Garden-
          DaS &F4
    Meteor Garden II-
          DaS &F4
    Meteor Rain-
         F4 –Vic Zhou
    Love Contract-
         Ariel Lin &Mike He
    It Started With A Kiss-
         Ariel Lin, Joe Cheng, Jiro
    They Kiss Again-
         Ariel Lin, Joe Cheng, Jiro
    Romantic Princess-
         WuZun &Angela Chang
    Hana Kimi-
         Ella and WuZun
         DaS &Vic Zhou
    Brown Sugar Macchiato-
         Lollipop &HeiSeHuiMeiMei
    Fated To Love You-
         Ethan Ruan &Chen QiaoEn
    Tokyo Juliet-
         Ariel Lin &WuZun
    Autumn’s Concerto-
         Vaness Wu &Ady An
    Love or Bread-
         Joe Cheng &Ariel Lin
         Rainie Yang &Jiro Wang
    Rolling Love-
         Jiro Wang &Genie Chou
    Smiling Pasta-
         Cyndi Wang, Nic Teo, Gino, Joyce
    Love Buffet-
         Calvin Chen, Aaron Yan, YuHong
    Corner With Love-
         DaS &ShowLuo
    Mysterious Incredible Terminator-
         GuiGui &Aaron Yan
    MoMo Love-
         Cyndi Wang, Jiro Wang, Calvin 
    Gloomy Salad Days-
         Aaron Yan &Serena Fang
    Easy Fortune Happy Life-
         Blue Lan &Cheng QiaoEn
    Hayate The Combat Butler-
         George Hu &Park Shin Hye
    Love Keep Going-
         Mike He &Cyndi Wang
    Invincible Shan Bao Mei-
         Nicholas Teo &Amber Kuo

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